तुम भीड़ में होगी..

तुम भीड़ में होगी,
मैं अक्सर खो जाऊंगा
तुम तन्हाई में होगी
तो बहुत याद आऊंगा
ठीक वैसे कि जैसे
सितारे दिन में
खो से जाते हैं
काली अंधेरी रात में फिर से
उभर के आते हैं

Oh gosh!!! Finally gotta chance to post something. Last two years were extremely hectic for me(was pursuing my masters). I was unable to post something significant during those days. I regret it. I know there will be a disconnect with my fellow readers, but I am sure you all must haven’t forgotten me 🙂

Would love to see your posts too and also looking forward to hear from new connections 🙂