The Rise and Rise of Babas and Gurus

Came across an impressive piece of writing, so just sharing with you all. I have also given my opinion on this subject in comment section of it, based on my understanding. If time permits, you can also go through it. Thank You!


32973003922_4f3ef49022_nOver the last few months we came across several news items one after another related to what could be called as ‘parallel’ religion. The enormity of the issues was such great and the coverage in media was so exhaustive that not much is left for me to add. In addition to reporting the developments in the cases, there have also been thorough analyses and commentaries on various aspects of the issue.

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3 thoughts on “The Rise and Rise of Babas and Gurus”

  1. Parallel religions are seen in existence because parallel communities were evolved in ancient civilization. It grows and manifests valued faith even in the modern age of science and technology. Thank you for sharing and good writing.

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    1. Your comments as a rule bring a new perspective to every subject. In this article I used the term ‘parallel religion’ for the twisting of traditional thought/philosophy/religion to suit one’s narrow aim. It didn’t occur to me that the term could denote alternative philosophy. Thanks for pointing out.

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