Farmer’s Day

Today is farmer’s day. On twitter #FarmersDay and #ThankYouFarmers were trending. I don’t know how many of them were accepting their thanks on Twitter. According to 2011 census, 68.3 % of the Indian population was living in village.  Majority of them is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Though they are approx 70% of the population, they are not considered as a vote bank as some of the communities. I don’t know why? So, when they are not vote bank, their economic stature in India is abysmally low and they are only remembered by the politicians only during the time of elections.

I love being close to nature. Today was Sunday, so I had the opportunity to escape from the city. I picked my bike and went for a long ride. I finally reached to a profession which is closest to nature “agriculture.” Spent some time with a farmer or two. Life of them were not financially sound, yet they had most precious asset with them. “Hope and contentment”

Sharing the images clicked in today’s trip


18 thoughts on “Farmer’s Day”

        1. Agree, but I think and I have seen that majority of the rural population are still bereft of English language, a predominant language of twitter.
          They are happy with You Tube, Whatsapp and if we stretch then they may have reach to FB, not to Twitter.
          Winds of technology takes time to sweep the hinterland in the same way as China Japan enjoying 5G, and we even grappling with 4G. 🙂


  1. Great pictures! I love seeing all of the photos of things growing. At this time of year nothing much grows. The trees have dropped their leaves, the grass has turned brown, and the fields are empty as all of the plants sleep until it gets warm again.

    In rural parts of North America you sometimes see bumper stickers that say “If you ate today, thank a farmer.” – I think many of us, particularly in cities, take this for granted. Imagine, though, if farmers worked together to begin voting. We say the same thing here about youth. Most voters are older – hardly any twenty-somethings vote. Imagine if they all got out and voted. How would things change?

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    1. Being in tropics and having immense regional and climatic diversity, India has an advantage that crops grow in every season.
      Yes we do take farmers for granted. India being a lower middle income economy has a task in front of it to raise the living standards of a huge population, especially farmers. Hope our government heed them.


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