Caption it

When I clicked this image, I was quite enthusiastic to share it on my blog, as I found it very interesting. However, when I tried to give a caption to it,  numerous parallel thoughts  came in my mind, but none of them did  justice to it.

So I thought of sharing it and throw it open to the fellow bloggers to give it a title or caption. Will you try? 🙂

Do let me know if you liked it or not?

Caption it.



71 thoughts on “Caption it”

  1. Throwing away the broken is not the only option. Sometimes you can keep them with you to make them heal. You can hold their hands to make them walk… ( Just linked it to living beings).
    Anyways, great picture. 😊

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  2. टूटी हुई बस्तु भी है उसकी लाख के,
    जिंदगी गुजरती जिसकी जुगाड़ से,
    सीट है टूटी मगर फ्रेम है अच्छा,
    चैन है ढीली है ठीक पीछे का चक्का,
    कद्र वही जाने आँख देख फाड़ के,
    जिंदगी गुजरती जिसकी जुगाड़ से।

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    1. अर अरे अरे..ये वाला तो बहुत ही जोरदार है! 👏👏👏
      शुक्रिया मधुसूदन जी 🙏


            1. अरे मेरे ब्लॉग पर बहुत सी चीजें होती है,इसका मतलब ये नहीं की सब कुछ मुझसे ही जुड़ीं हों😂


        1. हम भारतीय तो जुगाड़ में अव्वल होते हैं, क्यों नहीं आप जुगाड़ पर एक कविता लिखते हैं? 🙆


          1. कोई किसी बिषय पर लिखने बोल दे तो बिलकुल शब्द नहीं मिलते वैसे जरूर कोशिश करूँगा।

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            1. हाँ, ये मेरे साथ भी होता है! पर आप तो इसमें दक्ष हैं, आपको तो बस विषय चाहिए 😅


  3. Participating in such activity posts is a greater pleasure as they extract creativity from the the brains of versatile bloggers in different corners.
    Well,ironically my half rusted mind,out of the blue,has come up with many captions in the greed of winning.
    Thus here goes my list…
    The Perrenial Attachment
    The Unresolved Breakup
    A Friend in Need
    The Unbreakable Chains
    Supporting the diseased
    Helping the Handicapped
    A Trial for Cure
    Moving with the Pain
    Survival With the Broken
    Compatibility during Anomaly
    The Repair emergency
    Carrying the Memory
    Someone,Stop the Thief ! (funny one)
    Although I am poor at Hindi yet would love to try:
    Madad ki Pareeksha
    Atoot Dosti


  4. Just a thought of support can make a broken cycle run on its own. Why can’t we as humans think of supporting each other… So that everyone can be a winner and Peace is attained!
    Now caption would be like “Supporting another’s success won’t ever Dampen yours.”

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  5. How about this being an advertisement for one of the matrimonial sites : waiting for my partner/ you and I together forever.
    Did it sound too filmy? 😀😉

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    1. Hahahaha… It’s damn serious 😂😂
      Why don’t you suggest it, if they will use this photograph, at least I will get some loyalty out of it. 😁


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