One of my Old Creation! I revisited it today, sharing with you all. Hope you all would like it.

the ETERNAL tryst


हार के कगार पे

बैठे जो मन हार के

आगे कुछ दिखता नहीं

अश्रु धार थमता नहीं

शत्रु जो सब कुछ लूट गया

स्वजनों का संग भी छूट गया

ह्रदय वेदना से भरी हुई जो

खुद की बोझ भी सहती नहीं वो

याद रहे हरदम

ज़िंदा हो अभी , मरे न तुम

वह कल भी था बीत गया

यह पल भी बीत जाएगा

एक संघर्ष में हार से

युद्ध हारा नहीं कहलायेगा

सत्य धर्म के मार्ग चलो

हार से तुम किंचित न डरो

सत्य धर्म जहाँ होता है

वहीं जनार्दन होते हैं

जहाँ जनार्दन होते है

वहीं विजयश्री पग धोती है


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साहस ..

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दो परिस्थितयां हैं …एकदम सीधी सी, सुलझी हुई …पहला, जो साहसी होते हैं वो साहस से भरा कार्य करते हैं और  दूसरा, साहसिक कार्य करने से ही लोग साहसी कहलाते हैं ..तो हम किसी भी परिस्थिति में क्यों न हों, साहसी बनने का बराबर मौका है…

Odd-Even :-P


To tackle ambient pollution, Delhi Government may have failed to implement Odd-Even scheme but believe me whenever winter arrives, especially in northern India, people become self-conscious and seriously consider this “Odd-Even Scheme”, but not to arrest vehicular emission, rather to decide to have a shower on particular day or not. Odd is for Yes, Even for No. or vice versa 😛  Don’t they? 😀

निहत्था ..

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मैं निहत्था हूँ कब से
और तेरे हाथों में है दो-धारी तलवार
पर इतनी हड़बड़ाहट से, घबराहट से
तुम उसे क्यों चला रहे हो ?
कि मैं सुरक्षित हूँ
और तुम खुद ही को
घायल करते जा रहे हो !
कि तुम दो पल साँसे धरो
पूरी ताकत इकट्ठी करो
और फिर जो हमला करना ही है तो,
जम के करो, दिल से करो 😉


Pass it on..

A good leader is one, who doesn’t always leads from the front, but when the time demands he is ready to operate from the back as well. Those leaders, who are insecure about their position never wants to relinquish his frontal space, as they always have a doubt in back of their mind that if they will give up the position now, then they will never be able to regain it in future. Robert Mugabe, present president of Zimbabwe could fall in this category. He was the one of the chief architect of the independence of Zimbabwe from British Rule. Yet, when England freed Zimbabwe in 1980 to till now, he is holding the office, just as a dictator. I can give the example of “power grip” from Indian domestic politics also, but that would have made this post political. Anyway you all know it, Won’t you?

One more special quality of the bet of the leaders is that they never take credit to the achievements rather they pass it on to those who worked under their guidance. Now I would like to give a very fresh and recent example of this.

India has just secured a spectacular diplomatic achievement by sending its one of the Jurist, Dalveer Bhandari to International Court of Justice (ICJ). The International Court is the prime judicial branch of the United Nations (UN) which settles the legal disputes between the various states. Such as the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. The victory is sweet because India wrestled the seat from one of the P5 member i.e. Britain, who once colonized it for more than 150 years or so.

Social Media was on buzz. Everyone congratulated each other. But what made me feel good is the response of three personality which were directly or indirectly involved in the process. One is Prime Minister, other was the External Affairs Minister and the last  but most important was the Permanent Representative of India at United Nations.

When the result became evident Prime Minister gave credit to the External Affairs Minister and each and every staff to MEA.

Then what did External Affairs minister do, she pass the credit to Syed Akbaruddin by  mentioning special reference of him

And lastly the permanent representative shared a tweet along with his team who tirelessly worked to achieve this feet.

This is how team should be lead where each and every one should feel that they are part of the story.

What Say…?

The Cost of Sunday

Today, it’s neither 15th of August nor 26th of January. Yesterday, India also hasn’t registered any spectacular victory in a Cricket match over its arch rival, western neighbor. More than one year has been passed, when Indian Armed Force conducted a Surgical Strike in terrorists’ safe heaven. Can I discuss something patriotic today?

