She shines

Who motivates us?

When someone achieves some extraordinary feat, even when they face a lot of hurdles and pains in their way, in my opinion, those persons motivate us. Isn’t it?

But, it is true that this is not the case for all of us, as many claims that they are self motivated. Many argue that no humans can be their motivation as they are only motivated through divine aspect of the nature.

Have you ever been in any situation in your life where you have felt that you are alone amidst the mob? Yes, No.

Anyway, Skip this question and face a new one.

Have you ever been really alone and secluded, where no one is besides you and the closet person are physically situated miles apart from you? I think most us wouldn’t have experienced this kind of situation.

Six girls decided the fate that they are going to place themselves in the same situation and that too willingly. They are Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi , Lieutenant Commander Pratibha Jamwal, Lieutenants P Swathi, Vijaya Devi, Payal Gupta and B Aishwarya.

Credit: Internet

Do you know them? Yes, No. Doesn’t matter, even I were oblivious of them till recently.

I think they are worth knowing. That is why I decided to write about them.

All of them, whose name I have mentioned, are officers of Indian Navy and they have decided to circumnavigate the earth without any assistance of their male counterpart. This means that all women crew, for the first time in the History of India, have decided to have a complete a circle around the earth in a ship called INS Tarini. They have already started the journey and has reached the first leg of it.




The mission is termed as Navika Sagar Parkirama. This mission was flagged by, first full time female Defence Minister of India, Nirmala Sitaraman.

Few facts about the mission:

  • INSV Tarini is 55 foot sailing vessel built indigenously in India by M/s Aquarius Shipyard Pvt Ltd, Goa.
  • The expedition will be covered in five legs, with stop-overs at 4 ports Fremantle (Australia), Lyttleton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands), and Cape Town (South Africa) for replenishment of ration and repairs as necessary.
  • It will circumnavigate globe in approximately 165 days and is expected to return to Goa in April 2018.
  • The ship will promote Make in India, as it is indigenously built.
  • The crew will check and collect the data for marine pollution.

Many of you would be aware that in ancient time, Indians were not supposed to cross over the oceans, because it was termed as inauspicious. That was the day and this is the day, when only women crew has started a voyage to break the shackles of the idea that women are subordinate to men and they can’t venture alone in life. Imagine the journey, it will not be easy. There will be dark nights, and that too in ocean. There may be no humans in their sight for miles. The sound of the ripples of the ocean may be horrific.  Some waves will be huge. They may encounter some pirates in their journey. The ship is not too big and waves and thunderstorm may test their mettle in mid way. But they are prepared for it. They have already faced the waves of prejudice and subjugation by male dominated society, probably their voyage will be easier than the voyage that women has had over the centuries in India. They have decided to lost in joy of the journey, and when they will return back to Indian Coast, probably many Indians will discover a new perspective.

These all  girls inspired me, and I hope they will also inspire you!!!





Hello friends!

We do have a tendency to remember those things for longer span which have been subjected to controversy. Isn’t it?

That is why, whenever any new movie is getting released, you will start to hear so many controversies related to the actor(s) of the movie, related to the story (I am not referring only to Padmavati) or any such sort. This is even true whenever an election is slated to happen, issues such as reservation, triple talaq, intolerance in India; immigration issue, Gun Policy in US election etc. etc. will surface.  At many times these controversies are deliberately created by the stakeholders. The reason being very simple, these controversies remain in the mind of the common people for longer period and hence they also try to give their expression in any form. For film, they can give their expression by going to any PVR or in politics they will cast their vote to a specific party who is able to touch their sentiments.

But the fact is that there are issues much beyond the hullabaloo prevailed among the general mass and many of the important issue gets eclipsed in rumors.

Let me ask a very simple question, and I hope everybody among you (if you are an Indian Citizen and not a foreigner) would be able to answer it, right or wrong that is different question all together.

My question is: How many times in the History of independent India, Emergency has been imposed?

I know you know the answer, Don’t you? (DON’T GOOGLE IT, IF YOU DON’T KNOW :-P)

Okay keep the answer with you. You can verify after some time as I have given the answer of this question later section.

