Founder’s Day: Jamshedpur

On 3rd of March, Jamshedpur celebrated its founder’s day, birthday of Jamsetji Tata. When majority of the Indian cities are in chaos and disarray due to its unregulated and unplanned expansion, city of Jamshedpur (administered by JUSCO) can be a guiding lamp to them as where and how to go in the field of planning a city. It also holds the prestige of being the first planned industrial city of India.

It’s the same place where Tata Group has started its journey. A group which is India’s largest conglomerate with revenue of $ 103.51 billion in 2016, employees approx 660,000 people. A group known for it’s ethical behavior.

This city, previously known as Sakchi, was named as Jamshedpur in 1919 by Lord Chelmsford, then Viceroy of India in the honour of Jamshetji Tata. It is also known as Tatanagar. Contribution of Tata’s is immense in the nation building. So every year on 3rd of March city is illuminated and decorated to give it’s homage to its founder.

When I was kid, like any other kids in city, I was waiting for this day with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We used to go to the Jubile Park to see the lighting, fountains and decoration. It was virtually like a Mela for us.  After many years, as some of my school friends gathered they pulled me to go the same place. As I generally avoid crowd, I  initially hesitated later persuaded by them, if not coerced 😛

Sharing you some of the photos, which has been taken from my cell phone. Photos quality will not do justice the actual euphoria prevailed over the place. However, it may give you an inkling that how special this day is for citizens of the city and for Tata’s.


11 thoughts on “Founder’s Day: Jamshedpur”

  1. बहुत ही अच्छा लेख और उनती ही अछि तस्वीरे | आपका लेख पढ़ कर टाटा स्टील का अद्वेर्तिसेमेंट याद आ गया, समय मिले तो लिंक चेक करे :

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  2. Wow amazing pics ! The city is so beautiful.I thinks it is worth a visit..Well you are unfortunately right that as you say that others are in such a chaotic state and so ought to learn from Jamshedpur!

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