My few questions to You

Hello Every One!!!

Most of the time, I choose to write on the topics in my blog which are generally figments of my imagination. However I try to deal in such a way that everyone can connect it with real life be it my poems, articles or narrations.

Today my topic is not the product of imagination, rather a real, unpleasant situation which our nation is currently facing. We all know that sovereignty of a country is of paramount importance and people of the country can go to any extent to preserve it, if they have any nationalist fervor residing in them.

But there is a part of state in India whose majority of citizens belonging from a particular community (I am not shying away from the reality and accepting it unlike main stream media) posses a secessionist tendency and in recent days it is full on display. Yes Sir/Ma’am, I am talking about a special state of India, Jammu and Kashmir.

Every day we hear news that stones are pelted on our soldiers, schools are burnt, weapons are snatched from our Jawans, banks are looted, government property is being destroyed, killing of terrorist is being celebrated as martyrdom, flags of Pakistan and ISIS is waved, militants are protected and patronized by the locals and so on and so forth.

Credit: Internet, I am ashamed to use it

Recently a video has surfaced in social media, in which one of our soldier was kicked and slapped by some local resident of Kashmir valley, when he was returning from his duty of election. He had a rifle in his hand, yet he remained silent and faced the onslaught.

Any nationalist’s heart would melt to see the treatment with their Army, and that too by their own citizen. Our Soldiers are our pride. They protect us from any form of external aggression, armed rebellion or even in the natural calamities. They live, sometime, in inhuman conditions so that we can live with peace, prosperity and enjoy this human life. But if our protectors will be treated like this, then just think what negative consequences will be on their morale. Soldiers live with pride and respect and die with it. Pride is their everything. They can survive any catastrophe of life, but they can’t swallow their disrespect.

Credit: Internet

One more video recently surfaced, when a local is seen tied up with the bonnet of a Jeep of a military convoy. It was perceived that army personal has tied him there because it will prevent the locals (more than 500 in numbers) to pelt the stones at them. Then came the liberal media, petty politicians and the human right group and termed this incident as an outrageous and inhuman. They criticized the army for their act and asked to form a commission to enquire about the whole incident.

Stone Pelter, Image Credit: Internet

My fellow bloggers, I am having some questions for you and after that I will end up my writing.

  1. What is your reaction when you will see that one part of India is seceded to Pakistan, as some local from Kashmir wants, will you still keep blogging the same way as you are doing now, or you will also feel the pain and agony?
  2. Who are these secessionist? How they should be dealt?
  3. Are our soldiers not Human? There are no Human rights for them!  Anyone can pelt stone at them! 
  4. Have you hit by a single stone pelted at you, If not, can you imagine the pain that a irregular granite pebble can inflict?
  5. What will happen when our soldiers will refuse to stand by our nation because of their ill-treatment?
  6. What will be your emotional balance, when you are humiliated by your boss in the office or teachers in the school? Can you compare the mistreatment of our soldier by their fellow citizens?
  7. Will not you raise your voice to support our armed force?
  8. Will you be a mute spectator saying that no one is in army from my family?
  9. Are you sure that this story of Kashmir will not be replicated in any part of the nation?
  10. How do you feel when you see the flag of Pakistan is waved in front of you and challenges you to see it over and over again.
  11. What will happen to our future generation, or are we happy with the philosophy that “live in present”?
  12. Isn’t  our silence is  a sign of our weakness?

“Whenever one person stands up and says, “Wait a minute, this is wrong,” it helps other people do the same.” —-Gloria Steinem


Enjoy the weekend, for the soldiers of the Indian national Armed force, there is no such legacy.

Vande Matram!!!!



21 thoughts on “My few questions to You”

  1. Very strong post, unfortunately some people are in the positions and designation which actually they dont deserve and most importantly they know the very truth about the common people that’s why they shout and outrage in wrong issues neglecting the important ones, whenever they they perform any such activity i feel that they wanna tell us(the common people)…”jo ukhar sakta hai ukhar le”.

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  2. Very strong post Abhay. We should indeed be ashamed of how we treat our soldiers. They​ are the backbone of our country because of which we are able to stand today. They deserve the highest amount of respect for the selfless service they do to the motherland. Unfortunately, all this unrest and other violent incidents are instigated by the people in power who have vested interest and not by the common man. Our system needs to be cleansed of such corrupt and greedy people at the helm.
    Jai Hind!

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    1. Hi Radhika, I agree with you. It’s high time that we should have a course correction in the trajectory which we are heading towards new India. Citizens has a role to play. They can’t be manipulated by the so called intellectuals for eternity.

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  3. A brilliant post abhay… We are one of the best arm forces in the world and if we sleep peacefully in our houses it’s all because of those soldiers who served their lives for nation, they really deserve a salute from every individual because they don’t know who we are or why do they save us?? It’s just their selfless love and duty for their country and countrymen so it’s our duty to trust them.


  4. Really great post. I salute you for this post. We are one of the largest, best & disciplined arm forces of the world. I love my army as well as salute them because they don’t think if or but, who & why before save any people but they have family also. First they are citizen of India then arm force. They are backbone of our country so I never happy with the philosophy that “live in present.

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    1. Thank you Madhusudan ji for your words. Today I am agonized after seeing that video. I had lost one of my friend in cross border firing last year. I saw the pain of their family and not just the family only whole of my city thronged in his last right. But the video where a Jawan is being slapped by the traitors is very humiliating. I expect an outrage in the public domain.


  5. The questions made me think a lot. Really! The vote bank politics is doing their work, and we are just sitting without even giving a thought as what should be our own reaction on the action of politicians.

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    1. Hi Veronica, thanks for your opinion. However I would like to point out that it’s not just the politicians but the general mass of the valley are engaged in anti-national activities. There has to be a mechanism, hooks or by crooks, so that they can be brought in mainstream.

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  6. I think now the politicians have to come up with with strong and well thought plan so that they may win the hearts of theses youngsters and they must have some hopes for themselves and feel that they are an integral part of India.

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      1. I feel that they have lack of connection with the rest of India. They are not been able to get the benefits of programmes and plans made by the government. They need to be feel connected.More job opportunities and educational facilities may play an important role.


        1. I am not fully convinced by this logic. I think they have much more connection than that of North East. Isn’t it?
          We have to realize some section is radicalized to the extent that they have adopted a secessionist tendency. Niw whatever the government will do they just not going to pay attention. They burn school, colleges, pelt stone at army, raise the slogan of Azadi and so on and so forth.

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