#MyTribute: MS Dhoni

Last year I have written something as a tribute to him! This year I couldn’t write anything because I am not in a state of mind to compose anythig. Wishing MSD a happy birthday!

the ETERNAL tryst

छोटे शहर का छोरा
संसाधनों से भी थोड़ा
न सर पर किसी का हाथ
वह खुद ही अपने साथ

अनजान सफर, अनजान डगर
अनजान गली, अनजान नगर
चुनौतियों के सागर में कई उठते लहर
निश्चित लक्ष्य था सम्मुख मगर

सौम्य स्वभाव, है शांत चित्त
बाधाओं में न कभी विचलित
पाताल की गहराई झांकी उसने
नभ की ऊंचाई नापी उसने

रेल के झंडे को लहराता था
अब तिरंगा फहराता है
निराश हो चुके जीवन में भी
वह संघर्ष के दीप जलाता है

स्वप्न देखना न छोड़ो
वह इसी धुन में गा रहा है
देखो भाई देखो फिर से
माही मार रहा है


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When GOD came under the shadow of THE WALL

I have watched both Sachin and Dravid playing together.

I remember when people used to vacate stadiums and switch off their television sets, as soon as Little Master used to get out. Sometime, I believe, he was greater than the game and no surprise, he was termed as “God” by his fans and frenzy media.

Then there was Dravid, a different set of player a different character, mostly silent, calm and composed, not that much in limelight or in controversies, having orthodox classical batting style and techniques with less flamboyance.

In terms of popularity and fan following, I don’t have a tinge of doubt, that Sachin surpassed Dravid with huge margin.

Credit: Wisden India

Few days back the result of a poll conducted by Wisden India caught my imagination, and I think it will catch yours as well. The Poll was to know who is/was the greatest Test Player of India in last 50 years. When the result finally came out, it was Mr. Dependable who saw off Little Master by fair margin!

Both of the players were my favourites and I am not going to draw any conclusion out of this poll, however it certainly helped me to understand that perseverance, hard-work, patience, discipline and working in background doesn’t always get unnoticed.

Soldiers: Aren’t we?

Many among my readers must have noticed that writing poetry is dear to me and more often than not I come up with some of them on myriad topics. For poetry you need emotions as well as words to express those emotions. Whatever has happened in the late night of 15th of June, when we were taking our deep sleeps, in Laddakh must be known to all of us by now. 20 of our brave soldiers attained the Veer Gati or the Supreme Sacrifice, just to protect our mother land, so that we can enjoy freedom, we can enjoy slumber.

I wanted to write something for them, some poetry to express my gratitude to those who laid their life selflessly and those who are still fighting in inhuman conditions, of which we can’t even think of. I am unable to write anything. My emotions overpowers me. I am overwhelmed. Words are missing. No… No… I am not that emotional who cry on any petty issues, not that I pretend to be strong but it is somewhat natural to me to subsume pain and sufferings without much expressing them. But this incident has taken the better of me. I am unable to move out of the loss that we had suffered in terms of the life of our brave hearts. Though, I am not despondent. I know our soldiers fought bravely and the belligerent must have tasted how it feels to mess with us, however I must say that this is not the war on border only. We all need to fight the war and we all need to identify ourselves as soldiers.

One of the clamorous emerges after every scuffle with China is to boycott the Chinese Products, which also make huge sense to me. Each year we have a trade deficit of more than $50 billion dollars with China, this simply means we are gifting this amount to China each year. Sometime the number doesn’t reveal unless expanded.

$50 billion dollars= $50,000,000,000= 38,18,37,50,00,000.00 INR

This is just like sending money to the enemy so that they can be more prepared to attack us, kill us.

What can we do, we are too small a party?

