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Diversity brings different ideas on table, different tastes in food plates, different festivals to celebrate and different cloths to wear and so on so forth. But, if it is not nurtured well, it also brings myriad conflicts, hostilities and divides in the society.

Diversity in India is well known. Diversity in India, in terms of culture, religion, castes, language, ethnicity, food, dressing sense etc. is incomparable in world. But at many times we hear, these divides causing much of the disturbance in society. Some time the disturbance due to these divides is comprehended at such an extent that a prominent Actor in Bollywod was told by her wife to “settle in other country as intolerance is on rise in India”!!!

America is seen as the paradise by many Indians. The democratic values, personal liberty, freedom of press, secularism and tolerance have attracted many of us to that place. One of the prime motive or desire of many, if not all, software engineers working in IT firm is always to have an onsite opportunity in US!

But the ideals are not practical. Recently some of the events in US have suggested that their society, although having less diversity than India, is also grappling with some serious issues related to ethnicity, communalism and racial discrimination.

Charlottesville, Virginia incident:

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If you are having a close or even a partial eye on world news affair, you may have came across Charlottesville incident, where a white supremacist (A philosophy according to which white is supreme) rammed his car on a peaceful African American demonstrator against Confederacy Symbols. In that incident a woman got killed and more than 20 incurred major and minor injuries.

What is Confederacy Symbol and why African Americans were protesting against it?

To explain the story, you have to travel with me in history and to the American Civil War!!! I assure you, travelling in history will not be as boring as you may think.

So, American Civil War, a watershed moment in the history of US, has started in 1861 and ended in 1865. Abraham Lincoln was the president of US at that time. He had proposed a legislation, according to which the slavery (most of the slave were African American) would be annulled and  be termed as illegal and hence punishable. But many of the southern states of US were not happy of this decision. They have a certain notion that white is supreme and blacks are meant to be slaved. Apart from this there were some economical factors were also associated with their discontent. Slaves provided very cheap labor and hence profitable businesses. So 11 of the southern state formed a confederacy and revolted against the union. They seceded from the union in 1861. After that, a civil war had started in US, which finally got ended in 1865, with the victory of the union over confederacy and they were again merged with the union.

So the racial difference between the so called Nationalist American and the African American is deep seated in history. Now after the civil right movement in America, Blacks were legally brought on par with the Whites, but the prejudice is still prevails in American Society.

After the elevation of Mr. Donald Trump as 45th US President, whos is also seen as Right Wing nationalists and pro whites, simmering discontent gets the expression through various means.

One of the demand of the African American people is that in all the southern states, where they got legal protection by law, but the presence of Confederacy Symbols such as monuments, statue, declaration of public holidays, name of the park, name of the streets are on the name of White Supremacist, is not helping the cause of assimilation of the African American in mainstream as they reminds them the suppression by whites.  Naming all these places after white, glorifies their act of brutal repression. These symbols (such as statues) who glorifies the white oppressors, should be removed for once and all.  But the white population thinks that they all were the part of their cultural heritage which they cherishes and they are their source of inspiration, hence it can’t be removed.

So there were protest and counter protest held in Charlottesville. In one of such protest by African American, a White Supremacist, in his 20s, attacked the crowd with his speeding car which resulted, as I mentioned earlier, in killing of a lady and injuring several others.

So the point which I wanted to bring here is that, no country is paradise or perfect. Every country has their own sets of problem. It doesn’t matter that they are developed or developing, western or eastern, above the equator or below the equator differences will be there. So even though we hear so many negative news about the divides in India, we should not get carried away by negativities rather we should bring and use all the means which will bring the peace and harmony in the society.



30 thoughts on “Whats happening in US”

  1. True. Where there is human, there will be clash of ideas and opinions. Trick is to manage the diversity. While you mentioned wife of a bollywood actor feeling scared about situation in India, I have an observation. Many a time families discuss their insecurities. It is natural to think of life of their kids. Actor should not have shared his private discussion in public. But can we fault the actor’s wife for her innermost thought?

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    1. Sir do you really believe that an actor with such a high stature, felt so much insecurity and fear of persecution, that he had thought of moving out of India, a country where he mints millions and millions. What would be the condition of the ordinary citizens like us then. I find it mere rhetorics and inconsequential.

