Hello Friends!

Hope you all are doing well. Monsoon is yet to arrive in my city with full intensity. However we have experienced some Pre-Monsoon shower. Today morning was also cloudy and cool gentle  breeze pervaded in  the atmosphere.

I was up to my favourite task, which I always relish in these sort of weather  :), picked up my bike and went on for a ride. The ride was gentle until I came across a scene which was very poignant to me. I thought of writing about it and sharing to you all, but suddenly I changed up my mind. I have taken some shots through my phone camera (quality may not be very good) of that surrounding and thought sharing to you all. Because some time pictures are more expressive than the word itself and pics will give you the legacy of your own interpretation, rather than my point of view.

Do let me know your views.






Death and Destruction



26 thoughts on “Woods”

    1. Thank you Radhika ji! But these are the photographs which, while clicking, gave me a sad feeling.
      Sometime I wonder, are we destroying them or its the destruction of humanity in disguise.

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  1. शब्द नहीं कह पाते जो,तस्वीर बयाँ कर जाती है,
    कितने जुल्म हुए हैं सब,हालात बयाँ कर जाती है।

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  2. Nice picture angle and clarity however extremely poignant pics.The way these trees and logs are uprooted,it doesn’t seem to be the nature’s will.The more we humans play with the humble nature,the more serious consequences we will have to bear soon.Infact we are already suffering,the Kedarnath calamity,although given the name of a natural disaster was somehow


  3. (Contd) the warning of nature that if we continue deforestation,nature will uproar in a greater manner to such an extent that human race will perish…


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