Yesterday night we had a heavy Pre-Monsoon shower, here in my city. Morning too was cool and overcast, something which I love. I planed a ride in my city along with one of my friend and clicked some images of nature all along my journey.  All the photos were clicked by my phone camera. Hope you would also enjoy it.

Sun overshadowed by the Cloud
A brick kiln on the opposite side of a river
An Ephemeral river, preoccupied by algae, waiting for rain to become pure
Water Buffalo, going for a swim
A park
This road is made up of waste plastic, Isn’t it a good idea?

34 thoughts on “Overcast”

    1. अरे अजय भाई शुक्रिया ☺️ फोटोग्राफी या काव्य लेखनी के लिए एक ही चीज चाहिए वो है imagination.
      वैसे कैमरा अच्छी हो तो उसका अपना महत्व है😜

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