A heinous Crime

Recently, I visited a museum. There I saw many architectural marvels ranging from 8th to 14th century, especially the stone sculptures, deities and statues. I enjoyed reading history during my school days. But yesterday a thought came to me that what if I were allowed to visit some museum at that time; it could have a multiplier effect on my liking towards History.

One mistake that I did during schooling, which I realize now, was that I always considered the accounts of Historians as true. I completely believed in their narratives. But as I grew up, I got to know that “History is always written by the victors or the rulers just to further their interests”. That is why History is replete with stories of Kings and Queens. No one talks about common people; how they lived? What they ate? What they wore? so on and so forth!

Nowadays we read in news papers and listen to the debate that there is an attempt to saffronise history (Bhagwakaran). BJP and RSS are trying to rewrite History where they wanted to portray India as a culturally rich nation and not just a land which was under the reign and subjugation of foreign invaders such as Muslims and Britishers.

I will not go in this debate. But what I can say here is that History has always been manipulated. Interpretations will be there to the same event in two different ways to suit one’s objective.

What I saw in the Museum in my visit was simply devastating for me. I saw many priceless monuments were in dilapidated condition. Most of the deities of Hindu Gods that were from 8th Century to 14th Centuries were damaged and there were a common pattern in them. The common pattern was that most of the deities were beheaded/decapitated. Initially I thought that since they were very old, there are possibilities that they could have got damaged in due course of time. But I could not fathom after seeing many of them have a similar pattern of damage.

I went to the curator of the museum to ask for the possible reasons of the damage. His narration was in similar line of my anticipation. He said that many Muslims rulers were bigot and cruel. Many of them were monotheist and against the practice of the deity worship. So they demolished the temples in thousands and ravaged the deity in tens of thousands. Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath, Dwarkadheesh, Mathura, Ayodhya temples are just some of the prominent examples. Aurangzeb, in particular, was most ruthless among them. He alone killed more than million Hindus and devastated thousands of temples and other cultural monument and belonging to Hindus.

But the thing which I realize now is that I was never taught about these atrocities in my text books. Even if it was there, it was summarized in just one line that “some Muslims rulers were cruel and Aurangzeb was one of them.”

I think it was the duty of the historians that culprits should be presented in the same light as they were. We know about Hitler and how he massacred millions of Jews but the kind of demonization which was needed for some of the fanatic Mughal Ruler, nowhere it is mentioned in History, or even if it is there then there is an covert attempt to hide their heinous acts.

So it’s important to not to hide history, as a famous adage goes “History Repeats Itself”. Knowing history and taking lessons from it essential for survival.


1337-Thank You🙏

Hey guys!

Like others, I always feel happy when WordPress notifies me that someone has interacted with my posts in the form of Likes or in Valuable comments and feedbacks.

But today WP has sent me a unique notification.

It got to know that, I am fortunate enough, as my work over here is being followed and appreciated by such a huge number of fellow bloggers.

When I started blogging, I was unaware that for how long I will continue it but reflecting back I see it as a satisfying journey. Many of you gave your valuable suggestions and appreciated my work. I know Thank You is an over used word (along with Sorry) which often reduces its intensity, here since I am not an exception, I will use it again to show my deep gratitude towards all those who constantly pushed me to write and share better content.

Frankly speaking I don’t know why WP notified me on 1337, I think it may be a unique number and may have some significance. But it definitely sent me a signal that now the friend base is more, I should be more responsible and sensible while posting any content.

I will try not to disappoint you through my blogs in future as well but at the same time I would request you to not to deprive me with you valuable suggestions through comments and likes.

Dhanyavad 🙏😀

Transient World

An American tourist visited a sadhu.He was astonished to see the Muni’s room which was plain and simple. The only furniture was a mat and wooden pots.

Tourist :”With due respect, may I ask where’s your furniture and other household things?”

Muni: “Where is yours?”

Tourist : “Mine? But I’m only a visitor here.”

Muni: “So am I !’

