Being Lakshman

So, when demon Marich came in a disguise of a magnificent golden deer and roamed around the hermit, where Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshmana were staying, Sita immediately became magnetized by seeing her beauty. She made a request to Lord Ram that she is so moved by the exquisiteness of that deer that she wants it immediately. Lord Ram, knowing that it may be an illusion, tried to convince Her about its futility and possible consequences but Devi Sita’s was unappeasable. She argued, “I have spent nearly thirteen years of my youthful life in the forest, caves, mountains and away from any form of luxuries without any regret, I never requested anything except your company, this is my only desire that I am extending to You, please accept it.” Lord Ram was touched by Her plea and agreed to chase down and bring that golden deer. He cautioned Lakshman to guard Devi Sita and not to leave the place until He returns.

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The chase began. The deer was fast and frantic, but it was chased by none other than the Supreme Being. After going deeper in to the forest, by taking appropriate position, Ram shot an arrow and it pierced the heart of the deer. But to the amusement of Lord Ram, the deer suddenly turned in to a Demon and started wailing and calling “Oh! Lakshman Oh! Site!!! Oh Site!!! Oh Lakshman!!!”

Sita and Lakshman who were still in the hermit, heard the excruciating voice in which their name were being called. Sita immediately became anxious, perturbed and thought that Lord must have been fallen in a great danger and hence He is calling for help. She was in tears and asked Lakshman to leave immediately and go for help to his elder brother.

Lakshman was unusually very calm 🙂 and told her to not worry as no one in this three worlds can inflict any pain and danger to Sri Ram. In front of His strength even the demigods would not withstand, what to speak of the species of this planet. But Sita was unmoved by the argument and was constantly thinking that Her husband must be in great danger. She was constantly making request to Lakshman to go for the search of Ram. Lakshman was constantly reminding Her that Lord has told him to not to leave Sita alone, as this can be a trap.

At last Sita became furious and enraged on the arguments of  Lakshman and chastised and labeled atrocious allegations. She rebuked Lakshman “Even after my constant request to go for the help of your elder Brother, who seems to be severe in danger, you are in constant mode of denial. Now I got to know the real purpose why you came with us all along the forest leaving a Royal life. You had an attachment towards me and you must have thought that in forest when Lord Ram will not be there with me, you could enjoy me. Now that time has come. Even you are listening the desperate call of your brother for help, but you are so fallen that you are not willing to leave me!!!You are attracted by my beauty and have lost all your morality ”

I will stop the narration here. Everybody knows the story (at least Indians) what happened after that.

I was just thinking how it would be like “Being Lakshman” in that situation? A devoted brother, who left a royal and luxurious life a prince of a Chakravarti Kingdom, was faced an allegation of moral misconduct and lose character from none other than the lady whom he consider as mother throughout his life. How much pain he would have gone through, when these charges were labeled against him.

I was just thinking that even when we commit mistakes or any offence against other of any kind, and when someone admonishes us we feel so much burdened disheartened. And there in Lakshman, innocent of any crime and an epitome of sacrifice, how he could have tolerated those harsh words.

Ram is real. Ramayan is not out dated. It has several stories and characters which is even more relevant these days, when society is grappling with so many gruesome, atrocious, despicable, heinous, monstrous and abhorrent events. You know what I mean, Don’t you?

If time permits read Ramayan. Listen the Stories of Ramanyan from bonafide source. Discuss it. Deliberate on it.  Things will happen, either good or bad. It’s up to us to be a participant, in either good or bad.

Thank You!


23 thoughts on “Being Lakshman”

    1. sahi kaha…….Geeta press……kyaa haal ….sabhi jaante hain……Ramayan padhnewale log bhi ab ginti ke rahe gaye …..ekrange men lipta siski le raha hai gyan ka bhandar Ramayan……….phir hammen gyaan, tyaag, samarpan kahan se aayega.

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      1. संस्कृति एक प्रवाह है, इसकी श्रृंखला सतत चलनी चाहिए, एक भी पीढ़ी में किसी कारणवश रुकी तो भविष्य खतरे में आ जाता है! आत्मचिंतन की आवश्यकता है और साथ ही कर्म की भी!


        1. सही कहा।सृस्टि में उसका नामोनिशान मिट गया जिसका प्रवाह थम गया।माना कि परिवर्तन संसार का नियम है। जिसके एक एक पंक्ति और पात्र जीने के लिए अथाह ज्ञान दे जाते हैं उस रामायण ग्रन्थ को भूल जाना खूद को मिटा देने के समान है। आज रामायण पढ़नेवाले घटते जा रहे हैं और संस्कार भी।

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  1. Good you shared.Just like the way you think about what Lakshmana would have felt at that time, I always ponder how Urmila would have survived those 14 years which for her was as well equivalent to an exile from her husband.While she suppressed her sentiments to prevent Lakshmana from being distracted from his duties towards his brother, she has been such a forgotten heroine!

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    1. No doubt about it! Her role seems to be more magnanimous than that of Lakshman’s! Her sacrifice is also unmatched that tells how Indian Women in past have set up the high standards in terms of sacrificing their well-being for the sake of Dharma

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