विरह गीत

साहित्य के जानकारों और बुद्धिजीवियों का मानना हैं  “विरह में प्रेम अपने शिखर पर होता है”. ख़ैर, मैं कोई साहित्यकार या विचारक तो हूँ नहीं कि इस कथन पर टीका या टिपण्णी करूँ, आप तक एक कविता ही पहुँचता हूँ. ये ताज़ी तो नहीं है, मैंने पहले कभी लिखी थी और एक-दो गोष्टि में भी सुना चूका हूँ. पर वर्डप्रेस पर पहली बार लिख रहा हूँ  🙂 आशा है आपको पसंद आएगी…..

विरह गीत

प्रियतम तेरे प्रेम में प्यासे
बैठा था मैं पतझर से
आँखों से अब अश्रु भी नहीं गिरते
सूख गए बंजर से

जब विरह की हुई शुरुआत
लगा ह्रदय पर शूल सम घात
प्राणवायु के बहने पर भी
न कटते थे मेरे दिन रात

दिन कटा सोचकर तेरे
यादों के अविचल मेले
मचल पड़ा मेरा मन फिर से
सावन में मिलने को अकेले

पर, दिल की कहा सुनी जाती है
यह तो शीशा है शीशा
विरह के पत्थर से टकराकर
चूर चूर हो जाती हो

जाने ये मंजर क्यों आता है
जब कोई अपना दूर जाता है
बेमौशम बारिश होती है
आँखे बादल में बदल जाती है



शब्द सहयोग
विरह: Separation
प्राणवायु: Oxygen


What is Life..

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Hello Friends,

After reading the topic/heading of my today’s post you might have an inkling that I may discuss some philosophical aspect of life in this write up. But, to tell you the truth, it’s not a philosophical article, rather a narration based on some events.

Old age is a truth of Life. But when we remain young, we hardly grant our thought towards this immutable reality. Especially the influence of western culture, prominence of nuclear family, new modes of entertainments, introduction of Old Age Homes etc keeps the old away from the youth and children, in turn, keeps away one aspect of life that most of us has to go through.

I am blessed to have my grandfather with me. But the sad part is that he is now ailing from past few months and his condition is deteriorating as the time progresses. “Old age in itself is a disease” once I have heard this term, now experiencing through him. He is unable to perform his regular activity not even to take his meal by himself. Though, he is in sound mind with full consciousness and memory, yet physically challenged due to perils of old age.

Yesterday night when I was lifting him from the bed and supporting in a way that he can take his dinner and medicine, he narrated a story that compelled my eyes to go wet. He told me to keep his head in my lap, I obliged. He started.

My Grandpa to me….

“You know, when you were around 4-5 years old, you had a habit of harassing someone who was going outside the home. You just started crying, shouting to carry you wherever any one goes out, so that you can accompany him and enjoy the outing.

One evening, I was the victim. I was going towards the market to purchase some groceries, and you, as usual, started crying to come with me. Your mom persuaded, papa coerced, but in front of your determination every one gave up, including me. But I made a commitment out of you, that in the course of journey you will walk yourself and never ask me to carry you in my lap or on my shoulder. You readily agreed on these terms and conditions, which I knew, you din’t have any intention to obey it.

We started walking towards market place. Barely 50 steps we have taken, you said, with utter innocence, “Baba Godi” (Grandpa please carry me in your lap while walking). I smiled, but shouted “don’t you remember your promise and if you will not walk then we will return home.Then you reverberated, “Yes, I do remember that but……” and started walking with heavy feat.

Just after nearly 30 steps we have marched forward, you again came back to the same agenda..”Baba Godi!! now I am extremely tired”.

But I was testing your patience and enjoying the expression you were giving, which was just like as a true artist. Then suddenly you spoke something which touched my core of the heart. You said, “baba, don’t you know how little I am, my legs becomes tired after a long walk, so please carry me in your arms/lap. I promise you when I will become young I will also carry you in my lap”.

His narration was over. His head was still in my lap. His eyes were wet. He pronounced. I am looking now “You are fulfilling your promise”.

I was speechless. Pretended to be tough. Gave him the medicine, which was prescribed for him for the night. Requested him to chant and remember the name of the Lord and said good night.

I was in quagmire about to share the event, but thought that many of the readers, once they will read, can relish and find their sweet memory associated with their grandfather/mother.

Life is just emotions. How you perceive emotions. How you respond to the emotions. A special trait, which differentiates the Livings with the Dead.

Isn’t it?