Of course, Chinese items are cheaper, they may have more feature than other products or may have superior quality. But I along with my family members have decided that my freedom, sovereignty of the nation and the Pride of being a Bhartiya is not that cheap, I will try to fight in my limited capacity, but with full might that I will not use any product which is made in China. I along with one of the grass-root organization has decided that we will mobilize our locality and will set a bonfire on coming Sunday of large number of Chinese goods collected from each home in our vicinity. I appeal to you please don’t let subside this anger and resentment that you must have right now and if it is normal at your end then you seems to have already achieved the highest perfection of life that Moksha.

आपके साथ हुआ है क्या?

आज विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस है..इसपर कुछ लिखने की लालसा ही नहीं हो रही है…2020 कुछ अलग ही रंग दिखा रहा है और केरल से भी दो दिन पहले वीभत्स तस्वीरें आयी हैं. लेकिन मैं आज आपको कहानी सुनाता हूँ, पर्यावरण को लेकर पूरी मानव जाती आज hyperactive रहेगी. तो मैंने सोचा कि थोड़ी diversity लायी जाये

मेरी चचेड़ी बहन है. नाम है अभव्या. हम घर में उसे राधा के नाम से बुलाते हैं. है बहुत मासूम,बस 6 साल की. आप सोच रहे होंगे कि इस उम्र में सब मासूम ही होते हैं . बात भी कुछ हद तक सही ही है. पर मैंने कल उससे जुडी एक किस्सा सुना, 3-4 महीने पहले का. मासूमियत का पुख्ता सबूत मिला. आप भी सुनकर ही तय कीजिये.

हुआ यूँ कि उसको घर में कम और अड़ोस पड़ोस में घूमने में बड़ा मजा आता है. और हरेक सजग माता पिता की तरह मेरे चाचा चाची को यह ज़्यादा पसंद नहीं आता. शाम हुई नहीं कि पापा को कहने लगती है चलिए न मिश्रा अंकल के यहाँ या खन्ना अंकल के यहाँ! कारण यह है कि वहाँ उसे अपनी उम्र के बच्चे मिल जाते हैं तो मन लगा रहता है

चाचा ने बताना शुरू किया कि सामान्यतया इसको सर्दी हो जाती है इसलिए मैंने इसको बताया था कि एक ही शर्त पे ले जाऊंगा कि जब भी कोई खाने को कुछ भी दे तो लेना नहीं है. अब बच्चों को कोई चॉकलेट ऑफर करे तो आप समझ सकते हैं कितना मुश्किल हो सकता है मना करना. पर चाचा ने बताया राधा पुरजोर तरीके से हरबार डटी रहती. जब भी उसे कोई कुछ भी ऑफर करता तो वह कुछ भी नहीं लेती थी. चाचा ने बताया कि उन्हें राधा के इस दृढ निश्चय पर बड़ा गर्व होता. पर लोग उनसे शिकायत करने लगे कि शायद आप ही उसको सीखा कर लाते हैं इसलिए वो कुछ भी नहीं लेती. चाचा ने सिरे से इस आरोप से इंकार किया. फिर एक दिन चाचा ने राधा से कहा कि जब कोई दो-तीन बार लगातार पूछे तो ले लेना चाहिए, नहीं तो सामने वाले को बुरा लगेगा. राधा ने इसको ज्यों का त्यों लिया.

अगले दिन चाचा खन्ना अंकल के यहाँ गए. खन्ना ऑन्टी ने इस बार भी राधा को आइस क्रीम के लिए पूछा. राधा ने पहली बार मना किया, दूसरी बार मना किया. जब ऑन्टी ने तीसरी बार पूछा तो राधा ने अपना चेहरा चाचा की तरफ करके पूछा..पापा तीन बार हो गया अब ले लूँ!!!