Good Morning friends, I have asked above question based on my two experiences. One, my experience suggests me that Patriotic zeal in our nation remains/remained full on display on the specific occasions which I have mentioned and on other days it remain lukewarm, if not absent. Two, in recent time whenever someone raises the topic of patriotism there is a tendency in public discourse to label him as Hyper-Nationalist/Ultra-Nationalist. Be it, advocating the position of standing for 52 seconds when national Anthem is played or singing Vande Matram, a song which inspired the generations of freedom fighter. I just don’t want to be dragged in that controversy hence I have asked a simple question, can I discuss something patriotic today?

Since it’s one way traffic, I can’t take the permission from all of you as long as my article will not be published. Hence, I drew the inspiration to publish my view, from article 19(a) from the Indian Constitution but at the same time when it will be in public domain you can let me know your views.

Okay enough of the background now coming directly to the topic.

Do you know Madan Lal Dhingra? Many of you would surely know him, at least the name, isn’t it? I enquired from you just because the name is not so familiar in the echelon of conspicuous Freedom Fighters. This fact is can easily be gauged as we have seldom heard “Madan Lal Dhingra amar rahe”, even on the special occasions which I have discussed earlier.

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Recently, I was reading a book and came across a touching quote from him and from there I drew the inspiration to share it to my WordPress Friends.

Let me very briefly introduce Him, before introducing his quote.

  • Madan Lal Dhingra (8 February 1883 – 17 August 1909) was a revolutionary activist.
  • He assassinated a British Official named Sir William Hutt Curzon Wyllie, in England where he went on to study Mechanical Engineering in University College, London.
  • This was the first revolutionary act of 20th centaury and that too in the home of the colonizer.
  • His father, who was a civil surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Amritsar at that time, had disowned him for his revolutionary activity and he was so furious of his son’s decision that he went on to advertise this decision in local newspaper.
  • For his act of assassination the British Official, he was sentenced to death by British Court, and on 17th of August 1909 he was hanged.

Now the quote of him which prompted me to write this piece:

“….Neither rich nor able, a poor son like myself can offer nothing but his blood on the altar of mother’s deliverance…may I be reborn of the same mother and may I re-die in the same sacred cause, till my mission is done and she stand free for the good of humanity and to the glory of the God….”

Have a great Sunday Friends, the best day of the week. A day when we can enjoy our FREEDOM most without bothering the price of it, as for the price, it has already been paid by someone else.


P.S. – If you have time, It’s my humble request to read Wikipedia page on Madan Lal Dhingra, especially the section where he presented his view point in the Court during his trial, I found it very inspirational. You find appealing, don’t restrict it to yourself, rather share it to others as some story of history needs to be propagated by the citizens as the government in power may have vested interests in writing History.


मेरा मन..

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  मेरा मन जहाज़ सा,
उड़ने वाला नहीं
तैरने वाला,
पानी का जहाज
और तुम सागर सी,
हिन्द महासागर नहीं
प्रशांत महासागर
अथाह, असीमित, अन्नंत
मन चंचल था मेरा,
तैरता तुममें
कभी शांत
कभी हिचकोले करता हुआ
पर वह अब डूब रहा है
गर्त में, तह तक
जैसे किसी सागर में कोई
जहाज डूबता है,
अस्तित्व को भुला
जैसा कि पहले
कोई, कुछ था ही नहीं
केवल सागर का सन्नाटा
और लहरों के हिचकोले
सिर्फ तुम ही तुम,
मैं स्तब्ध, शुन्य, मौन!



जिद्दी मन..

Child Labour. Credit: Indian Express


पावों में हैं बेड़ियाँ
हाथों में है पाश
मैं खड़ा जमीं पे
पर, दृष्टि में आकाश

सुविधाएँ तो थी नहीं
साधन भी मुझे मिला नहीं
दर-दर की ठोकरे खायीं
पर, किसी से कोई गिला नहीं

सब कहते हैं, भाग्य में हो जितना
केवल, उतना ही तो मिलता है
पर करें क्या कि, जिद्दी है मन मेरा जो कहता
पुरुषार्थ भाग्य बदलता है

……अभय ……

The Rise and Rise of Babas and Gurus

Came across an impressive piece of writing, so just sharing with you all. I have also given my opinion on this subject in comment section of it, based on my understanding. If time permits, you can also go through it. Thank You!


32973003922_4f3ef49022_nOver the last few months we came across several news items one after another related to what could be called as ‘parallel’ religion. The enormity of the issues was such great and the coverage in media was so exhaustive that not much is left for me to add. In addition to reporting the developments in the cases, there have also been thorough analyses and commentaries on various aspects of the issue.

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