कभी कभी तो…

कभी कभी तो आँखों से

अश्रुधार अनवरत बह जाने दो

क्या पता कि अतीत के

कई दर्द भी उनमें धुल जाये


कभी कभी तो खुद की नौका

उफनते सिंधु में उतर जाने दो

क्या पता कि लहरों से टकराकर

उस पार किनारा मिल जाये


कभी कभी किसी मरुभूमि को

अकारण ही जल से सींचो

क्या पता कि कोई सूखा पौधा

फिर से पल्लवित हो जाये


कभी कभी अनायास ही

अन्यायी से सीधे टकराओ

क्या पता कि कई मुरझाया चेहरा

एक बार फिर से मुस्कुरा जाये


कभी कभी तो खुद से ज़्यादा

नियति पर भरोसा रखकर देखो

क्या पता कि सब संदेह तुम्हारा

क्षणभर में क्षीण हो जाये


कभी कभी तो संभावनाओं को

विश्वास से भी बढ़ कर तौलो

क्या पता कि आशाओं की चिंगारी

इतिहास नया कोई लिख जाये


कभी कभी तो ईश चरण में

शीश झुकाकर के  देखो

क्या पता फिर और कहीं

मस्तक तुमसे न झुकाया जाये


It took me some days to finally compose this poem. Hope you will like it.विशुद्ध हिंदी के पाठकों से विशेषअनुरोध है कि अपनी राय से जरूर अवगत कराएं.🙂


Types of status on WhatsApp!!!

I was a bit late in joining WhatsApp(WA) platform as I was keeping a strategic distance from all social networking sites and messaging applications for over four or five years or so. But then I realised that it is now indispensable and nearly a year ago I downloaded this application and started using it. Out of common messaging feature, status is also an extensively used function of this app. The official WhatsApp description of its status feature is that it “allows you to share text, photo, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours.” However it doesn’t, as it should, states the reason for its use.

Over a year of using WA, I noticed that followings are the broad categories why status is being used

To show ones anger/ frustration which you can’t express directly: This I realised, when I had a little altercation with my younger brother. So what he did was he started posting some of the emotional messages as his status and I realised it was all targeted at me.  😀

There are other instances when I have observed that when people doesn’t like anything about anyone, they share some quotes or memes directed to the person in subtle way and I think many a times others also responds to them through their own status. So I don’t think the developer of WA would have ever thought that they are making a tool to harbour cold war. 😀

To show ones inner feelings: Many a times I found that people share many motivational or heart-breaking quotes as their status. I think at many a times both extremes are the reflection of the inner being and mental state of the individual. It’s my observation, and you are allowed to completely disagree, that those who have faced some sort of setbacks in their life, either they post motivational quotes or some painful narrations.

Sharing Breaking news: This is also one of the main content of the status of many people. One of my friend is staying in Delhi. She said that she read about the recent Delhi earthquake in one of her relative’s status but didn’t experience any earthquake. I reverted her that the days are not far away when you will read the status of earthquake first and then the earth will shake. Jokes apart, I have also experienced this that be it the announcement of lockdown or the unfortunate and untimely demise of Irrfan Khan, all I got to know through the status only.

Birthday Wishes/Other events: Oh my god! How could have I forget this? I think this should be ranked first. Not a single days goes by where we can’t see status pertaining to birthday and other wishes. One of my friend is so prolific in sharing his birthday of his acquaintance that I had to mute him 😛

Other reasons of sharing status would be quite obvious. People when go to places, celebrates some events, company asks them to put promotional activities as their status, finds good jokes etc. all are shared by them.

I tried to share my understanding on the psychology behind putting WA status. I am sure you all must have something else to share or you can also share your takeaways from this piece. Would love to hear them. Take care. Stay Safe.

Felt Humbled..

I started posting on the blog nearly 4 years back. Since last two years or so I was very sporadic and felt disconnected from this platform due to paucity of time. Yet whenever I turned here, you people always encouraged and motivated me.

Toady I got one notification that made me feel happy and humbled. Thank you for supporting and connecting with me. I truly appreciate this gesture. Stay connected, stay home, stay safe! Love❤️

A story by Swamy..

Hello Friends! I was going through Twitter and found an interesting narration by Subramanian Swamy, a firebrand BJP leader. I found it very interesting and motivating hence sharing it, as it is.

“Once, Lord Indra got upset with Farmers, he announced there will be no rain for 12 years & you won’t be able to produce crops. Farmers begged for clemency from Lord Indra , who then said , Rain will be possible only if Lord Shiva plays his Damru. But he secretly requested Lord Shiva not to agree to these Farmers & when Farmers reached Lord Shiva he repeated the same thing that he will play Damru after 12 years. Disappointed Farmers decided to wait till 12 years.

But one Farmer regularly was digging, treating & putting manure in the soil & sowing the seeds even with no crop emerging. Other Farmers were making fun of that Farmer. After 3 years all Farmers asked that Farmer why are you wasting your time n energy when you know that rains will not come before 12 years.

He replied “I know that crop won’t come out but I’m doing it as a matter of “practice”. After 12 years I will forget the process of growing crops and working in the field so I must keep it doing so that I’m fit to produce the crop the moment there is rain after 12 years. Hearing his argument Goddess Parvati praised his version before Lord Shiva & said “You may also forget playing the Damru after 12 years!”

The innocent Lord Shiva in his anxiety just tried to play the Damru, to check if he could….and hearing the sound of Damru immediately there was rain and the farmer who was regularly working in the field got his crop emerged immediately while others were disappointed.

It is the practice which keeps on making you perfect. We become even diseased or old just because we don’t practice. Practice is the essence of quality survival.
So, let lockdown lift after 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Whatever trade or profession we are in, keep sharpening our skills, practice with what we have, upgrade our knowledge. Don’t wait for rain , that is the lock down to be lifted and then start something… focus on our skills today, upskill your self so that you are ready to meet the challenges”.

अकेला छोड़ गया..

Credit: artranked.com

नदी में रेत ही हैं रेत
क्या ये पानी खुद ही पी गया!
मानवता की उम्र लेकर के नफ़रत
क्यों सदियों तक जी गया!

आसमान में तारे दिखते नहीं
क्या खुद ही ये निगल गए!
हिमशिखर जो था कल तक
क्या खुद में ही वे पिघल गए!

वृक्षों में अब फल नही
क्या खुद ही ये तोड़ गए!
उन्मुक्त था जो जीवन में
अवसाद नया ये जोड़ गए!

तेरा चेहरा उदास है क्यों
क्या कोई तुझसे भी मुँह मोड़ गया?
भीड़ में क्या वह तुझे
फिर से अकेला छोड़ गया?