Emergency is a unique provision in the Indian Constitution. As we all know that India has adopted a federal polity. This simply means that there will be more than one government, one at center and the other in states or provinces. They enjoy their power in respective domain guaranteed by Constitution.

But during emergency, the federal polity of the country dramatically changes and it converts itself in to Unitary System. Center becomes way too powerful and can infringe the state’s authority, suspends the fundamental right of individual and can change the duration of the Parliament and state legislature. (I am mainly focusing on National Emergency, there are also other types of emergencies)

But this extraordinary situation may not occurs regularly hence these provisions has been seldom used. Constitution says that national emergency can be proclaimed on the ground when the “Sovereignty, integrity and security of India are under threat due to War, external aggression or armed rebellion”. Before 1978, the term armed rebellion was not used in constitution, rather the term was Internal Disturbance.

Now coming to the answer of the question: How many times in our country, emergency has been imposed?”

 The answer, contrary to many opinions, is THREE, and not ONE. Yes Sir/Mam our country has witnessed emergency three times since its independence.

First in 1962, when China attacked us in NEFA (present day Arunachal)

Second in 1971, when Pakistan attacked us during the Bangladesh Liberation war

Third in 1975, when Indira Gandhi Imposed Emergency based on her idea of Internal Disturbance.

Majority of us would have remembered emergency of 1975, which was imposed by Ms. Gandhi. Why? The answer is very simple, and that is the controversy which it has created. At numerous speeches of the political leaders and discussion among various people always talk about only this emergency, hence it has found its place in our memory  and we have forgotten or rather haven’t heard about other emergencies.

So I have given a RAM BAAN to you, if you are not able to remember anything for longer period of time, just create a controversy around it and it will be there with you forever. If you forgets some important dates (I am not saying the birthday of your special ones, it can be any date such as battle of Plassey :-P), just create a controversy and you will be surprised at your retention power.

Thanks for stopping by, hope all the crackers which you have bought for Diwali must have been detonated; if you don’t like bursting cracker and still you have please wait for next year for better returns by selling it on OLX, may be next time any judgement from the Honurable Judiciary will suspend the whole process in your city. 🙂


Static, really?

A feeling came inside me that I have become static and stagnant devoid of any adventure. Mother Earth came up with a unique explanation. “Son! You can’t be static as long as you are with me, didn’t you study basic science? You are rotating and revolving with me all the time with the tremendous speed, but irony is that you never feel it.” I smiled back on her response. 🙂



Speed of Revolution of earth around sun= 30 Km/ Sec

Speed of Rotation of Earth on its axis= 1670 Km/ Hr


I like sitting silently in any natural setting, contemplating on myriad thoughts. In cities, now there are hardly any pristine locations where one can sit and listen the chirps of the birds and can float in his/her imagination. But, of course, manmade parks come to rescue me at many occasions. If there is no one to disturb, I can sit there, hours and hours mutely. Perhaps, I should say this is my favourite time pass. Someone has rightly said “I am alive because I think and not that I think because I am alive”.

Yesterday, as we all know, was Dewali or Deepawali. The day, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after conquering Ravana and serving exile for fourteen long and tortuous years. I went on to offer my obeisance to one of the temple of Lord Ram.


I spent nearly an hour or hour an half in temple. Then I decided to return. There is a park nearby that temple. On returning, I was up to my favourite task:-). I sat down and enjoyed the songs of the numerous birds and the frantic movements of the squirrels jumping from one tree to the ground and then to another tree.

I was recalling some of my past Diwali celebrations, and then suddenly a person came and sat beside me, which I usually don’t like when I want to be alone. But, that was a public park and in India, if your are having a seat in any public transportation and even if it is occupied to its maximum capacity, still a new person will come and ask you “please adjust” or “Bhai Thoda adjust kar lo”. So his usurpation was legitimate on that account. 🙂

Soon he opened his bag pack and took out three plastic bags from it. Two of the bags were filled with grains and one with sugar. He started to scatter it in specific locations, as I can see there were some earlier remnants of those grains as if he usually do it. He poured some sugar near by the habitats of ants which was adjacent to the bench where I was sitting. Then he started to disperse the grains in the bottom of the trees and then he was leaving the place.

