Well, I am still searching what defines me. Until the search is complete, read my content that will give you some hint about me. हिंदी साहित्य, खासकर कविताओं में रूचि है. कभी- कभी लिख भी लेता हूँ, पर कवि नहीं हूँ .


20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your words and style of writing is so beautiful that I am sure in no time you will be out with a book on your marvel creations! Keep on writing…Moreover since you have such a clarity in your thoughts that I must say your expressions fall exactly in the right place at the right time..

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    1. Haha, a book!! It has never came even in back of my mind 😀
      As far as expression is concerned, it always depends on the other side that how they take☺️
      शुक्रिया 😇

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  2. Thank you Abhaya for visiting my blog and choosing to follow it! I too enjoyed many of your delightful posts, Megha is very timely at this time waiting for rains after a scorching summer. Keep it up! Good luck!

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    1. Thanks you so much for your interest. I will try to have that option. However, I feel I am at my best at expressing my feelings in Hindi, especially for poetry, which comes straight from my heart.

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