I am quite astonished and stunned to see how political leaders change their allegiances and ideologies for some petty gains.

For me, it seems nearly impossible to switch over the choice which once I have made, even if it is not serving well for me!

Probably that is why I am not a politician. 🙂


Rise in income is not always good!!!

Hey Folks!

Hope you all are enjoying Monsoon, except for those who are in parts of the nation which is facing deluge due to torrential rain. I am always intrigued that when some part of the country is under drought yet at the same time others are inundated with the heavy rains. Even after seventy years of Independence we are living in the age of contrasts!

Anyways, today my topic of article is not concerned with it.  By reading the title of my article you may have intrigued and have thought I have gone mad! as we always crave for salary hike while we work, Isn’t it?  But wait, I guarantee you, if you will spend some time with me while reading this article; I will be able to persuade, if not convince, you on my point of view.

I am not going to talk you about philosophical aspect either, such as “Paisa to haath ki mail hai and all ”. Rather my explanation will be based on simple economics!

So before I should start, let me go some year back. I spent some of my crucial years in the capital of Heart of India( Madhya Pradesh), a beautiful state, with beautiful people. Though the overall time spent was memorable, but some of it was not so good.

Humans are prone to disease and illness is intrinsic to it, I had to spend some of my time in some private hospitals, not as a patient but as a caretaker to some of my friends and other close ones. During my stay I came across a striking reality that many of the sisters or nurses in the Hospitals were Keralites (originated from the Indian state of Kerala).

Later when I came to my home town, and when I had to visit some of the hospitals, here also the same phenomena was conspicuous, most of the nurses were from Kerala.

Then one more incident happened, when some of the Nurses were stuck in one of the middle east country and our Indian Embasy successfully airlifted them to India, then I came to know that Kerala is a land where majority of the Girl pursue their carrier in the field of Nursing and it is basically a hub of it.

Well, this was just a background. Now, coming to the real issue and towards the question why Salary Hike is not always good!!!

Recently, Nurses in Kerala had organized an indefinite strike. Their demand was that they are being paid very dismal salary. If you look towards their concern you would also sympathies with them. Majority of them were awarded salary below 13,000 and some even around sub 10,000.

So their demand was that their salary must be hiked and the minimum salary should be no less than 20,000. Since health care is a vital concern, the state government with some hiccups relented and their demand was agreed in principle. Nurses called off the strike.

But, but… this may not be the happy end. There is some elementary economics is involved around it which will suggest that the hike is salary is not good in long haul for the whole community of Nurses.

Let me put it in this way. The basic question is that why the salary of Nurses in Kerala is less as compared to another state? The reason is that there are enough nurses available in the market. Like any other commodity which may be abundance in market the value of that particular commodity will decrease or. Here the value is measured in monetary terms. This is  as same as the situation when very few people is having large options to choose. This is the exact case with the nurses.

Private hospitals find nurses very easily in Kerala and hence they keep them on minimum wages. Nurses, due to scarcity of other options or due to some constraints not willing to relocate, is able to work in that lower wages.

Now if the minimum salary will be raised to Rs 20,000, the Hospitals, which is mostly run by the private firms will find it difficult to pay to the Nurses, because their profit margin will reduce substantially. Hence what they will do is to start firing the nurses. Initially the task which was accomplished by the 10 nurses, they will fulfill the same task with 4-5 nurses.

Hence in turn due to rise in salary, those 4-5 nurses will ready to work extra as they will have an incentive to work, but for those who are fired for them the situation will be bleak. They will lose job and be bereft of the earning whatever they used to get earlier.

Hence the unemployment will rise and menace of unemployment will have its own cascading effect. The negative impact will not only limit to the unemployment. The quality of service will also bear the brunt due to stressed number of staff and patient will ultimately suffer.

Hence overall raising the salary will ultimately to be proved futile in larger extent. This concept in economics is known as “theory of demand and supply”. With the same manner we can understand why the price of any goods or commodity rises or fall.

Hope you would have got some idea about the topic in this tedious and boring article.

Thanks for reading!!!

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India is home of nearly all the religions of the world. Four major religions i.e. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism find its origin in this land of Bharat. Such diversity in religion tells you about the tolerance of the country. Tolerance in the sense that those who inhabited this part of the world, were able to digest the divergent point of view on God irrespective of having differences.

Even before advent of Christianity and Islam, Buddhism and Jainism had found its place here nearly somewhere around circa 600-500 BC!!!

If you read the tenets of these two religion, you will be surprised to know how elaborately and sophisticatedly the philosophy of life has been dealt and many of them, if not all, is equally applicable in recent times as well.

Word Buddha means “Enlightened One”. Life and teachings of Buddha attracted many in that time and even today. Its impact was so lasting that even though it virtually wiped out from Indian Subcontinent, the place of its origin, yet it continues to thrive in Parts of China, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka etc.

Today I am sharing you one anecdote from the life of Buddha, which is very interesting as well as we can apply it in our life as well.

Buddha’s physique was very strong and he used it perfectly. He used to travel nearly 20-30 KM everyday by foot to give his sermons to the different parts of the contemporary India.

Even though he was highly revered among his followers, but since Brahmins of that time had a grip over cultural and devotional aspect, he had to face severe criticisms and backlashes during the propagation of Buddhism.

On one such occasion, while he was preaching, an adversary of him came and started a scathing attack on his philosophy and personally abused him. Followers of Buddha became very perturbed on seeing the attack on their master, but Buddha was, as always, calm amidst tempest. He let that person speak for as much as duration of time until all his evil words to Buddha found some expression.

Then Buddha, who until now was listening peacefully, asked a question from that person.

Buddha -“What if someone is willing to present a gift to the other person, but the other refuses to accept it”.

Person-“It will remain with the same who is presenting the gift”.

Buddha quipped “I am not accepting your abuse!!!”

So in this way he defeated him by his calmness and sheer brilliance of his presence of mind. In our life we also face similar situations especially as we grow up and with that growth comes the false ego. Teaching of Buddha can be a guiding lamp in this regarding.

Thank You!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!

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मोरा मन..

घट-घट का पानी हमरे गले उतर आया

सिर पर पड़ी कईयन पेड़ की छाया

पर हमरे समझ ये नहीं आया

काहे तोहरे पर ही आ के, मोरा मन भरमाया   🙂


अनायास ही नहीं..3

मैं फिर से वापस आऊंगा…

मैं कोई बरसाती झरना नहीं जो
कुछ पल बहकर खो जाऊंगा
हिमखंडो सा बना हुआ मैं
अविरल प्यास बुझाऊंगा

मैं कोई सतरंगी इंद्रधनुष नहीं जो
पल भर में ग़ुम हो जाऊंगा
मैं तो वो असीमित गगन हूँ जो
हर पल तुम पर छाऊँगा

मैं तुम्हारी छाया नहीं जो
केवल दिन में ही संग निभाऊंगा
मैं तो वह प्रकाशपुंज हूँ जो
घने अंधकार मिटाऊंगा

मैं कोई बासंती पवन नहीं जो
कुछ क्षण बहकर थम जाऊंगा
मैं तो तेरी साँसे हूँ जो
पलपल जीने का एहसास दिलाऊंगा

मैं वह अनकही गाथा नहीं जो
इतिहास के पन्नो में खो जाऊंगा
वर्षो तक गुमनाम रहूँगा ,
मैं फिर से वापस आऊंगा


  1. शीर्षक और कविता में सामंजस्य न ढूंढें, मिलेगी नहीं। Encrypted है ☺️