Shifting to WordPress

Hi Readers!!

They say, the only permanent thing in this material creation is change. Some is good in adopting that, but others are happy or pretends to be happy as a prisoners of the Past and resists it. For nature, the changes are value neutral, but for a living entities these changes are value added, either good or bad.

Taking a cue from the pattern of overall blog user, I decided to switch to Word press from Blogger. Some says the User Interface and overall features in WordPress is better than compare to Blogger. Hence I adopted this change. Yet, I have republished some of the articles from the blogger to WordPress with the same date as it was originally published  . Even though these changes is not very difficult  for me to adopt, knowing the thin user base of the regular reader of it :-), though I tried and got the same name address in both domains. For blogger it was and for WordPress it is .

Please be a critique, appreciator whatever you like. This will help me immensely to improve the content as well as my writing skills.


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