Simplicity? Not Really..

Simplicity is considered as one of the great virtues that we as a human hopes to strive for. Everybody claims that they are simple or wanted to be simpler but ends up in being complex.

So after hearing my argument on a contentious topic, when one of my friends told me, “why you are complicating things even when it is simple”? At that time, I did not respond immediately and looked at the case and asked myself, Am I really making a mess out of it? With a little reflection I came to the conclusion Yes, I was making it messy, even though I was not intended to do so.

When I sit alone, I find myself at my best. That doesn’t mean I am having homosapien hysteria. No, absolutely not. The only reason for that is my ability to think independently without any pressure and prejudice of the society increases manifold when I remain in seclusion. So on that day when I sat alone and asked myself why sometime I become complex even though I don’t want to be. After a lot of deliberation and discussion to myself, I devised a hypothesis and would like to share with you all that why we become complex despite knowing that simplicity is the best way to live a peaceful life.

I find society, where we live in, has a great role in it, if not all. Remember your childhood when we were least complex. We loved to play, sing and even study without any fear or pressure. As we grew older then came the notions and process to turn a simple plain person in to most sophisticated and complex being.

You have to score more to get recognized in class, then you have to submit sophisticated projects to get accolades, then came the big IIT, NEET exams, where more and more complex problems to be thrown at you, if you able to pass these complexity then you get respect in society. If you want to look rich, then you have flaunt complex gadgets. If your house has complex architecture then it will give you additional reputation in the society. If you are able to speak something that was only understood by microscopic minority, the so called intellectuals of society, then you are considered as a great orator.  etc. etc.

I observed, we hardly aspire anything simple and yet want to be simple. How is it going to happen? Contemplation on complexity and sophistication will only make us a sophisticated robot, certainly not a simple human being.

If we want to be simple we have to recognize and value simplicity in every walks of life. But before valuing, we must recognize what the simplicity really is?


33 thoughts on “Simplicity? Not Really..”

    1. Yeah! Got it. Thank you so much for not only commenting and appreciating me but also reminding me that some beautiful messages can also be found there, where we generally don’t expect them!

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  1. your narration on simplicity is well said. To be simple in present day situation is too outdated .But simplicity is the jewellery of kindness and profound humanity. Kudos to you for writing on this topic.

    kindly read my post MY STORY life of challenges. it is interesting.

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  2. I observed, we hardly aspire anything simple and yet want to be simple. How is it going to happen? Contemplation on complexity and sophistication will only make us a sophisticated robot, certainly not a simple human being.
    Beautifully said…
    We want to show simplicity but the truth is that we are far from simplicity.
    Childhood Missed Simplicity Erased.


    1. Power packed lines Madhu Bhai “Childhood Missed Simplicity Erased”!
      Thank you so much for valuing my idea by visiting regularly on my ordinary writings!


  3. Non si tratta solo di essere semplice: mi ritengo una donna semplice perchè non seguo la moda, scarpe comode e parrucchiere solo qualche volta. Ma ho capito che, a differenza degli altri, quello che complica la mia vita è la curiosità che mi spinge al limite di ogni cosa. Se voglio sapere qualcosa su di una foglia non mi basta sapere se sia lancellata o libulata, devo arrivare al “cuore” della cosa. Questo rende la mia vita interessante ma molto complicata. Ho visto la tua foto: piacere di conoscerti.

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    1. Thank You very much for your response! Sorry, but first I had to search in which language you replied. Of course Google came to my rescue.😊
      It’s good to know that you look things in deep. This trait is known as inquisitiveness. All great thinkers were initially inquisitive in nature. Later many of them found the meaning.

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  4. This exact situation is what bugs me the most. I think I touch glimpses of simplicity when i’m laughing or dancing, etc. When I’m only living fit the moment I’m in.


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