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      1. He said it was his wife’s thought. May be he should not have talked about it in public. But should a mature society not accept a distressed woman’s plea?

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        1. Yes sir! I absolutely agree with you! mature society must listen the distressed woman plea and I think time and again we we have done it. The most recent example is stalking of a woman in Haryana. Whole society did not just listen, but stood behind her even though she was fighting against the persons in the ruling dispensation.
          We have heard the distressed voice of an Indian lady even when she was in Pakistan, and govt had brought her home with safety and dignity.
          But if someone will try to be in camouflage of certain ideologies and cry as a victim because of prevailing force doesn’t suits, Sir our society has become mature to recognize those faces.

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          1. You are right. But a compassionate society doesn’t discriminate in her compassion. More so when she is worried about her kids future. The statement has assumed political dimension. But I would doubt if Amir Khan would go out of the way to insult Indian sensitivity.

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            1. Ofcourse the society doesn’t and that is why his film Dangal made crores despite the agitation it showed before the release.
              Well any statement related to our country is bound to take a political dimension and we cannot help it unfortunately.
              I think in someway Amir Khan did hurt the common man’s sentiments and that is why he apologized later.


              1. Dangal made profit because it had a great package. Amir apologized to avoid making loss to his business. We need to decide what hurts us more, Amir’s off the cuff remark or our reaction.


                1. Many films have a great package,but not all make profit.Maybe his apology could have been manipulative,but I am happy that atleast even if not whole heartedly,he atleast realized that in some way he hurt the commoner’s sentiments.
                  Anyways yes as you said very well,it is all a matter of perception and so thanks to wp for engaging me in healthy conversations with people with varied point of views as I get to learn so much!

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                  1. Thank you also for not getting personal and attacking me. I am neither right nor left, I am centrist. You can say “bin painde ka lota”. Do please engage more often. Nice talking.

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                    1. Well! I think today it became a mini parliament or rather a judicial premise. Views and counter views.
                      This is an indication that Indian Democratic System doing right by accommodating divergent views.
                      By the way today’s center had its foundation in leftist ideology. 😁

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        2. I think being a public figure,they make an impact on the people and so ofcourse he should not have talked about it.And well the society is not mature,it comprises of all kinds of minds-gullible,stoic,as well as right,so how can one expect it to understand,especially when the thought revolves around self centredness.


          1. I guess you are right. Society is super charged with feeling and fervor of nationalism. Should that drown a mother’s worry? I would think it is a cry for help not a complain. Timing was not right. May be it should not have been discussed in public. But if we do not discuss if a section is not feeling secure, how are we going to solve their problem. Matter of perception cannot be wished away in a day.

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            1. I agree with you to some extent but the question is how can the section which gets so much love and is provided with extreme security feel insecure.Isn’t her concern baseless and just psychological rather than pragmatic?Had it been someone else’s cry for help,actually suffering and undergoing daily suffering,it would have sounded genuine and so that is why most of us cannot relate with her worry.

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    2. I think concern and worry is natural but her thought seems to be self centred for despite living in extravagantly comfortable atmosphere with security and all,she ponders on this.Moreover pinpointing ‘India’ as the source of her insecurity,she seems to be having an attitude of escapism than solution oriented that can benefit and help all Indians emerge out of fear.

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  2. This is an educational post revealing the injustice that people face around the world and breaking up the notion that developed countries have harmonized sentiments.These stories erupt every day around the world,however we don’t always hear them particularly when we are far away.So your effort to bring this in limelight through your writing is commendable!
    The brief history in the beginning is really informative.

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  3. first of all thanks for the brief info and bumping into their history was quite informative !
    And you conclude very right.. we should be proud about our culture and its ‘University in Diversity’ !!

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  4. Well articulated post Abhay. Diversity brings out the cultural heritage alive in a country like India.
    Sometimes people with high profile background make such statements to garner undue attention. I remember at that time the digital and print media were flooded with news of the same all over.

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  5. Very educative post. It is true that India has been a unique country thought out by our great leaders ,thinkers like jawaharlal Nehru and MK.GANDHI and many others so that a plularistic diversified society grows without prejudice to one another. Acountry which accommadates all caste creed and class in one entity.
    you have given detail example of USA and one need not give any further clarifications.
    One religion countries are also fighting all across the world so we need to buildup our unique country as per our unique constitution . Great post congrats

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