1337-Thank You🙏

Hey guys!

Like others, I always feel happy when WordPress notifies me that someone has interacted with my posts in the form of Likes or in Valuable comments and feedbacks.

But today WP has sent me a unique notification.

It got to know that, I am fortunate enough, as my work over here is being followed and appreciated by such a huge number of fellow bloggers.

When I started blogging, I was unaware that for how long I will continue it but reflecting back I see it as a satisfying journey. Many of you gave your valuable suggestions and appreciated my work. I know Thank You is an over used word (along with Sorry) which often reduces its intensity, here since I am not an exception, I will use it again to show my deep gratitude towards all those who constantly pushed me to write and share better content.

Frankly speaking I don’t know why WP notified me on 1337, I think it may be a unique number and may have some significance. But it definitely sent me a signal that now the friend base is more, I should be more responsible and sensible while posting any content.

I will try not to disappoint you through my blogs in future as well but at the same time I would request you to not to deprive me with you valuable suggestions through comments and likes.

Dhanyavad 🙏😀


65 thoughts on “1337-Thank You🙏”

  1. Really happy to see you cross that milestone buddy. It is encouragement filled with enthusiasm for bloggers like me who are yet to wet their beak. Keep creating and inspiring through your magical words 😀 .

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