“Independence”, thought of writing about it, but later changed my mind and now just sharing some of the Clicks of Tricolour which I have captured. As every one should have the freedom to interpret FREEDOM, in their own way!

Happy Independence Day!



17 thoughts on “Tricolour”

        1. I have told several times to my fellow bloggers that I have relinquished the Knighthood, awarded by the Raj.
          So now it’s not required to use it with my name. 😜😜🙏

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  1. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day Abhay Ranjan Sir !
    In whichever way an individual interpret freedom but internal freedom (decluttering) is the want of each soul.

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  2. Please consider resizing the photographs. They are too big. Your perspective would be conveyed better if the entire photo is visible in whole on the screen, i.e. without the need of scrolling.

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