Prove your charge

“Presumption of Innocence” is a widely accepted doctrine in Justice System applicable in many parts of the world, which says that “A person should be considered as Innocent unless proven Guilty”. The same doctrine also states that it is the duty of the prosecution to collect the evidences to prove his/her charges against the accused and if reasonable doubt remains, then the person must be acquitted. It is also a Human Right under United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So, if someone accuses you and ask you to prove your innocence, just tell them to refer to this doctrine. 🙂

(P.S. Do you recall a scene from the Bahubali 2: The Conlusion, where Bhallal Dev asks Devsena exactly opposite to the stated theory? That is why she terms it as a barbaric and heinous law. Sometime Bollywood does make sense, oh! wait, it wasn’t a Bollywood movie though 😛 ).


8 thoughts on “Prove your charge”

  1. Well said Manyavar Abhay, but in reality, how often does it happen ? At least in Indian Judicial system. I have been trapped by a fraud builder bank nexus and the case is in court since 2011. Though I know and even God Knows that I am innocent, yet, i agonizingly live with a filthy judicial system. I have every proof to prove my innocence, the fraudsters are creating all false stories and circumstances to nail me down.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Manyavar Abhay! Haha.. Achha lagta hai sun ke..😎
      I truly agree with you Rajesh ji, I can understand how the lethargic Indian Judicial System can be agonizingly indifferent to the people’s need. As famous cliché goes, justice delayed is justice denied, our judicial system is a textbook example of this.
      In SC alone, more than 50K cases are pending what to speak of lower Judiciary.
      Though, my writing was on theoretically consoling those who are constantly bashed for the things which they haven’t done and always deemed to prove their innocence.
      I think it touched your raw nerve 😉

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  2. kaanoon pechida hai esmen koyee do rai nahi…..log bematlab piste hain sachchaayee hai……apne yahan kanoon ko we jyada samajhte hain jo ek baar kam se kam eska swad chakhe hon…….nischit jabtak dosh saabit naa ho jaaye kisi ko doshi samajh uske saath doshi wala vartav nahi karna chahiye…..magar yahan to nirdosh ko bhi bahut praman rahneke vavjud bhi doshi karar diyaa jaata raha hai……….hamen to apna paksh rakhnaa hi hoga begunaah saabit karne ke liye……badhiya lekh.

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    1. हाँ सत्य कथन! वास्तविक जगत में आदर्शवादी सिद्धांत नहीं चलता! शुक्रिया आपकी प्रतिक्रिया के लि😊

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