Seeing the generosity of that person towards those animals and birds who can’t speak, cannot demand, cannot assert their share; I asked him “Do you regularly do this generous act?”

His humble answer caught my imagination. He smilingly said “Who am I to do this? What is my capacity? I am in slippers (hawai chappa as he said it)? I am from very humble background. The one, sitting inside that structure (pointing towards temple) does it all, for me and for entire universe.” Before I could have asked any supplementary questions he ran away from the place towards the temple, as if he was in hurry. I remained silent. Even though he went from that place, he left many thoughts in my mind. I am concluding all these in point wise manner:-

  1. There is something about Indian Culture. Since ancient times, people thorough myriad instructions and teaching via scriptures, are told to not to take credit anything done out of generosity and dedicate it to the Lord
  2. If we start taking credit of the act, then it will result in developing ego and ego is one of the root causes of evil.
  3. From the point of views of birds, insects and other species which may have benefitted through the act of that person, in reality they don’t know or will never be able to know about the person who has actually done it. Similarly in our life also, there are many persons which help us but we are not able to recognize their contribution and in turn never able to show our gratitude towards them
  4. Even if the person would not have arranged those stuffs, still those little creatures would have survived. Alternatively we can say that, these species are not dependent on anyone’s generosity. They derive everything necessary for their survival from the Mother Nature, yet the persons act as facilitator. This also has been the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita.
  5. Sometime we may not know the mean, but whatever is required for us to survive is being arranged by someone, somehow, somewhere.
  6. Spirituality makes us humble and humbleness is revered as crown jewel of all qualities.
  7. You don’t have to be a millionaire to serve others and to make this place beautiful, what you all need to have a gentle heart.

That’s it for the day. I hope you had a memorable and safe Diwali this time and if you are in National Capital, then must have abide by the orders of Honourable Supreme Court,  and for those like me, who are not the resident of that part had Diwali as usual 😀


एक दीपक

घनघोर अँधेरा

नहीं कहीं सवेरा

अंतहीन निशा

भटकी दिशा


व्याकुल मन

आँखे नम

चित विचलित

नहीं कोई परिचित


बैठे रहे मौन

लगे सब कुछ गौण

लगा जीवन गए हार

विषाद अपार !! विषाद अपार !!


तभी कही एक दीपक जला

विभावरी से एकल लड़ा

गुप्प अंधकार

किये सहस्त्रों प्रहार


कम्पित लौ चिर तिमिर से जूझा

लगे, अब बुझा  तो तब बुझा 

दीपक ने फिर युगत लगाया

खुद से सहस्त्रों दीप जलाया


भयभीत अंधकार

एक दीप से गया हार

रात ढली,अरुणोदय और प्रकाश

हर्षोल्लाष !! हर्षोल्लाष !!


संशय क्षीण, सत्य का ज्ञान

अब और चाहिए क्या प्रमाण

जब, यह सीखा गए स्वयं घनश्याम

जय श्री राम!! जय श्री राम!!



आज मैंने फिर से इतिहास में डुबकी लगाई, और तभी अचानक मेरी, एक पुरानी कविता बाहर आयी …चाहें तो आप भी डुबकी लगा आयें, या इसे ही पढ़कर इसमें, अपने भावों को पायें  …. 🙂 😉


चेहरे कम मुखौटे ज़्यादा

दिखतें हैं इस बाज़ार में

हम बेहतर हैं तुमसे

सभी जुटे हैं इसी प्रयास में ||1||


जिसका चेहरा जितना बनावटी

वह उतना ही सफल है

छल प्रपंच से भरे खेल में

उसकी दांव प्रबल है ||2||


अपनापन का भाव कहाँ यहाँ पर

केवल स्वार्थ निहित है

भावना से भरे व्यक्ति की

हार यहाँ निश्चित है ||3||



शब्द नहीं,भाव पढ़ो..

मन में मेरे अगणित शब्द आते
कुछ जुबान पे आते, कई लड़खड़ाते
पर हर शब्द मेरे चेहरे पर है
अलग एक भाव बनाता
अनकही, कई परतों में दबी
मेरे अन्तःमन की बातें सुनाता
शब्द छोड़ो, भाव धरो
तुम मेरा चेहरा पढ़ सको, तो पढ़ो
पढ़ कर, मौन रह सको तो रहो….

