बीता वर्ष

तुम जो जा रहे
सब तुम्हे भूल जायेंगे!
नए के स्वागत में सभी
कई मिलन गीत गायेंगे

पता है कि तुम कभी
लौटोगे फिर से नहीं
उन कहानियों का क्या होगा
मिलकर जो हमने गढ़ी

क्या करुँ कि मन मेरा
तुममे ही टिका है
कई खट्टी मिट्ठी यादों का
सजा जो कारवां है

कि जाना सबको है
कि अब तुम्हारा समय हुआ
पर ये स्मरण रहे तुम्हें कि तुमने
दिल के हर कोने को छुआ



एक और दिसंबर बीत गया..

Wrote it Last Year, Relevant in this year too. Hope you would like this reproduction of an old poem 🙂

the ETERNAL tryst

Pondi Sun Rise or Sun Set? Clicked it in Pondicherry, Bay of Bengal

एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

अभी तो सूरज निकला ही था
और झट में फिर वो डूब गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

अभी बसंत की हुई थी दस्तक
पर अब, पत्ता पत्ता सूख गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

जनवरी में कई कस्में खायी थी हमने
पर अगणित बार वो टूट गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

लाख कोशिशें कर उन्हें मनाया था हमने
पर एक नादानी से वो, हरपल के लिए रूठ गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

हार की कई गाथाएं लिख दी इसने
पर आशाओं के कई पन्नों को भी जोड़ गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

सोचा शाश्वत सा यह पल है
पर बारह किश्तों में ही पीछा छूट गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया

स्मृति पटल पर कुछ धुंधले चेहरे
और कई नई छवि को जोड़ गया
एक और दिसंबर बीत गया


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Farmer’s Day

Today is farmer’s day. On twitter #FarmersDay and #ThankYouFarmers were trending. I don’t know how many of them were accepting their thanks on Twitter. According to 2011 census, 68.3 % of the Indian population was living in village.  Majority of them is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Though they are approx 70% of the population, they are not considered as a vote bank as some of the communities. I don’t know why? So, when they are not vote bank, their economic stature in India is abysmally low and they are only remembered by the politicians only during the time of elections.

I love being close to nature. Today was Sunday, so I had the opportunity to escape from the city. I picked my bike and went for a long ride. I finally reached to a profession which is closest to nature “agriculture.” Spent some time with a farmer or two. Life of them were not financially sound, yet they had most precious asset with them. “Hope and contentment”

Sharing the images clicked in today’s trip

अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

Photo Credit:onehdwallpaper.com

अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

हाथ पकड़ती थी वो,

कुछ दूर संग मेरे आती थी

देख न ले दुनिया,

जग से नज़रें चुराती थी

मेरे मन के हर कोने में

आशियाँ बनाती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

अक़्सर लंबी थी जो राहें लगती,

संग तेरे सिमट जाती थी

जिसकी हर हँसी,

पीहू की याद दिलाती थी

हर सावन की पहली बारिश में,

संग मेरे भीग जाती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

दिन तो बीते जैसे-तैसे,

पर रात ठहर जाती थी

अनायास ही मन को मेरे,

याद तेरी आती थी

हर पल हर क्षण संग हो मेरे,

एहसास कराती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…


A humble request!

Bhagavad Gita, most illustrious book from India, has been the source of inspiration for many great personalities in the past. Be it Swami Vivekananda or Tilak. In India everybody knows about it, but very few have read it.  Let me ask a question from you all and it is not for shaming anyone but just to reflect on our status, Have you read Bhagvad Gita from cover to cover? At least 100 verses out 700? Yes, No.

Have you read at least one verse from the book and not fromthe calendar (Jo Hota hai acche ke liye hota hai sort of thing..)? Please let me know the answer in comment section if you wish. 

I conducted this survey in my friend circle and the result was appalling. When I asked them, have you heard of Bhagvad Gita?  They all said in unison, Yes. They also said that it is great book form India and depicts the civilizational heights from India.

Then I fired the next volley. I asked them “tell me one thing that you liked most in this book? Majority of them either responded that they don’t know anything, or quoted a verse or two (Yada Yada Hi Dhamaya or Karmanye vadhikaraste…)

Mere glorifying things will not help. Keeping Gita in sacred red cloth will defeat the purpose of having it. It is for the reading, not for the purpose of testifying false oath in the courtroom.

