Which one is more difficult?

Hey Guys! What’s up?

I presume moon would be as brighter as I am witnessing here since last two to three nights. Anyway I have a question and I want your views on it, I will keep my question brief and straight as an arrow!

Which one is more difficult: Finding the purpose or goal of your life or achieving it?

Feel free to shoot your opinion in comment box, I would love to hit by them.

Tab tak ke liye, keep watching the spectacular moon and haan, don’t forgot to express your views.


37 thoughts on “Which one is more difficult?”

  1. Finding the purpose is difficult. Once you find the purpose, nothing is impossible to achieve. There are people who have tried a lot of things before finally finding the thing that defines them. Once you know what your purpose is, everything works out just fine.

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  2. As it’s always tough to start about anything important in the same way it’s tough to decide the purpose of once life.
    Once you know how to start definitely you gonna achieve it…

    So in my opinion fit up a suitable goal is more  difficult than. Achieving it.

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  3. सीता का कहीं कोई पता नहीं।प्रभु राम बिलख रहे हे इधर उधर भटक रहे थे और सीता को खोज रहे थे।
    किसे खोज रहे थे—?
    जैसे ही सीता का पता चला,असम्भव सा दिखनेवाला सागर पर अकल्पनीय सेतु बन गया।एवम अंततः माँ सीता मिल ही गई।

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  4. Neither of them. We humans have the habit of complicating things. We expect our purpose to be unique and different from others. And,we end up searching and chasing throughout our lives.

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