कृषक और श्रमिक


कृषक और श्रमिक

श्रमिक शब्द बना श्रम से है,
और कहते हैं कि परिश्रम कभी व्यर्थ नहीं जाता है,
फिर न जाने क्यों उनका सारा जीवन
कष्टों से जूझते बीत जाता हैं! ||1||

कहने को तो किसान
अन्नादाता कहलाते हैं,
पर न जाने कितनी राते
भूखे पेट वो सो जाते हैं!  ||2||

कृषक लोगों को अन्न देतें हैं
और हम उन्हें ऋण देतें हैं!
अन्न से हम सबका जीवन चलता हैं
ऋण से उनका जीवन ढलता हैं  |||3||

सारी दुनिया का बोझ उठाते है
और खुद के बोझ तले वे दबते ही चले जाते है
क्या करें मज़बूर हैं
क्योंकि वो मजदूर हैं  ||4||

श्रमिकों का जीवन द्वन्द से भरा हुआ होता हैं
आलीशान वे आशियाना बनाते हैं
पर खुद या तो नभ के नीचे
या झोपड़पट्टी में सारा जीवन बितते हैं!  ||5||

दुनिया कि शायद यही रीत हैं
उनके लिए सिर्फ हार हैं
ना कभी कोई जीत है
और शायद इसीलिए
जो जीव सबसे मेहनती होते है
वे गधा कहलाते है ||6||

… …. अभय……… 

Farmers and Labourers

I tried to portray the plight of the working class, farmers and labourers vis-à-vis the oligarchy in any developing country, with special reference to India.

The word, labourer (Old French) has been derived from labour. It is said that, your toil  never goes in vain. But don’t know why, whole life of labour passes by struggling with the miseries and pains. ||1||

Indeed, the farmers are known as food provider to the world, yet many night passes by when they don’t have a meal to eat. ||2||

Tiller provides us grains, and we provide them debts and loans. Grain gives us life and loan takes their life.  |||3||

They bear the burden of the whole world, yet they are unable to bear their own burden. But what they can do as they are compelled, since they are the labouer. ||4||

Life of the labourer is full of duality, they make luxurious houses for others, but they themselves forced to live either in the slums ghettos or under open sky. ||5||

But this seems to be the norm of the world, for labour, only defeat is inevitable they can never win. And may be this the reason that most labourish species are termed as donkey. ||6||

Thank you for reading the post!!!

खुद में नायक/नायिका ढूंढे


आसमान में युद्ध के बादल फिर से

उमड़ घुमड़ कर छा रहे

हाय! कमजोड़ ह्रदय वाले नर-नारी

भेड़सम घबरा रहे

एक शेर है इन भेड़ो में

पर वह किंकर्तव्यविमूढ है

पिछली मिली हार के कारण  

आज वह सन्देहमय है

पिछला जब रण हुआ था ,

भीषण वो संगम हुआ था

रक्त की नदियां बही थी

नेत्र अश्रुमग्न हुआ था

असत्य सत्य पर भारी था

मानवता बर्बरता से हारा था

छल प्रपंच से भरे रण में

नायक भी सर्वस्व हारा था

हारा बैठा था नदी किनारे

गिन रहा था गगन के तारे

तभी एक सयोंग घटा

नदी के तट पर उसे साधु दिखा

देख उन्हें उसने नमन किया

साधु ने भी आशीर्वचन दिया

साधु अंतर्यामी था

दशा से उसके ज्ञानी था

नायक के मन को वे टटोल गए

उत्साह बढे जिससे नायक का

कुछ ऐसे वचन वो बोल गए

“चुप हो क्यों , शोर मचाते नहीं

युद्ध के इस भीषण घड़ी में

अपने सस्त्र क्यों उठाते नहीं

तुम्हारी ये अकर्मण्यता देख

शत्रु अब थर्राते नहीं

वीरता को हर पल ,

प्रमाणित करना पड़ेगा

एक ऋतु के काटे फसल से

कहो पूरा जीवन कैसे चलेगा ?

याद करो इतिहास में

तुमने जब जब गुर्राया था

देख जिसे दुर्जनो का

अंतर्मन तक थर्राया था .

चलो उठो साहस जुटाओ

नभ तक हो ऊँची सत्य की

ऐसी पताका फहराओ”!!!


शब्द सहयोग:
किंकर्तव्यविमूढ: क्या करें क्या न करें की स्थिति, indecisiveness.

मैं और तुम


मैं और तुम


मैं सूरज बन आता हूँ

तुम चंदा बन जाती हो,

तिमिर चीर कर मैं

पास तुम्हारे आता हूँ,

और तुम अपनी छटा

कहीं और बिखराती हो !!!


लाख यत्न कर,

मिलन की आस लिए

बन बादल मैं,

आसमान पर छाता हूँ

तुम बारिश की बन बूंदें

धरती पर उतर आती हो!!!

