When to speak…Whom to speak

बसंत तो अब बीत चुका है

कुहू तो बस अब मौन रहेगा

क्षितिज पर कालिख बदरी छायी है

सब दादुर अब टर-टर करेगा



Spring has gone

Cuckoo will not sing any more

Dark clouds are hovering in the sky

Oh! It’s time for the frogs



कुहू- कोयल
दादुर- मेढ़क

आप पंक्तियों को खुद से जोड़ पाए तो मैं अपनी सफलता मानूंगा..


मुट्ठी भर रेत

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मुट्ठी भर रेत

शीशे के पात्र में संचित
रेत तुम्हारा जो रखा था
वह धीरे धीरे बह रहा
कुछ-कुछ तुमसे शायद वो कह रहा
क्या तुम भी उसे सुन रहे ?

इस शीशे के पात्र का
आकार अलग हो सकता है
इसमें संचित रेत की मात्रा
भी असमान हो सकती है
क्या तुम्हें अपने बचे रेत का अनुमान है?

इस शीशे के पात्र को तुम
मनमर्जी से पलट नहीं सकते
यह ऐसा खेल है जिसके नियमों को
सुविधा से तुम बदल नहीं सकते
क्या तुम इसके नियमों में ढल पाए ?

इस शीशे के पात्र में रखा रेत जो
एक बार पूरी तरह बह जाए
मन में दबी आशा अपेक्षा
सदियों तक मलबे में ही रह जाए
क्या तुम हिस्से की रेत के संग न्याय कर पाए ?


मुर्दों की बस्ती..

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मुर्दों की बस्ती

मोल लगा लो पैसे हों तो

यहाँ ईमान बहुत ही सस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


शुचिता के सब स्वांग रचे हैं

पर, बिकी हुई हर हस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


कलंक का डर अब किसे यहाँ पर

स्वाभिमान गर्त तक धसती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


पीड़ित जन हैं, वे सांत्वना भी देंगे

पर उनके ह्रदय में घोर मस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


देखता मैं भी महल-अट्टालिका,

झोपड़पट्टी पर ही नज़र टिकती है

हाँ, ये मुर्दों की ही तो बस्ती है



शब्द सहयोग:

शुचिता: Chastity, Purity


We, the animal

Today, I went to a park purposefully and the rationale for going there was certainly not the recreation, rather to have contemplation one specific subject. Since I knew, I may stay there for hours; hence I had some snacks and a bottle of water in my bag pack.

Half an hour would have been passed, but I was not able to concentrate on the subject and hence started looking towards surrounding, listened the chirps of the birds and felt the cool gentle breeze of December.

Since I hadn’t had my breakfast, soon I started feeling hungry. I unpacked the snack (a Haldiram product precisely ;-)) and started consuming it. Suddenly a squirrel came very close to me. It was very adorable! I thought I will take few pictures of it. But when I was positioning myself to click some photos, due to my abrupt movement, it got scared and ran away. I was not able to click. But tiny creature had already captured my attention. Then I tried to use a ploy, which generally hunters or a trappers uses, even my intention was same as them, to capture that tiny little creature, but only through my mobile phone camera.

I scattered some of the snacks which I was having, while sitting on the floor of the stoned wall. The same squirrel got lured by it and started enjoying it. It came very near to me on several occasions. It came so close and surrounding being very calm that I could hear it’s nibbling sound.  I clicked few images of it with great difficulties, as it behaved in the exactly in same fashion which I also behaved, when I was told by my elders to sit at a place for having study for even an hour 😉

After a few minute, to my amusement, one more squirrel came to the party and then one more. But the sad part was that I had almost finished the snacks, hence I couldn’t able to scatter more. But whatever was dispersed there, they were having it. They all were erratic and frantic due to my presence. So I decided to move from that place.

But as soon as I moved to other place and sat down on a public chair, few Myna Birds landed there and they tried to usurp whatever little I had distributed there. Squirrels,  being timid, soon backed off the scene. But then another twist came in the story. Two crow, who might have also watching all these events from branch of the trees, came to the picture. This time Myna birds were helpless in front of the size and supremacy of their adversary. Crows evicted the Myna birds from that place and established complete control over the possession. I was watching all these happenings from a distant and felt, as long as I was there, squirrels were eating what was meant for them. But as I left the place, more powerful, dominant and superior species usurped their share.


Then spontaneously I recalled the doctrine of “Rule of Law” and its importance in our society. The event which surfaced there was equally comparable to our human social order also. Government allots various goods and services for the common people, but as its supervisory function is weak and sometime absent, those having muscle power/ money power, deprives the weaker section from their dues and captures their shares for self consumption through corrupt practices. But when “Rule of Law” prevails, then rule itself becomes the protector of the weak and maim and even the weakest enjoys their life with dignity and happiness.


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वो झूठ था
मैं जानता था
पर, सच को न जानने की
ढोंग मैं करता रहा
काश! मेरे उस ढोंग को
तुम जान लेते
मेरे हर झूठे हँसी में छिपे
आह को , तुम पहचान लेते
और अब जब कि
वर्षों बाद तुमने ये जान लिया है
कि मैं वो सच जानता था
तो विडंबना ऐसी कि आरोप हमहीं पर है
कि मैं ही झूठा हूँ !!!
कि सब जानते हुए भी मैंने
हँसता हुआ मुखौटा क्यों पहना?
ख़ैर कोई नहीं .
उस दिन का आपका  वो झूठ भी सही
आज का आपका ये आरोप भी सही

……..अभय ……..

Static, really?

A feeling came inside me that I have become static and stagnant devoid of any adventure. Mother Earth came up with a unique explanation. “Son! You can’t be static as long as you are with me, didn’t you study basic science? You are rotating and revolving with me all the time with the tremendous speed, but irony is that you never feel it.” I smiled back on her response. 🙂



Speed of Revolution of earth around sun= 30 Km/ Sec

Speed of Rotation of Earth on its axis= 1670 Km/ Hr