I like sitting silently in any natural setting, contemplating on myriad thoughts. In cities, now there are hardly any pristine locations where one can sit and listen the chirps of the birds and can float in his/her imagination. But, of course, manmade parks come to rescue me at many occasions. If there is no one …

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Propaganda of Petroleum Price

In India, petroleum price has always been used as political weapon by oppositions. The reason is very simple because it is easily understood by the people and it directly affects them. In democracy, no party will always remain in power; hence this tool has been utilized to wedge dissatisfaction against the government, irrespective of political …

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प्रकृति पुकारती

प्रकृति पुकारती गंगा हुई गन्दी यमुना मैली मैला हुआ धरती का आँचल शोषण के रुदन क्रंदन से फ़ैल गया आँखों का काजल मुरझाये कुसुम पीले परे पत्ते सूखी, सारी शाखायें वन विवश हो विनती करता निरीह दृष्टि हमपर टिकाये हम  निशब्द निरुत्तर निश्चिंत बने बैठे कहते, ये तो यूँ ही चलता है शोषण के विरुद्ध जो न …

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