A month since Valentine Day..

It’s been a month since world has celebrated Valentine Day. This day is to celebrate Love. But the same day proved to be a day of anguish and pain in India this time around. We lost 40+ soldiers in a dastardly act of terrorism in Pulawama, Kashmir. Whole nation was in deep sorrow as they should be. The government was under severe pressure to act against the perpetrators of the crime. Initially, they displayed remarkable patience and latter came up with an unprecedented airborne attack on terrorist’s hideouts even crossed the LOCs and went into main territory of Pakistan.

However, number of fatalities remained unknown in that Surgical Strike. Claims and counter claims from both sides of the borders resulted in a lot of confusion among general masses. Jingoism seemed to be the driver of the emotions on either side. Pakistan also tried to infringe the Indian Airspace by sending at least four F-16 fighter jets. According to Indian foreign ministry, we responded swiftly and prevented them from targeting the military installments in our side by sending our fighter jets. In this process, one of our MiG-21 Bison went down and its pilot named Abhinandan Varthman was intercepted by Pakistanis military. Indian side claimed that in the air skirmishes, Wing Commander also shot down one F-16 fighter jet of Pakistan, which is even hinted, if not substantiated, by the earlier claims of Pakistani Army’s spokesperson that they have shot down two Indian Fighter Jets but they shared the evidence of just one. So it’s believed that the second one was F-16 and no country would be in comfortable position when world would know that their 4th Generation Fighter plane was shot down by a second generation Soviet Era fighter Jet in a dog fight. 

The situation was deteriorating very fast and when war seemed imminent, a sane decision by Pakistani establishment to return the captured Wing Commander to India resulted in thawing in the war like situation. 

A month after the fateful Pulwama attack, I sat down to reflect the whole series of events. Who gained and who lost! I tried to recall the name of Martyrs,unfortunately, I recalled none. Only thing that I remembered is the numbers. More than 40 soldiers had lost their lives. These days, Emotions are reduced to numbers, no name, no identity, and no face. Do you remember the name of any martyr? Will this remembering even helps anyone? How many Count will you remember? For how many years you will remember? This is happening since 1990s. We remember Abhinandan, we all are proud of him, his valour and his composure in the enemy’s territory and in the mouth of death. But were the lives of other 40+ soldiers are not equal, not worth knowing! But who cares! World will go on as it’s going on.

Next year again the Valentine Day will be celebrated with great fervor except in few homes where they have lost their loved ones for forever! If I will clamor for a befitting response and a tactical short term war to teach lesson to the enemies of Humanity, I will be termed as War Monger, if I will condemn war and would request for peace, I will be termed as Libtards or Coward.

I am in a fix. Then I think I should go to the schools, to the offices, to the Temples, to the Malls and if possible then to the Funeral Pyres (whose flames must have been died down by now) of the Martyrs to ask them what prompted them to risk their life for me, to say them Thank You, that you sacrificed your today for my tomorrow! To say them I am Sorry! To say them, I couldn’t do any thing when cowards attacked you, to say them that I can’t do anything as I am just a bloody common man!!!


23 thoughts on “A month since Valentine Day..”

  1. Agree with you Abhay. Any incident that happens is glorified by media and played over and over again. Then as the dust settles everything is forgotten and life moves on. We truly reduce emotions to just number and make a mockery of the situation by being armchair critics.
    Your last line reminded me of Anupam Kher in the movie ” A Wednesday”. Guess if the common man decides he can do a lot.

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    1. Yes very rightly said..With all the noise in the media makes us emotional but that is transient and soon fades.
      Last line was inspired from the movie itself!
      Thanks for your valuable input.

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  2. A common man has elected a government, that has acted. They killed terrorists. Number may not be known exactly because no one will tell.

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    1. Agree Sir! But what about the families that lost their loved ones. I feel for them.
      Election is looming and I think you rightly pointed out what a common man at most can do! Vote.

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      1. Sensitive people feel for fellow country men. It is laudable in this era of short attention and instant gratification. Someone should remember. For those who are living, create a fund so that their family do not die a living death.

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        1. Yes Sir! That can be a mean to help them financially. Now with the initiatives of the Government BharatKeVeer, we even don’t have to create a fund, all we have to do is to contribute generously. Thanks for visiting Sir.

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  3. युद्ध में किसी की जीत और किसी की हार होती है मगर मानवता तार तार होती है।चारो तरफ एक सन्नाटा और आंसू शेष रह जाती है।शेष बचे साधारण लोग विजय का जश्न मनाते हैं। सच कहा जो चले गए उनके नाम को कोई नही लेता सिर्फ वो 40+ याद रह जाता है। मगर जिसने अपनो को खोया उसकी पीड़ा का क्या?

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  4. This is such a passionate post, right from your heart. It is so true that we don’t remember the names of the martyrs and only the number, which will also be wiped out of our memory in the future. Even the name of Abhinandan will be forgotten. Valentine’s Day will be celebrated in the usual way once again – life just goes on. But for those who lost a family member, it’s never going to be the same ever again. And, we are helpless on the face of all of these – the bloody common man!
    People live as though their lives are permanent in the hallowed ego of marking portions of earth and saying this is ours and that is yours. But having said that, love and respect for one’s motherland is important too. It gets confusing , if you think too much. I might have confused you too!

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    1. No you did not confuse me! You presented you point aptly.
      There should be an end to all these. We should take some bold step, water is already crossing over head !


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