क्योंकि ये आपका विशेषाधिकार (prerogative) है 🙂




Recently, I went on to visit Mumbai to my maternal uncle’s home. During my stay, one day I accompanied with my cousin brother (age in 14-15) to a vegetable market nearby our-residence, to purchase some vegetables. On going there I saw many vegetable sellers queued up. I stopped at one shop and started to ask about the prices of different vegetables. But suddenly, my cousin pulled me towards him and said “Not From Here”. I was surprised by his gesture. Since I have asked the price of different vegetables and didn’t purchase any, I made an apologetic gesture towards the shopkeeper and moved away.

After moving some distance, I asked the reason for pulling me from that vegetable shops. He said “The shop keeper is a cheater and a liar.” I smilingly asked “why, how he cheated you”?

He responded with a story:

“Generally, mom come up for purchasing the items of grocery and vegetables, she never allows me to purchase anything which I desperately want due to intrinsic commission which I can accrue from it and also get a chance to move out of my flat. On one day, with great difficulty I persuaded papa and he allowed me to go to the market to purchase some Brinjal or Eggplant (Baingan in hindi) so as to make “Baingan Ka Bharta”, which my mom vehemently resisted. She was having a doubt that I will not be able to make distinction between good and bad quality. But since, I had a go ahead with papa, he gave me some money and I ran away, ignoring the mom’s resistance. On reaching market, I was very cautious that, this a best opportunity for me to proof that how pragmatic and wise I can be in purchasing the articles of everyday use and if I can do it better this time form next time onward, my family will give me all the contracts of purchasing it and in turn I will make my margin and commissions, and chances to move out.

But a dilemma came, since I have never been alone here in the market for purchasing any commodities, I went to the same vegetable shopkeeper, where I stopped you, and requested him to give a one kilogram or two, brinjal, but asked him to make sure that the quality should be absolutely fine irrespective of the price. He talked me very nicely and said that you take it with you without any doubt, we sell the best product, and not a single brinjal is of bad quality. I think, I have paid him the highest price, above the prevailing price in the market, without having a commission for me to have candy and returned happily home.

On returning home, I was excited and said to mom to see how good a quality of brinjal I have brought. But when my mother chopped it, she found every single brinjal Rotten and having filled with pests. My father looked at me, my mom looked at me, I looked at both of them one by one and both started to laugh in a manner, as if, someone has liquidated the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in my flat. My mom told “you see! why I don’t allow you to go in the market”. I was ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic. I was extremely angry on that vegetable shopkeeper as he ruined my entire career. They say the first impression is the last impression and here was my first impression. On that day I have decided that from next time onwards, if I get a chance, I will never ever purchase anything from that shopkeeper and that is the reason why I stopped you from purchasing it from that shop”

I burst into laughter on his sheer innocence. I consoled him and said even to date, I am also not good at all these, so no need to worry.

On returning towards apartment, I recalled the whole narration. Thought, what can be morale of the story? Why my younger brother is not willing to visit again to shopkeeper? The answer lies in “Breaking of Trust”.

Why he laughs even in the air:  he is having a trust that his father will catch.              Image Credit: Google Image


Trust is a very small word but having a deep, profound meaning and implication in our life.  A quality hard to develop, takes years, if not centuries, to build, but shatters in seconds. The opposite of trust can be construed as doubt. Doubt is like friction. More the friction it’s harder to walk. Trust is opposite to doubt. More the trust, walking or advancement become very fast without any fuss. In relationships also if doubt remains, it is bound to die. No one can stop it from crumbling. To maintain the trust, is not easy, it demands sacrifice, courage to speak truth, a straightforward character, an indomitable will to face hardships. With sheer trust, impossible can be achieved.

Trust is Peace, Trust is Truth,Trust is Love and they say Love is Life.

