He seemed to be in too much hurry, as he should be, because the train which he was boarding has already picked up the speed and about to cross the platform. He had a bucket full of packaged drinking water which he probably intended to sell in the train’s coach. I was standing near the door of the coach and watching him. Somehow he managed to get in but during this process, his one of the slipper fell off the train. The trained had gathered enough speed that even an expert vendor couldn’t risk getting down. He did the right thing. He did not get down the train. But his one unexpected move caught me by surprise. He threw his other slipper in the backward direction with some force and smiled.

I assumed he might have thought that on his return journey he will collect his pair of slipper. I asked him “Do you believe that your pair of slipper will be there when you will return back to this station”.

He responded “This thought did not even come in my mind that I will get my slipper back. I just threw it as I can’t do anything with single piece neither any other person can do anything with the second one. I just discarded second one hoping that it might make a perfect pair for some other person.”

I was moved not just by his considerate behavior but his aptitude.


16 thoughts on “Aptitude!”

    1. Ironic name conveys greater meaning! We have exams to check our aptitudes, not the attitude. So thought people will like other way around.
      And also that guy took a quick decision, where I would have lamented for some time for loss of my slippers.


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