मूल न भूलें..

During one of my outing, I was fortunate to come across a Banyan Tree. This Banyan Tree was gigantic in size and seemed antiquated. Though I have seen many Banyan trees with multiple prop roots, but after seeing the sheer size and spread of this wood I became mesmerized. I sat down under the Banyan Tree for about an hour. Sitting under the Banyan tree, did not turned me into an enlighten being as it had transformed Siddharta to “Buddha”, yet I felt deep serenity.

Apart from tranquility, few lines also came to my head. If time permits, read and relate them. Also you can check the clicks of the same tree which I have captured. This tree is located at very famous place. Can anyone guess, which place is this?



मूल वृक्ष है होता एक
कई शाखाएं उससे निकलती हैं
कालक्रम में बढ़ते बढ़ते
कई शाखाएं वृक्ष में बदलती हैं

शाखाएं स्वतंत्रता पाती हैं
अपना अस्तित्व अलग कर जाती हैं
चाहें नभ भी क्यों न छू लें
पर अपना  मूल न भूलें




23 thoughts on “मूल न भूलें..”

  1. Tahniyan hawa sang hilore leti hain…..kabhi hawaa ko kabhi hawaa use jhakjhorta hai…….us tane ka mul briksh aur briksh ka mul jad hai…….jad nahi to tana nahi aur daaliyon ka koyee astitva nahi……….waise hamaaraa bhi kuchh mul hai jispar hamara stitva tika hai…….jise laakhon prayas ke vavjud bhi log bhulne par aamdaa hain.

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      1. सही तो सही ही लगेगा।कभी-कभी किसी को सही भी गलत लगने लगता है।आपने तो वही लिखा जो सत्य है।

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    1. Thank You so much Amit Sir! To get an accolade from you on my compositions is something which I cherish! I really don’t know that whatever I write, does it make sense for others also?

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