एक गुमनाम कहानी ….. (कविता)

River meet of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, hereafter it’s known as Ganga. A place, I always want to go.  Credit: Google Image

एक गुमनाम कहानी ….. 

बर्फ सी थी वो जमी
उष्णता पाकर हुई नमी
टिप टिप कर रिसती रही
फिर भी आगे बढ़ती गयी
थी वो कोमल और सरल
चट्टानों ने रोका मगर
रुकी नहीं वो झुकी नहीं
ध्येय पथ से डिगी नहीं
दिशाएं बदली, बदली धाराएं
बन प्रपात चट्टानों से गिरी
पाषाणों को पार करी
अब आयी क्रूर मानव की बारी
ऊँचे ऊँचे बांध बनाये
फिर भी राहें रोक न पाए
धीरे धीरे शक्ति जुटाई
कृत्रिम बांध से मुक्ति पायी
आगे समतल था मैदान
उसको लगा है राह आसान
पर मानव ने फिर रंग दिखाया
उसे दूषित कर उसमें ज़हर मिलाया
बना नहरें धाराएं बाँटी
पड़ी अकेले उसे कोई मिला न साथी
थकी हारी, उसका मन भरमाया
चाल में उसके मंदी आया
गति उसकी इतनी धीमी हो चली
मानों वह बस अभी रुकी या तभी रुकी
नज़रें भी उसकी अब नीचे झुकी
तभी आश्चर्य हुआ
लगा उसे किसी अपने ने छुआ
नज़रें उठायी, उसकी आँखें भर आयी
सामने उसके विशाल सागर पड़ा था
दोनों बाहें फैलये स्वागत को खड़ा था
अपनी लहरों से उसको छूता
जैसे वर्षों से थके पांवो को
अपने हाथों से हो धोता
नदी पल भर न रुकी
अपने वजूद मिटा
सागर में मिली
कौन है सागर कौन नदी है
अब कौन ये जाने
नदी की संघर्ष गाथा को
कौन पहचाने ?

………अभय ……

Like yesterday, today also my routine was same. Early morning rise(4:30 AM), then went for a ride on the same river front. Actually, I enjoy spending time in front of water bodies, be it natural or artificial. If the atmosphere is cloudy and there is gentle breeze around, I can sit for hours there, contemplating.  So this poetry is also an outcome of today’s journey and I felt it very happy while framing it. Hope you will enjoy it.

Today I also observed that, I am becoming way too frequent on writing poems and publishing it here. Framing poem on myriad subjects and to give it a lyric needs time and energy. Since I have my other objective, which incidentally, also demands time and energy :),  so I thought I will be a little sporadic. I recently (4-5 moths) became active here and learnt a lot  and met some really lovely people, some were very like minded. Hoping your support in this Journey.

Do comment and let me know about the poem.



35 thoughts on “एक गुमनाम कहानी ….. (कविता)”

    1. दुर्दशा वाले पक्ष के साथ साथ नदी संघर्ष की भी एक गाथा है और मनुष्यों के लिए प्रेरक भी।
      धन्यवाद यशवंत जी☺️

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  1. क्या बात अभय जी अपने मूल रूप का त्याग कर पर्वत, चट्टान,जंगल को चीरती हुयी जो नदी हम तक हमारी प्यास बुझाने आयी हमने उसके अस्तित्त्व ही मिटाना चाहा—–मुर्ख हैं हम हम खुद को मिटाना चाहा——सही कहा — थकी हारी नदी जब सागर को बाहें फैलाये देखा खुद को बिलिन कर ली—– बहुत ही अच्छा—-

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    1. शुक्रिया मधुसूदन जी, मेरी कविताओं को जीवन से जोड़ पाने के लिए 🙏


    1. Thank you Radhika. I am also having longing to visit that place especially the origin point of Ganga. Sorry again I am not able to translate ☺️ Hope you have enjoyed it.

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    1. नदियों का अस्तित्व तो स्वतंत्र ही है, पर कभी कभी स्वतंत्रता ही सबकुछ नहीं होती ☺️

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  2. For you the poetry might be an outcome of thoughtful observation and direct perception however whenever I read your work,I go into the philosiphical mode where I am able to relate it with human relations.Moreover they always provide me a lesson to ponder and work upon.Once again thanks for sharing.
    Now I am taking the next flight to be there on the Marine drive tomorrow with my diary and pen..hahaa.I want to check if I can come up with a marvel creation just like yours.
    Anyways now provide me with the meanings of the following words:-
    (I apologize for not using the hindi font)

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    1. Hey Shivangi! Good Evening. I was expecting that you would like it.
      My thought in poetry is not always dry speculation and arid concoction; at most of the time it’s the expression of what is going through me and my views on various subject matters. That is why I wrote in my Bio, that I am not a poet. But it’s always safe to play in the disguise of “thoughtful observation”, so as to avoid supplementary questions :). I am happy that you are able to connect; I expected that most of the readers will do so.
      As far as the flight is concern, do let me know when you are landing. I will arrange you a bike, so that you can enjoy the river front and marine drive:-P Your Poems are phenomenal. You don’t need the surrounding to influence your writing. 🙂
      Now the word meanings…
      Prapaat is: Waterfall; Ushnata is : Heat; Dheya is: objective or your goal; Pashan: is stones or the pebbles.
      Read the poem again, and let me know is it making sense or not. No need to apologies for your font. Font doesn’t matter, heart should be Hindi. 😛 Haven’t you heard, Hindi hai hum watan hain, Hindostan hamara.. 😀

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      1. Hi Abhay!:-)
        Of course I loved it undoubtedly.
        What I meant that you might be writing out of your love for nature or other fascination and I as a reader interpret in so many different ways that you might have not imagined.So that is the beauty of your work and so never dare call it ”dry speculation and arid concoction.”
        It will be a great delight if you can arrange a bike.I love riding but have just tried Hero Honda Splendor,so better if you can arrange that model..lol..hahaha..
        Well yes I suffer from extremities of emotions and so seriously don’t need surroundings for writing..haha.
        Thanks a lot for providing the word meanings…
        Heart toh Hindustaani hi hai but Hinglish ne kahin ka nahi choda..lol

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  3. Hi abhay…I always look forward for your posts…although sometimes I might miss out on few but always try to get hold of them…you write so well…your every post has a meaning so just keep writing N keep shining ☺☺☺


  4. नदी के जीवन प्रवाह का अत्यंत भावपूर्ण व अर्थपूर्ण चित्रण! पढ़ कर बहुत अच्छा लगा!

    I m not a poetess but try to express myself in words sometimes. You r welcome to my Hindi Poetry blog

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