On this Gita Jayanti, I urge you all to read the message ofthe Lord. It is the need of the hour. When world is suffering from so manynegativities, this is a ray of hope, a way to live.

Thank You!

Ye Public Hai, Sab Janti hai?

Since past few months we were hearing high-pitched allegations that “Pradhanmantri Chor hai”. Whole election campaign for recently held elections were primarily made against BJP on this ground. Among other factors, these allegations resulted in the loss of BJP in three Hindi Heartlands.

Now Honorable Supreme Court came up a verdict that there were no case of corruption in this deal and there is no substantial evidence of favoritism, Which Rahul Gandhi and his congress party were labeling against the government.

I think this is a prime example of a popular cliché “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.” Now Congress government will rule for five years in these states. What about people those who believed in those allegations and voted for Congress (or against BJP)? What about those leaders who made false allegations and tarnished the image of Prime Minister and his party? Should they be go unpunished? If it would be the case, then labeling false allegations will rampant, as we already have since the arrival a political party in Delhi. You know what I mean? Don’t You?

I have heard a song, and probably you all would have listened it “Ye public hai sab janti hai” (This is Public, that knows everything). I vehemently disagree with this.

Ye Public hai aur ye kuch bhi nahi Janti hai, sirf murkh banti hai aur banayi jatti hai.

The Transformation?

Might is always right. Victory covers all your incompetence.Till yesterday, an Indian leader ridiculed and belittled by millions, became an overnight hero. The transformation from “Pappu” to “Param Pujya” is indeed baffling for me. To win an election in India doesn’t need competence. If that could have mattered, I find Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindhia, Sashi Tharoor, JayRam Ramesh and many other more befitting to be the leader of opposition by a democratic election. But we are in India. Development matters least to electorate. If it could have mattered,Lalu Yadav could not be the CM for three consecutive terms while indulging in all corruption cases. Her wife, a highly in competent lady couldn’t have became the CM.

In India to win election you have to be good at numbers. How many Muslims, Dalits, OBCs, Brahmins are there in which constituency? You must know this. Are there any possibilities of communal right that can be fanned before election, yes, this also forms possible criteria, if you want to polarize the elections in your favor.

Britishers were intelligent, not because they had Industrial Revolution much before anywhere else in the world but because they knew Divide and Rule policy. Indians were ruled by many invaders not because we lacked strength or capacity to defeat them, but because we had championed the art to remain divided in all situations.

Divided by castes, Ruled by others. This seems to be driving motto of our civilisation from ancient past.

Happy Ending.. Assured!

If you ask me particularly, then I may say that I am not a movie buff. But that doesn’t mean I hate movies. Some of them had a lasting imprint on me.  Whatever number of movies that I have watched till today, I must say that, more than 95%of them had happy ending. Even those which ended in tragedy has several underlying messages with them, which has potential to change ones life dramatically. 

People generally like those movies which has several ups and downs in the life of “Hero”. We have a tendency to admire those movies in which actor rises to glory from most adverse situations. Movies are directed by Humans, scripted by Humans..even then majorly  it ends happily for protagonist.

Our life is also a movie. There are generally two categories of thoughts related to this story. One, Human writes their own stories and the other is that everything is being decided by fate or in other words everything is scripted by God and we are just playing our parts. When we write our own story then everything rests on us. We can shape our story according to our whim and can make every effort to give the story a happy ending. But for those who believe that their story is pre-scripted, for them also there is no reason for worry because if human can produce 95% of the stories ending in jovial mood, we can expect a perfect score from GOD in this regard.

So there is no question of sadness, there is no space for depression. Just play your act seriously and sincerely.Things will fall in to its place.

कोई बयार..

Did you ever feel, sometime, somethings similar has happened in past ? Didn’t you? 🙂

कभी कभी कोई बयार मुझे इस क़दर छू जाती है
ऐसा लगता है कि मानो कहीं तुम कोई बहरूपिये तो नहीं
लबों पर मुस्कान मेरे आती हैं, शायद किसी की दुआ है
ऐसा लगता है कि मानो पहले भी कभी ,ऐसा ही कुछ हुआ है