Defence: as good as Attack

It is said that to attack is the best defence. However, when everyone will attack then it is for sure that no one will survive.  The world has become more turbulent and unstable in 21st century. With some rogue nations such as Pakistan and North Korea acquiring nuclear capabilities made the world a dangerous place to be in. Everyone knows how dangerous a nuclear bomb could be. Developing a weapon of mass destruction was easy, yet to have a defence from this danger is elusive dream.

North Korea is in limelight since a year or so for all bad reasons. Its ruler Kim Jong Un is psychopath and he is relentless in pursuing his objective. Since he acquired the leadership position DPRK after the demise of his father, he has increased the assertiveness and has conducted several missile tests since then including ballistic missiles and nuclear tests.

The differences, rivalry and hostility between North Korea and South Korea are well known fact. North Korea being more assertive, has put pressure on South Korea and Japan, both are formal ally to US, to be prepared for any of situation of misadventure by North.

US has deployed THAAD (Terminally High Altitude Area Defence), an anti-ballistic missile technology, in South Korea in a situation when the tension is simmering between the two neighbours. North Korea, China and to some extent Russia has criticized this move of the US.  However US said that it threat to South Korea from North, an ally of US and every nation has the right to protect it from external aggression.


What is THAAD and how it works?

THAAD is also a weapon, but for defence and not for attack. It is an anti- Ballistic missile defence system developed in US in 90s by Lockheed Martin. It detects, tracks and destroy the incoming warheads from the hostile nation.

How it works?

  • It consists of a radar system, multiple truck mounted launchers and each launcher consists eight interceptors that are similar in nature as that of missiles.
  • Radar detects the target.
  • Interceptor missiles are fired from the truck mounted launcher.
  • These interceptors do not contain any explosive material with it; rather it hits the target with tremendous velocity. The Kinetic energy generated with the velocity is huge and when it collides with the incoming warhead it destroys it in the air.
  • The reason of not containing any explosive in the interceptor and to rely on kinetic energy is simple. Since it doesn’t contain explosives, so it reduces the detonating impact of nuclear warheads.
Missile defence
Credit: Indian Express

India in Missile Defence System

Till now only five countries have developed Missile Defence System and they are United States, Russia, France, India and Israel. India also hold the prestige of being only the fourth country which have anti ballistic missile defence system, which China is still dreaming. However India also purchased Russian made S-400 missile defence system, which increases the its defence capability vis-a-vis Pakistan and China.

Indian Missile Launcher

Hope it will give some insight about Missile Defence Technology. Thank You!




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