A heinous Crime

Recently, I visited a museum. There I saw many architectural marvels ranging from 8th to 14th century, especially the stone sculptures, deities and statues. I enjoyed reading history during my school days. But yesterday a thought came to me that what if I were allowed to visit some museum at that time; it could have a multiplier effect on my liking towards History.

One mistake that I did during schooling, which I realize now, was that I always considered the accounts of Historians as true. I completely believed in their narratives. But as I grew up, I got to know that “History is always written by the victors or the rulers just to further their interests”. That is why History is replete with stories of Kings and Queens. No one talks about common people; how they lived? What they ate? What they wore? so on and so forth!

Nowadays we read in news papers and listen to the debate that there is an attempt to saffronise history (Bhagwakaran). BJP and RSS are trying to rewrite History where they wanted to portray India as a culturally rich nation and not just a land which was under the reign and subjugation of foreign invaders such as Muslims and Britishers.

I will not go in this debate. But what I can say here is that History has always been manipulated. Interpretations will be there to the same event in two different ways to suit one’s objective.

What I saw in the Museum in my visit was simply devastating for me. I saw many priceless monuments were in dilapidated condition. Most of the deities of Hindu Gods that were from 8th Century to 14th Centuries were damaged and there were a common pattern in them. The common pattern was that most of the deities were beheaded/decapitated. Initially I thought that since they were very old, there are possibilities that they could have got damaged in due course of time. But I could not fathom after seeing many of them have a similar pattern of damage.

I went to the curator of the museum to ask for the possible reasons of the damage. His narration was in similar line of my anticipation. He said that many Muslims rulers were bigot and cruel. Many of them were monotheist and against the practice of the deity worship. So they demolished the temples in thousands and ravaged the deity in tens of thousands. Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath, Dwarkadheesh, Mathura, Ayodhya temples are just some of the prominent examples. Aurangzeb, in particular, was most ruthless among them. He alone killed more than million Hindus and devastated thousands of temples and other cultural monument and belonging to Hindus.

But the thing which I realize now is that I was never taught about these atrocities in my text books. Even if it was there, it was summarized in just one line that “some Muslims rulers were cruel and Aurangzeb was one of them.”

I think it was the duty of the historians that culprits should be presented in the same light as they were. We know about Hitler and how he massacred millions of Jews but the kind of demonization which was needed for some of the fanatic Mughal Ruler, nowhere it is mentioned in History, or even if it is there then there is an covert attempt to hide their heinous acts.

So it’s important to not to hide history, as a famous adage goes “History Repeats Itself”. Knowing history and taking lessons from it essential for survival.


43 thoughts on “A heinous Crime”

  1. Agree strongly… especially the history of India needs to be rewritten… I always felt a historian needs to be true to history… he should be able to leave his biases about a person or an event happening around him…
    Like Mahamuni Vyas… he has written even bad points of Yudhisthira as in case of playing dice and good points of Duryodhan who ran a welfare state during his reign…
    Or for that case even Valmiki who has written Ramayana has written it in a very balanced way…
    For me these are the only two true historians…
    People may disagree with me…

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  2. Let us live in peaceful co-existence now!
    Let us create awareness among our citizens , against damaging the existing and even preserved monuments by throwing trash and scribbling on them…

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  3. Abhay the point highlighted in your post have my attention and agreement to some extent as well. I appreciate the fact that you tried your best to present facts as they were and not twisted to favour a few. Secondly it is imperative for you to feel betrayed since our education system is indeed obsolete and still running on the lines of pre independence structure or framework used by the British although they themselves have modified it so many times since then. Thirdly, the fact remains that the victor or aggressor has the liberty to “create” history and not “document ” it.
    Now since we have some clarity about what happened and also a sense of right and wrong prevails in all of us, how justified it would be to fill a child with the same hatred as the destructor (Mughals and Britishers) carried? I feel it would do greater good to present a factual picture to them at the grassroot level and then referencing those facts imbibe stronger and positive values lest they end up developing a revenge streak. The fact remains that people came and pillaged our land for we let them due to differences, enmity within and sheer personal gains. This feeling has to change and the links need to be strengthened else history will repeat itself.

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  4. There is no denying history is written by Victor’s. There is no denying invaders had done atrocity on conquered. How do you prove without any written document? About one line mention about cruelty of Aurangzeb, if you are learning a 5000 year old history in fifty lectures max a year over four to five years max, then events of history get one line mention only.

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    1. Come on Sir!
      How much space was given to Krishna Dev Rai and other southern empire such as chola, chera, Pandya…
      I have recently read the ncerts of History book from 8th to 12th.
      I saw a heavy tilt in portraying Mughal Ruler as generous.
      Such as Tipu Sultan’s atrocities nowhere finds mention.

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      1. Tell me serious history is taught from class six onwards till class x. How many chapters you want to devote? How much written document is their to validate the claim? History can be taught as important event on a broad landscape of time.

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  5. Loved your post Abhay. I fully agree with you. History is created by the then rulers and as a result history is never the truth. Infact we were so fascinated by the Mughals that we started naming places after them. Even one of the 7 wonders of the world “The Taj Mahal” has sih gruesome history behind it.

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  6. The first time when I realized that how history is molded and the truth can never be deciphered when the revolt of 1857 is known as a war of significant importance in the Indian history textbooks while the same is just reviewed as a mutiny of sepoys outside India. It is certainly subjected to the interpretations and manipulations depending on several biases. And so thanks for highlighting this and pointing out the reality though again there can be several other reasons as well of your observation.

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  7. सच है कि इतिहास शासकों के अनुसार लिखे जाते रहे हैं मगर कालांतर में साक्ष्यों को देखकर भी लिखनेवालों की कलम सत्य नही लिख पाई और खेद है कि हम आजतक झूठ पढ़ते रहे। कई शासक हमारे महान रहे हैं मगर उनको पढ़ने को नहीं मिलता।
    जख्म ठीक करने के लिए ऑपरेशन करना पड़ता है और उसमें दर्द स्वाभाविक है।

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    1. बिल्कुल सही कहा आपने मधु भाई, पर क्लेश इस बात का है कि हमें धोखे में रखा गया, सच्चाई से दूर!


      1. अफशोष तो इस बात का है कि आज भी कुछ लोग धोखे में रखना चाहते हैं और अफशोष कि वे अपने ही हैं।

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          1. जागृत तो कल भी थी भाई मगर चंद मूढ़ों ने सब कुछ बर्बाद कर दिया और आज भी चंद ही हैं।

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  8. Muslim invaders and the Britishers during their reign have damaged many valuable property of India, if we could have all those then the present scenario of our country would be much better.
    Yes, just like you i also used to believe what i read in History books but in last five six years i have realized that truth is somewhere else and yet to explore.

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