Nature and Inspiration

So once again this weekend I took refuge in nature. Traveled in the not so dense region of the forest of Vindhyachal Range. The area where I ventured is also the home of the National Animal of India. I gave proper respect to them and walked only in the fringes. 😉 The click which I shared seems to be of a rivulet which is now dried up, yet it look stunning. I sat down there for sometime and soaked myself in nature. Fe lines came up. Sharing with you all. Let me know your views on it

प्रकृति और प्रेरणा

जब सफलताओं ने मुझसे मुख फेरा
विफलताओं ने मुझको घेरा
पहुँचा प्रकृति की शरण में
अगणित आशायें लिए जीवन में
कि कोई मार्गदर्शक मिलेगा
कि कोई पथप्रदर्शक दिखेगा
सहस्त्रों संदेह जो उठे हैं मन में
वो क्षीण होंगें उनकी चरण में
फिर आ पहुँचा मैं गहन वन में
पर दृश्य देख मैं हुआ और दुःखी
बहती थी सरिता,अब मुरझाई सी और सूखी
सुना था प्रकृति नहीं कभी रूकती है
हर क्षण चलती, न कभी थकती है
पर यहाँ सब जम सा गया है
जीवन मानो थम सा गया है
ग्रीष्म के प्रभाव से मानो
सरिता ने समर्पण किया है
मन में निराशा के बादल मंडराए
तभी वास्तविक मेघ गरज आये
कहीं पर जैसे वज्रपात हुआ
कहीं वृष्टि मूसलाधार हुआ
मैंने किसी वृक्ष की ओट लिया
और अद्धभुत दृश्य को समेट लिया
सरिता जो मृतपराय दिखती थी
फिर से उसने नव जीवन पायी
छोटी छोटी धारायें उसमे से
कल कल कर बह आयी
तब मैं समझा, तब मैं जाना
कुछ भी नहीं थमता है
कुछ भी नहीं रुकता है
बस काल के प्रभाव में हमे
बस ये लगता है, ऐसा दिखता है

……अभय ……

Busting Myth..

Election time is going on and so are the battery of false claim and propaganda. Though it is in no one’s capacity to eradicate all the false stories or fake news from the social media, but it is important for the common people that if they find something fake, they should not circulate further, or if they can, even they should expose it as well

So, I was surfing Twitter and came across a bizarre Tweet from a very prominent leader from Indian National Congress. Generally I don’t care much about the claims of politicians especially during election time, but since it was associated with Bhagvada Gita, I found it as my duty to bust his false claim and propagation of myth.

So first kindly read his tweet, which was originally in Hindi, then followed by its translation.

In one of my previous post, I have requested you all to not only revere Gita for just being a Holy Book, but also read it. But I think the gentleman, of whose tweet I have embedded hasn’t also read it at ones. If he would have read Gita, he would not have misattributed it. He says that Gita appeals everyone to be Hindu!!!

I would love to ask him, that which Gita has he read, and even if he had read then certainly it was not spoken by Krishna.

The word “Hindu” has nowhere been mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. Gita is a book for whole humanity and its content is completely secular. But those who are of parochial mindset and try to make things equal even when it is not only to settle his political interest. They are doing a great damage to humanity. This misattribution could demarcate a line that only Hindus should read Gita as it is their book. Gita is a great service to humanity, those whoever has approached it with right intention, it never has disappointed them.

In fact if you will read all the Vedic Scripture, no where you will find mention of the word “Hindu” and hence no where it appeals people from other religion to become Hindu. Rather in one of the oldest book of the World, Rigveda, following verse can be found

“manur bhava janaya daivyam janam

Rigveda 10.53.6

Which means be the human and create divine beings (Not Hindu but Human)

Achieving Goal is Important, true! but What About the Path?

Disclaimer: This post includes the terms and incidents related to Cricket. If you are familiar with it Please read it and have your say, but if don’t know about it Please don’t waste you valuable time, if you don’t have any intention for knowing it 🙂

Sport is the simulation of life. Playing games, especially real and not virtual, infuses so many essential qualities in human beings which help in dealing real life challenges. In games, no matter how good or bad you are, every day will be different for you. Sometimes you lose and on other occasions you win. Isn’t the life behaves in same way? Many of the projects which you take in, no matter how hard effort you put in, results in failure. But what sports teaches us is to be patient with the hope in mind “Apna Time Aayega” (I will get my chance).