अगणित तारे सदियों से

देख रहे इस खेल को,

मैं भी हूँ मूक बना

और तरसता मेल को

पर मन में दृढ विश्वास लिए

सोचता हूँ, एक दिन ऐसा भी आएगा

सूरज चंदा साथ में एक दिन

विश्व भ्रमण को जायेगा!!!


बुँदे कहेगी बादल से

कुछ दिन नभ में ही रुक जाते हैं

फिर दोनों मिलकर इकट्ठे

धरती की प्यास बुझाते हैं!!!


शब्द सहयोग:

तिमिर: अंधकार या अँधेरा

Why most Hindus are cremated but some are buried?

Why most Hindus are cremated but some are buried?

Recently when Jayalalitha, a very popular leader of South Indian state Tamilnadu, died, it produced unprecedented shock waves across the country. After her demise, unlike most of the Hindus, she was buried and not cremated. It was baffling for me as well as for many others that why there are two pronged approach in same religion. Then I searched for the reason of this exception. Whatever the understanding I got, presenting it in the blog. But you are also entitled to get differed from my opinion

Why Hindus are cremated?

It is important to know that in Hinduism, saints and sages came to conclusion that Jivas (Humans are one of the Jivas) are not their body but the eternal Soul and Soul never dies. It just changes the body. This concept is known as Transmigration of the Soul.


This is substantiated in one of the most revered scripture of Hinduism,

Bhgavad Gita 2.13

 dehino ‘smin yatha dehe
kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir
dhiras tatra na muhyati

As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.

One more essential pillar of the Hindu doctrine is “Moksha”, along with “Dharma”, “Artha”and “Kaam”. Moksha in it’s literal sense means “to be free”. Now the question will be Freedom for whom and from what? So this freedom is for the Soul and from this material conditioning that is from perishable body.

According to Vedic injunction, when a person attains Moksha, then he/she doesn’t come in this material world again and either merges with Bramhan (Super Soul) or resides with the Lord in his abode which is permanent unlike this world.

So when a person dies, he has to leaves his body, but since he has spent a long time with this body, he develops attachment for it. When anyone is attached with any person or object then a desire to associate with it for longer duration of time, remains inside him. But the desire to be in this perishable body is conflicting with the real objective i.e. to be free and attain Moksha. Hence by burning the body, soul can witness and realise the temporary nature of the body and hence the will ultimately crave for Moksha.

But saints and children are cremated

There are some exceptions to it. Saints and Children, when they die, there is a Provision for them to buried. The reason for it, which I have understood after reading some text and hearing from some specialists in this subject, is as follows.

Saints and sages (I am talking about real ones which are few in number yet existing, not the bogus which has proliferated and made religion a business), in their whole life time goes through severe penances, meditations, rituals, sacrifices, association with the pious personality etc. By going through all these process they not only knows but become self realized that the body which they got is perishable and ultimate objective is to attain Moksha. Hence after this realization, the body which they got becomes purified from the material contamination such as lust, greed, anger, enviousness, attachments etc. Since they have no attachment for the body, hence they are buried.

One more consideration which I came across is that, the real Gurus, sages or the pious personality come to this material planet just to relieve the ones which are suffering in this world due to the ignorance that they are soul, not the body. So even though they appear like ordinary human beings, yet they are the direct messenger of the Lord, hence they are not having any longing for their body. They just finish their duty and leave their body.

There is also a provision to bury the children. The reason for this, which I have read is that since they die at very young age and hence they don’t develop so much longing and attachment for themselves. Hence they are buried.

Now coming to the point of why Jayalalitha is buried, I am not able to figure out the real reason other than the whims of her follower, as she was not and ascetic personality and of course, neither a child.

The uniqueness of Hinduism lies in the fact that it is a very liberal. If you are worshiping idol still you are Hindu, not worshiping it makes no difference, even if you are atheist you can accommodate in Hinduism. That’s why Indian Supreme Court termed, Hinduism as a “Way of Life”. This also very much true for the last right. When majority cremates the body, yet you will find exceptions to it.

मैं, मेरी परछाई


शनिवार. वीकेंड का पहला दिन, दिन भर की फुरसत और फुरसत में दिमाग कुछ ज्यादा चलता ही है. आज चला और कुछ विचार निकले. फिर उसने एक कविता का रूप लिया.आपके सामने है. आज ही लिखी , और सोचा आज ही पोस्ट कर दूँ, ज़्यादा रिव्यु नहीं कर पाया…

अग्रिम चेतावनी: प्रेमी प्रेमिका मेरे कविता की “परछाई” में अपने प्रेमी प्रेमिका को ढूंढने का प्रयास न करें, वरना कविता के अंत में अफ़सोस होगा  😜😛

मैं, मेरी परछाई

मैं, मेरी परछाई
आज शाम संग बैठे थे
भीड़ से दूर…
एक दूजे के करीब…

परछाई कहने लगी ,
प्रश्न है बहुत दिनों की ,
इज़ाज़त हो तो बयां करूँ
मैं हँसा और हँस के बोला
पूछना, जो पूछना हो ?

