Change Of Website Address! — Madhusudan Singh

Hi Guys!

Hope you all are fine.. This post is just a reminder to those who love to read Hindi Poetry of one of our co-blogger Madhusudan Ji. He is now shifted to another Domain. So you all can read his amazing poems to the new website given below.

Wish him, Follow him and relish his wonderful poems in Hindi of different genre. Thank You.


Hello everyone, I’ve shifted my wwebsite to Now you can read my poetry at and give your valuable feedback there. Thanks !!!Madhusudan!!!

via Change Of Website Address! — Madhusudan Singh


11 thoughts on “Change Of Website Address! — Madhusudan Singh”

  1. वाह अभय भाई ।जो हम नही कर पाए वो आप ने कर दिखाया।आपने तो कर्जदार बना दिया।बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपका आपार स्नेह के लिए।

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