Happy Ending.. Assured!

If you ask me particularly, then I may say that I am not a movie buff. But that doesn’t mean I hate movies. Some of them had a lasting imprint on me.  Whatever number of movies that I have watched till today, I must say that, more than 95%of them had happy ending. Even those which ended in tragedy has several underlying messages with them, which has potential to change ones life dramatically. 

People generally like those movies which has several ups and downs in the life of “Hero”. We have a tendency to admire those movies in which actor rises to glory from most adverse situations. Movies are directed by Humans, scripted by Humans..even then majorly  it ends happily for protagonist.

Our life is also a movie. There are generally two categories of thoughts related to this story. One, Human writes their own stories and the other is that everything is being decided by fate or in other words everything is scripted by God and we are just playing our parts. When we write our own story then everything rests on us. We can shape our story according to our whim and can make every effort to give the story a happy ending. But for those who believe that their story is pre-scripted, for them also there is no reason for worry because if human can produce 95% of the stories ending in jovial mood, we can expect a perfect score from GOD in this regard.

So there is no question of sadness, there is no space for depression. Just play your act seriously and sincerely.Things will fall in to its place.


12 thoughts on “Happy Ending.. Assured!”

  1. “if human can produce 95% of the stories ending in jovial mood, we can expect a perfect score from GOD in this regard”…haha…never thought of it this way….
    But totally agree that you are playing your part that you are meant to do….there is more than you can see or perceive, so rely on the thought that there’s someone to take care of you….
    A lot is in your hand but not everything…..so do your best and leave the rest!

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  2. बहुत ही खूबसूरत लेख।
    अगर ये जीवन ईश्वर प्रदत्त है और सब कुछ भाग्य पर है फिर चिंता किस बात का।
    और जब सब कुछ हमारी मिहनत से मिलना तय है और कभी हमें निराशा हाथ लगे तो निराशा क्यों।
    जिंदगी एक सिनेमा की तरह है जहां हमेशा खुशहाल अंत नही होता।

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