Recently, I went on to visit Mumbai to my maternal uncle’s home. During my stay, one day I accompanied with my cousin brother (age in 14-15) to a vegetable market nearby our-residence, to purchase some vegetables. On going there I saw many vegetable sellers queued up. I stopped at one shop and started to ask about the prices of different vegetables. But suddenly, my cousin pulled me towards him and said “Not From Here”. I was surprised by his gesture. Since I have asked the price of different vegetables and didn’t purchase any, I made an apologetic gesture towards the shopkeeper and moved away.

After moving some distance, I asked the reason for pulling me from that vegetable shops. He said “The shop keeper is a cheater and a liar.” I smilingly asked “why, how he cheated you”?

He responded with a story:

“Generally, mom come up for purchasing the items of grocery and vegetables, she never allows me to purchase anything which I desperately want due to intrinsic commission which I can accrue from it and also get a chance to move out of my flat. On one day, with great difficulty I persuaded papa and he allowed me to go to the market to purchase some Brinjal or Eggplant (Baingan in hindi) so as to make “Baingan Ka Bharta”, which my mom vehemently resisted. She was having a doubt that I will not be able to make distinction between good and bad quality. But since, I had a go ahead with papa, he gave me some money and I ran away, ignoring the mom’s resistance. On reaching market, I was very cautious that, this a best opportunity for me to proof that how pragmatic and wise I can be in purchasing the articles of everyday use and if I can do it better this time form next time onward, my family will give me all the contracts of purchasing it and in turn I will make my margin and commissions, and chances to move out.

But a dilemma came, since I have never been alone here in the market for purchasing any commodities, I went to the same vegetable shopkeeper, where I stopped you, and requested him to give a one kilogram or two, brinjal, but asked him to make sure that the quality should be absolutely fine irrespective of the price. He talked me very nicely and said that you take it with you without any doubt, we sell the best product, and not a single brinjal is of bad quality. I think, I have paid him the highest price, above the prevailing price in the market, without having a commission for me to have candy and returned happily home.

On returning home, I was excited and said to mom to see how good a quality of brinjal I have brought. But when my mother chopped it, she found every single brinjal Rotten and having filled with pests. My father looked at me, my mom looked at me, I looked at both of them one by one and both started to laugh in a manner, as if, someone has liquidated the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in my flat. My mom told “you see! why I don’t allow you to go in the market”. I was ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic. I was extremely angry on that vegetable shopkeeper as he ruined my entire career. They say the first impression is the last impression and here was my first impression. On that day I have decided that from next time onwards, if I get a chance, I will never ever purchase anything from that shopkeeper and that is the reason why I stopped you from purchasing it from that shop”

I burst into laughter on his sheer innocence. I consoled him and said even to date, I am also not good at all these, so no need to worry.

On returning towards apartment, I recalled the whole narration. Thought, what can be morale of the story? Why my younger brother is not willing to visit again to shopkeeper? The answer lies in “Breaking of Trust”.

Why he laughs even in the air:  he is having a trust that his father will catch.              Image Credit: Google Image


Trust is a very small word but having a deep, profound meaning and implication in our life.  A quality hard to develop, takes years, if not centuries, to build, but shatters in seconds. The opposite of trust can be construed as doubt. Doubt is like friction. More the friction it’s harder to walk. Trust is opposite to doubt. More the trust, walking or advancement become very fast without any fuss. In relationships also if doubt remains, it is bound to die. No one can stop it from crumbling. To maintain the trust, is not easy, it demands sacrifice, courage to speak truth, a straightforward character, an indomitable will to face hardships. With sheer trust, impossible can be achieved.

Trust is Peace, Trust is Truth,Trust is Love and they say Love is Life.


24 thoughts on “Trust”

  1. The story has many underlying message. A kid wants to earn commission from money given purchase vegetable. Parents not really having confidence on his ability. Yet, when their belief came true they laughed..Finally the issue of trust, which is a bigger issue. once broken is very difficult to mend.

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    1. Yes Sir, I tried to encompass different aspects. But the commission part was to show the innocence of the child, not the moral turpitude. Trust wala part was the central theme of the article. Thank you very much Sir for going through it. Hope you would have liked it.

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  2. वाह अभय जी कितनी खूबसूरत है आज का लेख आपका शब्दों में क्या ब्यान करें|सच कहा अनुभव अचानक नहीं आती विश्वास भी जब टूटता है फिर जुटना मुश्किल| शब्जी तो एक जगह छोड़ दूसरी जगह से ख़रीदा जा सकता है मगर विश्वास एक बार टूट जाए तो जुड़ना मुश्किल| जहाँ विश्वास है वहीँ शान्ति है जहाँ शांति है वही प्यार और प्यार ही जिंदगी | लाजवाब

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  3. Trust is very fragile. Once broken difficult to fix back.
    On the parenting aspect, I feel the parents should take the child with them to the market a couple of times, help him understand how to choose good quality vegetables and later entrust him with the job. 🙂

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