Propagate the Good

I recently observed a phenomenon that people like to propagate the ideology which they are professing, practicing and have allegiance to it.

From Capitalism to Socialism, from Autocracy to Democracy, from Secularism to Communalism, from Barbarism/Terrorism to Humanism, from Atheist to Theist and from Lover to Hater, one desire is common in all these groups that they want to increase their number.

Purpose behind mounting the number, in my view, is that they feel safe, secure and superior with like-minded people. We have heard from one of our ancient scripture/ Upanishad that “Satyamev Jayate” means “Truth alone Triumph”, but now this believe is only used for the decorative purposes and have taken a back seat as “Truth” is being adjudicated by the majority’s view.

Anyway, purpose of my writing is that, I believe that whatever good we are doing we should continue but proliferate, disseminate and transmit it to the other people. If we don’t broadcast it, surely negative vibes and action will occupy the vacuum.

If  peace will not be propagated, agitation will fill the void.




12 thoughts on “Propagate the Good”

  1. Undoubtedly positivity emitted with altruistic noble intentions can create miracles which have an everlasting impact.Each one of us should develop a knack in grasping the good from other people and our surroundings.
    I am glad you highlighted this urgent need of being a medium of peaceful environment.More than agitation and inapproapriate action that may crop up at an external level,there will be insecurities and many parochial fears that people may develop psycholigically if this need isn’t fulfilled.

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  2. Welcome Abhay.
    I think by being altruistic we will not only make a great difference in others life but will also attract happiness and love in abundance for our ownselves.Thus if we are happy and helpful others will automatically feel the need to be worthy of our happiness by bringing a positive change in themselves.
    I hope I made some sense.

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  3. You have truly said,each figure with its ideology wants to increase in number to feel safe & secure and propagate itself and the quotation truth alone triumph has taken a backseat today also.

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