Guess What?

This world is full of duality. There is happiness and then there is distress. There is winter and there summer. There is prosperity and there adversity. We must have experienced all these in our life in different capacity. Similarly we also have an experience of Morning and Evening each day.
So I hope you all know which is sunrise and which is sunset, right! Yesterday I have clicked some of the pics and now you all have to do is to guess, was it evening or morning? 😀 Have a guess at least!!!


39 thoughts on “Guess What?”

  1. Both are sunset pictures . Ist picture the sun is setting and the second the sun has set finally.
    AT Sunrise the first rays are splintered and refracted across the horizon. nothing is visible in the pictures shown and hence sunset only.

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    1. 😀😀🙏🙏
      I am amateur! Even I could not have recognised it if someone else could have thrown a challenge at me. But am happy to have professionals Photographer on my blog!😀

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