The Cost of Sunday

Today, it’s neither 15th of August nor 26th of January. Yesterday, India also hasn’t registered any spectacular victory in a Cricket match over its arch rival, western neighbor. More than one year has been passed, when Indian Armed Force conducted a Surgical Strike in terrorists’ safe heaven. Can I discuss something patriotic today?

Good Morning friends, I have asked above question based on my two experiences. One, my experience suggests me that Patriotic zeal in our nation remains/remained full on display on the specific occasions which I have mentioned and on other days it remain lukewarm, if not absent. Two, in recent time whenever someone raises the topic of patriotism there is a tendency in public discourse to label him as Hyper-Nationalist/Ultra-Nationalist. Be it, advocating the position of standing for 52 seconds when national Anthem is played or singing Vande Matram, a song which inspired the generations of freedom fighter. I just don’t want to be dragged in that controversy hence I have asked a simple question, can I discuss something patriotic today?

Since it’s one way traffic, I can’t take the permission from all of you as long as my article will not be published. Hence, I drew the inspiration to publish my view, from article 19(a) from the Indian Constitution but at the same time when it will be in public domain you can let me know your views.

Okay enough of the background now coming directly to the topic.

Do you know Madan Lal Dhingra? Many of you would surely know him, at least the name, isn’t it? I enquired from you just because the name is not so familiar in the echelon of conspicuous Freedom Fighters. This fact is can easily be gauged as we have seldom heard “Madan Lal Dhingra amar rahe”, even on the special occasions which I have discussed earlier.

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Recently, I was reading a book and came across a touching quote from him and from there I drew the inspiration to share it to my WordPress Friends.

Let me very briefly introduce Him, before introducing his quote.

  • Madan Lal Dhingra (8 February 1883 – 17 August 1909) was a revolutionary activist.
  • He assassinated a British Official named Sir William Hutt Curzon Wyllie, in England where he went on to study Mechanical Engineering in University College, London.
  • This was the first revolutionary act of 20th centaury and that too in the home of the colonizer.
  • His father, who was a civil surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Amritsar at that time, had disowned him for his revolutionary activity and he was so furious of his son’s decision that he went on to advertise this decision in local newspaper.
  • For his act of assassination the British Official, he was sentenced to death by British Court, and on 17th of August 1909 he was hanged.

Now the quote of him which prompted me to write this piece:

“….Neither rich nor able, a poor son like myself can offer nothing but his blood on the altar of mother’s deliverance…may I be reborn of the same mother and may I re-die in the same sacred cause, till my mission is done and she stand free for the good of humanity and to the glory of the God….”

Have a great Sunday Friends, the best day of the week. A day when we can enjoy our FREEDOM most without bothering the price of it, as for the price, it has already been paid by someone else.


P.S. – If you have time, It’s my humble request to read Wikipedia page on Madan Lal Dhingra, especially the section where he presented his view point in the Court during his trial, I found it very inspirational. You find appealing, don’t restrict it to yourself, rather share it to others as some story of history needs to be propagated by the citizens as the government in power may have vested interests in writing History.



23 thoughts on “The Cost of Sunday”

  1. Patriotism and motherland are synonymous explanation for survival, people and country. Security, ownership, choice, individuality and livelihood are the essential necessities of human life and these factors are fulfilled in motherland.
    The signature of patriotism is always done by blood and sacrifice. It is buried in soil and grows on the fertile land of heart and soul.

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  2. Patriotism is Considered as a Right Wing Ideology and Not as Emotional Sentiment For the Motherland.If You say that I want to Do Something for My country people will say are You fool,Do Something for yourself First, Sometimes It is hard to believe that there were People Who Sacrifice Their Lives For the Country Just like That, Singing and Dancing.You are absolutely Right, Nationalism Has Become Like A bubble Which come And go In Indo-Pak Match.And To more is that if You say I am Nationalist,Omg !Are You a Bhakt.Let Nation Die,If I am Surviving It’s Cool, That’s our New Generation

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  3. Thank you for sharing!! Patriotism a very well topic choosen to share the feelings. A soul who lives in the welfare of the land!! Somewhere your post made me remind of my responsibilities as a citizen and increased the respect, love and an unconditional thank you to our freedom fighters but a little ache in my heart on a thought for whom!! A land of love losing the importance for which it was made independent!! Citizens are mocking on the there on own motherland and corruption from both sides eating our country and using the freedom fighters as there weapon to move ahead!!
    Thank for sharing the post as the awaking of all is certainly needed!!

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful response! Youth has a task in front of them. Our previous generations were not so educated and politically conscious, hence many of the facts of history has been written to suit some narrative, we have to, first unearth the unwritten history through rigorous research and then to give the other freedom fighter respect which is due!

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  4. bahut hi badhiya vishay Abhay ji Itihas ke panno se ek aise byaktitva ko nikaalkar sabko sandesh diya hai………..Desh sabse bada hai…..aur jab bhi deshhit ki baat aaye hamsabko ek swar men bolnaa chaahiye……..kyunki desh nahi to ham kahin nahi.

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  5. Hey Abhay Ji,

    You have got great skills of touching the untouched points. I wish you would have taken birth in early 90s as your influence would have made independence more strengthened and also history would have got more powerful.

    I can’t say thank you for your post as it is the responsibility of every individual to be patriotic and you are just doing your course of duty which others might not be doing.

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