Odd-Even :-P


To tackle ambient pollution, Delhi Government may have failed to implement Odd-Even scheme but believe me whenever winter arrives, especially in northern India, people become self-conscious and seriously consider this “Odd-Even Scheme”, but not to arrest vehicular emission, rather to decide to have a shower on particular day or not. Odd is for Yes, Even for No. or vice versa 😛  Don’t they? 😀


8 thoughts on “Odd-Even :-P”

  1. photograph mast hai lag raha hai jase…..pollution nigal raha hai yaa phir wahi failaa raha hai……jaise bhi mast hai….delhi wasi ki tarah.unhen kya jab government sabhi factories ek jagah golband kar lagayegi to asar to hoga……bechari janta …….odd ….even….se kuchh had tak sudhar ho sakta tha magar samadhaan nahi….use bhi sarkaar laagu karne men fail ho gayee.


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