The Transformation?

Might is always right. Victory covers all your incompetence.Till yesterday, an Indian leader ridiculed and belittled by millions, became an overnight hero. The transformation from “Pappu” to “Param Pujya” is indeed baffling for me. To win an election in India doesn’t need competence. If that could have mattered, I find Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindhia, Sashi Tharoor, JayRam Ramesh and many other more befitting to be the leader of opposition by a democratic election. But we are in India. Development matters least to electorate. If it could have mattered,Lalu Yadav could not be the CM for three consecutive terms while indulging in all corruption cases. Her wife, a highly in competent lady couldn’t have became the CM.

In India to win election you have to be good at numbers. How many Muslims, Dalits, OBCs, Brahmins are there in which constituency? You must know this. Are there any possibilities of communal right that can be fanned before election, yes, this also forms possible criteria, if you want to polarize the elections in your favor.

Britishers were intelligent, not because they had Industrial Revolution much before anywhere else in the world but because they knew Divide and Rule policy. Indians were ruled by many invaders not because we lacked strength or capacity to defeat them, but because we had championed the art to remain divided in all situations.

Divided by castes, Ruled by others. This seems to be driving motto of our civilisation from ancient past.


15 thoughts on “The Transformation?”

  1. You are right.. We are divided into castes.. we do not lack in strength, but we are wasting our strength by focusing on these useless issues (caste, religion).. that ’s why these opportunistic leaders can take advantage..

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    1. I don’t have problems with these leaders, problem is somewhere within us. As a society we never stand together. Any small differences can cause disintegration of society and we are not understanding it even after suffering so much. Scindias of Gwalior helped Britishers to fight against Queen of Jhanshi. Scindias were Indian and so was Laxmi Bai. But England emerged victorious.


  2. Congress’s win in those states was a shocker. Their groundwork would have been more effective and bjp was overconfident. But then it’s all easy to say that they failed because of this and that but in politics anything is possible.

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  3. Indian politicians still follow the mantra of divide and rule. Development hardly matters to people. Instant gratification does, so money bags play a great role in someone coming to power. Still no idea how diligently the entire process was carried out. Like you said Abhay, this is India, anything can happen.

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    1. Yes! I don’t know how much time will we take to become a mature democracy! We can suffer for four and half year of misrule by any government, but any sectarian move or any other blitzkrieg can change our perception and we may vote them again to power and vice versa.

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