At times, sports also help in shaping the principles of life. If shaping seems to be too stretched connotation, then at least it helps in reflecting the principles of life. What I mean here is, can be seen and understood in two of the events in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.

Event 1:

This event is from one of the match between Kings 11 Punjab Vs Rajasthan Royals. Those of you, who follow IPL, must be knowing that of which event am I talking about, right? Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Josh butler in one of the most controversial way.

Watch Video:


Event 2:

This is from the game played between Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajsthan Royals. (Incidentally Rajasthan was part of both games)

In this match we saw one of the remarkable finishes of this year’s IPL and what made it even more interesting is that less known and unexpected face of the team finished the game in favour of CSK by hitting an unbelievable six in the last ball of the match!

But the event which became the cynosure of all the Cricket Lovers was loss of calmness by Mr. Cool. MS Dhoni was in Dough Out and He came on the ground to resist one of the obnoxious decision by on field umpire at a time when the match was in hanging balance and that decision could have a toll on the wining prospect of either of the sides.

Read Story:


These two events have been very controversial and people are divided on both the issues. In event one, many says that since it was in the rule book of Cricket that a batsman can be run out in that fashion and hence Ashwin has done nothing wrong per se by running out Josh Butler. While the antagonists have altogether different idea on this subject. They say that the act of Ravi Ashwin was against the Spirit of the game and unethical

In the event two, many agree that no doubt that the Umpire had made a terrible decision. But this is prone to happen in such a long tournament. Batsman does make mistakes, bowlers do so why an Umpire can’t make a mistake? Of course, Umpire could have referred that decision to the Third Umpire and that particular decision could have been corrected. But, umpire did a mistake by not referring, still what I believe that even this act of negligence doesn’t allow M.S. Dhoni to run on to the pitch and argue with the Umpire when the match is in progress. This act of him will set a wrong precedent. Many of the new generation cricketers admire him, follow him, and see him as a role model and inspiration . Many admires his calmness, including me. So he should have avoided such act.

At last, as usual,  I would like to know your views on this incident. No doubt both Ashwin and Dhoni had done things only to secure a victory for their sides in the Game. But somehow there is consensus and widespread criticism against their act. What do you think, which among the two is important “Achieving Goal or Path Taken to Achieve that Goal” or “Both are equally important”. Be honest on your views.

Indian Election: Your View?

The World is going towards “Right”. Here right means Politically Right. Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his coalition partners, has secured majority in Israeli Parliament and will become the Prime Minister of the Jewish State for the fifth time. This term, in PM office, will make him the longest serving head of the state of Israel.

This incident of picking nationalist leader as head of the state is not an isolated event. Russia is ruled by hyper nationalist leader, Vladimir Putin. Sinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, has been elected by his citizens to lead the nation once again and he will be the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan if he completes his term.

India is also headed for Federal Election and first phase is scheduled from tomorrow. Media all over the world has termed current Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a Right Wing Nationalist leader, which incidentally shares the good rapport with all the three leaders, which I mentioned above.

Can we draw some parallel from all the elections and their outcomes, which has held recently in those countries? Is Narendra Modi slated to become the Prime Minister of India once again?

Or is it a too difficult call to predict the outcome of an election of a nation, which is so diverse in every realm be it social, regional, religious etc. Opinion Polls are giving majority to NDA and BJP is being predicted as Single Largest Party. But opinion polls in India are also subjected to various debates. At times, it turned out to be façade.

Anyway, the result will be declared on 23rd  of May and things will be crystal after that.  

But since I know that my fellow blogger belongs from different part of the nation, and some are even from abroad. So I would like to know their views about current election. Who is winning? What are the Surprises that we can expect? Who will be King Maker? What are the issues which will influence the mood of the Nation?

Be assured that by giving your opinion neither I nor others will label you as Bhakt or Congressi Chamchaa. As the one who will use either of these words, must fall on the other category. At a time when Media seems to be sold out, Independent Analysis by non Media person can help us to see clearer picture. So have your say!!!

Jai Hind!!!

Nature as Teacher

If you think,

“I am alone..

Circumstances are too hostile for me..

I don’t have any inspiration to emulate..

I am too tiny to make a difference..

I doubt myself and I will give up soon .. “

Just have a look at my click, which I captured today. It told me a heck of a story, Did you hear them?