Moderation  Inability to see is not always  the result of darkness, some time high intensity effulgent light can also make us blind. @Abhay  


China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Hello Doston!! Today's article is concerned with a Geo-Political topic  which is currently a buzz in world of diplomacy. Its a bit lengthy as compared  to my general write ups, but the gravity of the subject prompted me to write long. Hope you would enjoy reading. In past quarter century, if one thing which has …

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मधुराष्टकम्/ Madhurashtkam

नमस्ते मित्रों ! गीत या काव्य अभिव्यक्ति की वह विधा है जिसमें लेखक या कवि विषय भाव के सागर में डूब कर अमूल्य मोती बाहर ले आता है! जो चीजें दिखती हैं, उसके बारे में लिखना आसान होता है, परन्तु मैं यह सोचने पर विवश हो जाता हूँ कि कोई व्यक्ति भगवान कि विषय में …

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नाव में छेद / Hole in the boat

At many occasions, I have experienced and also heard from different people that they are willing to move forward, yet they find it difficult in doing so due to some past failure, some memories which remains only in imagination, some unpleasant happenings in their life etc etc. These impediments just work as a drag in …

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