चाचा ने खन्ना अंकल और ऑन्टी की तरफ देखा और दोनों ने उनकी तरफ…

कभी कभी तो…

कभी कभी तो आँखों से

अश्रुधार अनवरत बह जाने दो

क्या पता कि अतीत के

कई दर्द भी उनमें धुल जाये


कभी कभी तो खुद की नौका

उफनते सिंधु में उतर जाने दो

क्या पता कि लहरों से टकराकर

उस पार किनारा मिल जाये


कभी कभी किसी मरुभूमि को

अकारण ही जल से सींचो

क्या पता कि कोई सूखा पौधा

फिर से पल्लवित हो जाये


कभी कभी अनायास ही

अन्यायी से सीधे टकराओ

क्या पता कि कई मुरझाया चेहरा

एक बार फिर से मुस्कुरा जाये


कभी कभी तो खुद से ज़्यादा

नियति पर भरोसा रखकर देखो

क्या पता कि सब संदेह तुम्हारा

क्षणभर में क्षीण हो जाये


कभी कभी तो संभावनाओं को

विश्वास से भी बढ़ कर तौलो

क्या पता कि आशाओं की चिंगारी

इतिहास नया कोई लिख जाये


कभी कभी तो ईश चरण में

शीश झुकाकर के  देखो

क्या पता फिर और कहीं

मस्तक तुमसे न झुकाया जाये


It took me some days to finally compose this poem. Hope you will like it.विशुद्ध हिंदी के पाठकों से विशेषअनुरोध है कि अपनी राय से जरूर अवगत कराएं.🙂

Types of status on WhatsApp!!!

I was a bit late in joining WhatsApp(WA) platform as I was keeping a strategic distance from all social networking sites and messaging applications for over four or five years or so. But then I realised that it is now indispensable and nearly a year ago I downloaded this application and started using it. Out of common messaging feature, status is also an extensively used function of this app. The official WhatsApp description of its status feature is that it “allows you to share text, photo, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours.” However it doesn’t, as it should, states the reason for its use.

Over a year of using WA, I noticed that followings are the broad categories why status is being used

To show ones anger/ frustration which you can’t express directly: This I realised, when I had a little altercation with my younger brother. So what he did was he started posting some of the emotional messages as his status and I realised it was all targeted at me.  😀

There are other instances when I have observed that when people doesn’t like anything about anyone, they share some quotes or memes directed to the person in subtle way and I think many a times others also responds to them through their own status. So I don’t think the developer of WA would have ever thought that they are making a tool to harbour cold war. 😀

To show ones inner feelings: Many a times I found that people share many motivational or heart-breaking quotes as their status. I think at many a times both extremes are the reflection of the inner being and mental state of the individual. It’s my observation, and you are allowed to completely disagree, that those who have faced some sort of setbacks in their life, either they post motivational quotes or some painful narrations.

Sharing Breaking news: This is also one of the main content of the status of many people. One of my friend is staying in Delhi. She said that she read about the recent Delhi earthquake in one of her relative’s status but didn’t experience any earthquake. I reverted her that the days are not far away when you will read the status of earthquake first and then the earth will shake. Jokes apart, I have also experienced this that be it the announcement of lockdown or the unfortunate and untimely demise of Irrfan Khan, all I got to know through the status only.

Birthday Wishes/Other events: Oh my god! How could have I forget this? I think this should be ranked first. Not a single days goes by where we can’t see status pertaining to birthday and other wishes. One of my friend is so prolific in sharing his birthday of his acquaintance that I had to mute him 😛

Other reasons of sharing status would be quite obvious. People when go to places, celebrates some events, company asks them to put promotional activities as their status, finds good jokes etc. all are shared by them.

I tried to share my understanding on the psychology behind putting WA status. I am sure you all must have something else to share or you can also share your takeaways from this piece. Would love to hear them. Take care. Stay Safe.

Felt Humbled..

I started posting on the blog nearly 4 years back. Since last two years or so I was very sporadic and felt disconnected from this platform due to paucity of time. Yet whenever I turned here, you people always encouraged and motivated me.

Toady I got one notification that made me feel happy and humbled. Thank you for supporting and connecting with me. I truly appreciate this gesture. Stay connected, stay home, stay safe! Love❤️