उसने बोला

“सबसे करीब तुम्हारे
बोलो कौन है ?
शोर मचाती है जो मन में
पर जुबान पर मौन है ?”

जो मैं कुछ बोलता ,
मन की गठरियों को
सामने उसके खोलता
उसके पहले वो बोल पड़ी
“अरे वो मैं हूँ पगले , मैं हूँ “!!

मैं थोड़ा चकराया ,
मासूमियत भरे उत्तर पर
मंद मंद मुस्काया
और पूछा
“वो कैसे ! फरमाइए “
अपने विचार पर ज़रा
LED वाला प्रकाश तो लाइए

भावना में वो बह गयी ,
और फिर जाने मुझसे क्या क्या कह गयी ,
आपको मैं सुनाता हूँ
बदले में आपका पूरा अटेंशन चाहता हूँ

वो बोली
“संग तुम्हारे हूँ तब से ,
है वज़ुद तुम्हारा जब से ,
तुम चलते हो
मैं चलती हूँ
रुकने से थम जाती हूँ

बिना अपेक्षा के आशा के
साथ तुम्हारे रहती हूँ
दुःख हो या सुख हो
हर भाव मैं सहती हूँ
कितने सावन बीत गए ,
और जितने भी सावन आयेंगे
जो कोई रहेगा साथ तुम्हारे तो
वो मैं हूँ बस मैं हूँ “
मैं बोल पड़ा
“बस कर पगली
अब क्या रुलायेगी ?
इतने दिनों की कहानी
सब ही आज कह जाएगी “

भावुक होता देख उसे
मैं बोला चलो चलते हैं
गाल फूला के आँख झुका के
संग मेरे हो चली

निकल पड़ा घर की ओर
सूरज भी ढलने लगा था
परछाई लंबी होने लगी थी
मैं छोटा लगने लगा था

तभी अचानक
अँधेरा छाया ,
ओर मैं खुद को अकेला पाया

कहाँ गयी मेरी परछाई ?
जो वफाई की दे रही थी दुहाई ?
अँधेरा आते ही सरक गयी
पतली गली से खिसक गयी

तभी मन में विचार आया ,
कभी परछाई आपकी ,
आपसे भी लंबी हो जाती है ,
पर बिन प्रकाश के वो भी ,
साथ छोड़ जाती है .
कोई साथ रहता जो अंधकार में आपके
वो आपकी  परछाई भी नहीं है
“केवल आप हो, और कोई नहीं है”
अब प्रश्न है कि आप कौन हो ?



कॉलेज से कॉर्पोरेट में आने के कुछ ही दिनों बाद, यहाँ के वातावरण को देख चंद पंक्तियाँ मन में आयीं थी. ख़ैर अब तो कुछ समय यहाँ गुज़र गया हैं. अब मैं भी इसका हिस्सा हूँ, पर पंक्तियाँ अब भी प्रासंगिक हैं……सोचा कि आप सब तक भी ब्लॉग के माध्यम से इसको पहुंचा दूँ. आशा है आपको पसंद आयेगी .

Belonging from multilingual country, ubiquitous presence and acceptance of English and knowing that some of the reader base is from English background,  I tried to translate it. But I hardly believe that translation will do justice with the pristine typescript, which is in Hindi, as I lack poetic sense in English. Any way I have given a try. Hope you will like it.


चेहरे कम मुखौटे ज़्यादा

दिखतें हैं इस बाज़ार में

हम बेहतर हैं तुमसे!

सभी जुटे हैं इसी प्रयास में ||1||

जिसका चेहरा जितना बनावटी

वह उतना ही सफल है

छल प्रपंच से भरे खेल में

उसकी दांव प्रबल है ||2||

अपनापन का भाव कहाँ यहाँ पर

केवल स्वार्थ निहित है

भावना से भरे व्यक्ति की

हार यहाँ निश्चित है ||3||


Masks are conspicuous as the faces are heavily covered by it in this place. Most of them are engaged in proving themselves better than others. ||1||

Those who can mold their faces easily suiting to the person and circumstances they face, are assumed to be successful. In the world of  treachery and deceit , chances are there that they will emerge victorious. ||2||

Relationships are based on the vested interests of each other and those who are filled with emotions, for them situations are very bleak here ||3||