It’s just seconds…

In the era of information, social media and news reporting, who will not be aware of the name “Usain Bolt”?  He is one of the greatest, if not The Greatest, athlete of all time. He is the fastest man on earth. He holds the world record as a fastest 100m and fastest 200m runner. He is 9 time Gold Medalist in Olympics (one of the gold medal recently taken away from him as one of his team mate in race found to be guilty for doping).

All the above information must be known to you all. My purpose for this article was not to reiterate it; rather I thought to share you a piece of observation out of his success.

Recently when he appeared in news, I thought of searching about the details of Usain Bolt. I landed to the most authenticated source of information(Which I think) i.e. Wikipedia Page about UB. Apart from many other things, there was a table, which represented the best time taken by him to complete a race for a specific year, caught my imagination.

I thought what defines Usain Bolt? And without doubt I reached to conclusion, it’s the speed which defines him. I recalled the formula of Speed, which I may have studied in class 6 or 7.

                                                              Speed= Distance/ Time.

Then I observed, speed consists of two sub-parts i.e. Distance and Time. Distance for all other athlete is same either it may be 100m, 200m or even for that matter 400m. So what intrinsically it’s the “Time”, which defines Usain bolt.

I prepared a column with the help of data from Wikipedia and noted down the best time taken by him in year to complete the race since 2008, when he became known. After that, I summed all the time taken by him to finish the race. See Table


Season’s bests since 2008


Time taken to complete 100 metres race in seconds


                               2009                                    9.58
                                2010                                     9.82
                                2011                                     9.76
                                2012                                     9.63
                                2013                                     9.77
                                2014                                     9.98
                                2015                                     9.79
                                2016                                      9.8
Total Time


Credit: Wikipedia, with some modifications.

Conclusion drawn: 87.82 seconds is the time, which made Usain Bolt, a personality which left an indelible imprints on the minds of Billions.

Why still we are complaining that we don’t have time? Can’t we have 87.82 seconds to be happy. No doubt, 87.82 seconds is the time which he achieved through tremendous hard work, dedication, discipline, determination, perseverance, pains and sufferings for years, yet that investment is worth. isn’t it?

Doesn’t matter how small amount of time that we have, if the Joy and Bliss is there in it it’s far better than spending years of inactive and dull life…..Just remember time when you felt that it was the best time in your life…Did you get any 🙂


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