सैद्धांतिक विषय :-P

“भाई जानते हो इस बार Medicine का नोबेल पुरुस्कार किसको और क्यों मिला ?” मैंने जैसे ही ये बात अपने छोटे भाई को बतानी चाही तो वह अन्यमनस्क (absent minded) सा व्यवहार करने लगा और कहा कि उसमे से कुछ पैसे मुझे थोड़े ही न मिल जायेंगे और ऊपर से बायोलॉजी. मैं हँसा. पर चुकि मेरे मन में बात बैठ गयी थी कि आज तो इसको ज्ञान दे के ही छोड़ना है.

मैंने कहा अच्छा छोड़ो एक सैद्धांतिक बात बताता हूँ. संसार में दो तरह के लोग होते हैं. एक तो वह जो घड़ी के काँटों के हिसाब से काम करता है, उठता है, खाता है, नहाता है, खेलता है, पढता है, फेसबुक चलाता है वग़ैरह-वग़ैरह. दूसरा वह जो घड़ी के काँटों को अपने हिसाब से चलाता है. जैसे वह जब उठेगा, तभी सुबह होगी, जब नहाने का मन होगा तभी बारिश, जब भूक लगी तभी कोई जलसा होगा और जब नींद लगी तभी रात.

भाई बोला “ये तो ठीक है पर मुझे लगता है एक और कैटेगोरी (Category) होनी चाहिए.” मैंने पूछा कौन सी”?
उसका जवाब मजेदार था. उसने कहा “तीसरी कैटेगोरी वैसे लोगों कि होनी चाहिए, जो करना तो चाहते हैं घड़ी के काँटों के हिसाब से काम पर हो जाता है उल्टा और फिर बाद में होता है अफ़सोस. मुझे ही लीजिये न, पांच दिन से रूटीन बना रहा हूँ कि 5 बजे सुबह उठूँगा, पर लगता है मेरी घड़ी में में सुबह के पांच का काँटा है ही नहीं, चार बजे के बाद सीधे सात बज जाते हैं”

बात तो जायज़ थी, आपके साथ भी ऐसा होता होगा, नहीं? मेरे साथ तो सदियों से ऐसा ही चला आ रहा है

मैंने भाई से कहा “तुम जानते हो इसका कारण क्या है”? उसने लपक के कहा “कौन नहीं जनता, आलस है और क्या”
मैंने कहा ये तो बराबर है, पर एक और कारण है. उसने अपना मुँह प्रश्नवाचक चिन्ह (Question mark) की तरह बनाया. मैंने बोला “हरेक जीव के शरीर में एक बायोलॉजिकल क्लॉक (biological clock) होता है, हमारा शरीर एक फिक्स पैटर्न (fix pattern) में काम करता है. सोने का समय, जागने का समय, भूख लगने का समय आदि. इस निश्चित पैटर्न को Circadian Rhythm कहते हैं. यदि किसी का ये पैटर्न टूटता है, इसमें कुछ अनियमितता आती है तो इसका बुरा प्रभाव शरीर पर आ सकता है”. वह उत्सुकता के साथ सुन रहा था और फिर प्रश्न किया कि “तब तो मैं देर से उठता हूँ तो ठीक ही करता हूँ, क्योंकि मेरा Circadian Rhythm शायद इसी तरह है”. मेरे भाई ने सिद्धांत के प्रयोग में थोड़ी भी देर नहीं की.  मैंने कहा “नहीं, अगर रात में बिस्तर पर यदि तो WhatsApp या YouTube पे Video देखना बंद कर दो तो इस Rhythm को बदला जा सकता है”.

उसने पूछा “आपको कैसे पता चला ये सब”? मैंने कहा इसी Circadian Rhythm की खोज के लिए इसबार के Medicine का नोबेल पुरुस्कार मिला है.
अब वह अपने चेहरे पर झूठा गुस्सा और छोटी सी मुस्कान लिए बोला “खुश तो बहुत होंगे आप, समझा दिया न मुझको इसबार के Medicine के नोबेल पुरुस्कार मिलने का कारण”. मैंने भी अपने सामने के कुछ दांतों की प्रदर्शनी लगा दी. 😀

आप भी Circadian Rhythm के बारे में विस्तृत जानकारी ले सकते हैं, मज़ेदार है.