He seemed to be in too much hurry, as he should be, because the train which he was boarding has already picked up the speed and about to cross the platform. He had a bucket full of packaged drinking water which he probably intended to sell in the train’s coach. I was standing near the door of the coach and watching him. Somehow he managed to get in but during this process, his one of the slipper fell off the train. The trained had gathered enough speed that even an expert vendor couldn’t risk getting down. He did the right thing. He did not get down the train. But his one unexpected move caught me by surprise. He threw his other slipper in the backward direction with some force and smiled.

I assumed he might have thought that on his return journey he will collect his pair of slipper. I asked him “Do you believe that your pair of slipper will be there when you will return back to this station”.

He responded “This thought did not even come in my mind that I will get my slipper back. I just threw it as I can’t do anything with single piece neither any other person can do anything with the second one. I just discarded second one hoping that it might make a perfect pair for some other person.”

I was moved not just by his considerate behavior but his aptitude.


Which one is more difficult?

Hey Guys! What’s up?

I presume moon would be as brighter as I am witnessing here since last two to three nights. Anyway I have a question and I want your views on it, I will keep my question brief and straight as an arrow!

Which one is more difficult: Finding the purpose or goal of your life or achieving it?

Feel free to shoot your opinion in comment box, I would love to hit by them.

Tab tak ke liye, keep watching the spectacular moon and haan, don’t forgot to express your views.

Oh! The Education System..

In my country, those students who score well in 10th  take science as their subject. They become technician, diploma holder or engineer and work for a firm as an employee.

Those who score lesser than them, opt for commerce/accounts as their subject. They become manager of the employee.

Those who score even lesser, opts for humanity or arts subject, their cherished dream remains to become and IAS/IPS officers. They rule over the other two streams and hold high esteem in the society.

Those who are not able to even pass the 10th become Leaders (Netas) of the society and gets elected to parliament or state legislator. They become the lawmaker of the Land. All the IAS/IPS serves them in their capacity.

And the final categories of students are those, who even didn’t appear for 10th

exam, they become the saints or Babas. They are highly influential. Even the Netas prostrate in front of them.


Still I am not complaining to my parents why they gave me education in reverse order 😛



A Conundrum!!!

Good Morning Guys!

Happy Funday!

Hope you all doing good! Today I came here not to share anything but rather ask a question, a conundrum which I am not able to solve and reach a logical conclusion.

Let me explain the background first. Every individual is independent (naturally and ideally). Hence their thought processes and ideologies can’t be the same.

Some time these differences create division. Out of division people starts hating each other. Their hate surfaces in numerous forms. It may be in the form of verbal spate, abuse or even physical assaults.

Imagine a situation when somebody hates you and he/she never leaves any stone unturned to denounce you from any platform. You know the behavior of the person. You know out of evil he/she is doing those thing.

And here comes my question…

What would be your response to such a negative person who has a prejudiced eye to see you and venomous mouth against you?

Out of two, which course will you take against him/her?

  1. Gandhi Ji mantra “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”


  1. As a famous saying goes “Tit for Tat”

Let me know your views and help me in reaching to some conclusion. I am not saying that majority will shape my mind but at least will give me understanding about how one feel on this issue.

Please comment from your inner belief, and not from your morally shaped ideas. Also share the logic behind your choice, if you can!




चहोदिशी यज्ञ की वेदी के
चौपाल लगाए लोग बैठे
सुधा कलश की आश लगाए ,
टकटकी लगाए, लोग बैठे
कह दो उन्हें कि इस यज्ञ की
समिधा पहले ही स्वाहा हो चुकी है
ज्वाला जो धधकती थी इसमें ,
शनैः शनैः कर अब बुझ चुकी है
समिधा बन अब खुद ही
यज्ञ कुंड में जलना होगा
सरिता हेतु अब हिमगिरि सा
मौन रह, खुद ही गलना होगा


समिधा-यज्ञ में आहुति हेतु प्रयोग की जाने वाली लकड़ी

When to speak…Whom to speak

बसंत तो अब बीत चुका है

कुहू तो बस अब मौन रहेगा

क्षितिज पर कालिख बदरी छायी है

सब दादुर अब टर-टर करेगा



Spring has gone

Cuckoo will not sing any more

Dark clouds are hovering in the sky

Oh! It’s time for the frogs



कुहू- कोयल
दादुर- मेढ़क

आप पंक्तियों को खुद से जोड़ पाए तो मैं अपनी सफलता मानूंगा..


This world is nothing but full of duality. The phone which I had bought two years back gave me immense happiness at that time, but now it doesn’t give me the same pleasure because it’s not up to the standards which are prevalent in the market. “Remember the phone is same”. The ecstasy which one may have when being in certain kind of relationships with someone, may turn into a constant source of agony when it falters. “Remember the source of pleasure and pain is the same person.” The moon, the rain, the flowers or any other aspects of nature can make someone fall in love, but for someone who may have separated from his/her love, the same moon, same rain, same flower seems like forest fire.  The water is same everywhere with same Chemical Formula H2O. Parched land of deserts and people living there desperately hankers for it, but the same water has created much havoc in God’s Own Country. “Remember water is same”. In Sanskrit, there is very popular section of verse “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye” meaning knowledge is one that liberates. But many a times the knowledge becomes the source of bondage.


Day-Night, Happiness-Sorrow, Cold-Hot, Weak-Strong, Love-Hate, Victory-Defeat, Birth-Death……… Oh the list of duality in this creation is endless. I may not be able to list it down all and frankly speaking it will not be of great use. Through analogy we can easily relate this. What is important, in my view, is to understand this deeply because understanding this nature of the world in quintessential to live peacefully.

Just before the War of Mahabharata, Arjuna was in complete delusion about his action. He pleaded Lord Krishna to enlighten him with transcendental knowledge. Then a song, or Geet in Sanskrit, came in to existence, which later became popularized as Bhagvad Gita. In second chapter of this book, this dualism is discussed in details by Krishna to make Arjuna aware of his duties. Out of many instructions…one goes as…..

“Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat…….”

Everyone of us is fighting our own battle in our own capacities…Understanding the plot is helps a lot.

Magnificent Morning

So when social media got flooded with the Video in which Rahul Baba seen as saying “This morning I got up at night…”, I thought what have forced him to say this unusual (you may even call it illogical J) sentence. I did not reach to any conclusion, though I have some inkling that he might be referring to the time period what we call as “Brahma Muhrat”, or the time period of early dawn.

Today morning when I woke up (not at night 😉 ) and went for morning walk I tried to capture the nature through my phone.

Behold the beauty…And also let me know which one you liked most…