A humble request!

Bhagavad Gita, most illustrious book from India, has been the source of inspiration for many great personalities in the past. Be it Swami Vivekananda or Tilak. In India everybody knows about it, but very few have read it.  Let me ask a question from you all and it is not for shaming anyone but just to reflect on our status, Have you read Bhagvad Gita from cover to cover? At least 100 verses out 700? Yes, No.

Have you read at least one verse from the book and not fromthe calendar (Jo Hota hai acche ke liye hota hai sort of thing..)? Please let me know the answer in comment section if you wish. 

I conducted this survey in my friend circle and the result was appalling. When I asked them, have you heard of Bhagvad Gita?  They all said in unison, Yes. They also said that it is great book form India and depicts the civilizational heights from India.

Then I fired the next volley. I asked them “tell me one thing that you liked most in this book? Majority of them either responded that they don’t know anything, or quoted a verse or two (Yada Yada Hi Dhamaya or Karmanye vadhikaraste…)

Mere glorifying things will not help. Keeping Gita in sacred red cloth will defeat the purpose of having it. It is for the reading, not for the purpose of testifying false oath in the courtroom.

On this Gita Jayanti, I urge you all to read the message ofthe Lord. It is the need of the hour. When world is suffering from so manynegativities, this is a ray of hope, a way to live.

Thank You!


39 thoughts on “A humble request!”

    1. I sincerely thank you for raising pertinent point that many faces while reading Gita. Since the habit of reading it has been neglected from many years, even elders from home are not able to decipher meanings of the words such as”sthitapragya” “Rajo Gun , Tamo Gun” etc.
      But fortunately there are teachers in the society and advent of online has been a boon in this direction.
      I read Bhagavad Gita As It Is! I take help from one of teacher to understand the basics of it. I think to get elementary knowledge, we need teachers, so understanding profound knowledge also requires teacher. This is also mentioned in Gita.


        1. Yes, ISKCON has done a great deal in popularizing Bhagavad Gita. When I visited some of their temples., I saw many foreigners practicing teachings of Gita and quoting several of the verses from it. It puzzled me , that when we are struggling to know about basics of Gita, they are spreading the same knowledge with us.

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    1. It is really interesting. It unfold a different civilociviliin front of us. It was relevant 5000 years ago, it is relevant today as well. Todd, for you it might be a difficult to start but ones you know the basic key words and philosophy behind it, you will really appreciate it. Thank you.

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  1. I have read it 2 times…Everytime you read it,you will get to know more about it,more in depth 👍👍
    …. it’s like NCERT books my physics teacher said once🤓🤓☺️

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    1. Well! It sounds good thay you have read it twice!
      But comparison with NCERT is unjustified 😂

      You must have seen multiple editions of NCERT, but it’s the same since generations, flawless, infallible!
      Thanks Dr . Saheb!🙏🙏

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      1. It’s not comparison Bhai😂😂
        To understand Geeta and Ncert … completely, thoroughly and depthly …one must read it several times .
        Physics teacher use to say this just for humor

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  2. Very well said. Most of us have not read Bhagwat Gita. We just pontificate on what we have heard from others. One not only needs to read, we need to meditate on each verse. Like an empty vessel we sound much and try to be proud of Gita when someone from abroad says what a great text it is. I tried to read first and second chapters. One of the favourite shloka is “klaibayan mashmagamah Parth, naitatupapadyate..”

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    1. Very aptly pointed out! Self aggrandizement has reached to such an extent that we never reflect on our own USPs. Yoga has more centers than us, is just one example.
      Yes, that verse is very important as it prevent us from indulging in inaction.
      Thank you for your valued feedback.


  3. Bhai tu bhi zaroor mere jaisa brahman hoga, Lekin mujhe Bachpan mei 4 saal zabardasti bheja gaya Vedic Vidya seekhne 8th,9th class tak sab yaad the.. ab toh kuch yaad toh door ki baat Hume toh lagta hi nhi kabhi seekha bhi tha bolke


    1. Gita has nothing to do with Brahmanism. It is for the whole humanity. No where Krishna mentioned in Gita that it is for Brahmans or Hindus.
      Kabhi kabhi bhai zabardasti bhi jaroori hai, aur yaad na hona ye koi garv ki baat to hai nahi. Hum hi is sanskriti ke purodha hain. Isi liye title diya hai maine.
      A humble request!!! 🙂
      Thanks Amogh Bhai ji for your valuable feedback.


    1. Thnk u so much, I find my post successful even if one reader agrees with my proposal! Will love to listen from you through one post, about your conclusion that you will draw from reading Gita.

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        1. Oh Wow! This is awesome! Congratulations. One of the bette things that I heard today.
          Go for it! One caution, due to our disconnect to spiritual subject, we tend to feel it a bit boring in start. Some of the terminologies might be difficult to understand, I would be happy to help if you need any.😀
          Thanks for letting me know! I find my post worth now.

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          1. Sure, thanks. Will ask you if I need to understand something. I am not totally disconnected from spirituality, so hoping to be engaged. Also, I have no intention of any hurry, plan to go slow and read and re-read. I know that you learn new things each time you read 🙂

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  4. भगवत गीता कल भी मानव जीवन को राह दिखा रहा था और वर्षो बाद आज भी।खूबसूरत पोस्ट।

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