Nature as Teacher

Shubh Prabhatam!!! I am sharing a photograph with you, that I have taken few days back, and you all have to do is to guess what exactly it is? Is it a field? Which crop is grown by the farmers in this field? If not, what is it? Take your time, don't go bottom part,... Continue Reading →


Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing well. Monsoon is yet to arrive in my city with full intensity. However we have experienced some Pre-Monsoon shower. Today morning was also cloudy and cool gentle  breeze pervaded in  the atmosphere. I was up to my favourite task, which I always relish in these sort of weather... Continue Reading →


Yesterday night we had a heavy Pre-Monsoon shower, here in my city. Morning too was cool and overcast, something which I love. I planed a ride in my city along with one of my friend and clicked some images of nature all along my journey.  All the photos were clicked by my phone camera. Hope you... Continue Reading →

ओ मेघा !

  ओ मेघा ! अलग सी प्रतीक्षा, अलग सा समां है है आने को मेघा, सभी हर्षित यहाँ हैं ओ मेघा! इस बार मेरे छत के ऊपर तुम आकर केवल मत मंडराना जो दूर से आये हो तुम लेकर उस जल को हम पर बरसाना सूखी जमीं है, सूखा है तन पीले पड़े पत्ते, रूखा... Continue Reading →

मैं और मेरी नाव

शुक्रवार की रात से अगर कुछ अच्छा हो सकता है तो वो है शनिवार का दिन, psychologically थोड़ा सुकून रहता है कि चलो एक और दिन तो बचे हैं छुट्टी के. आज सवेरे बाइक लेकर मॉर्निंग वॉक पर निकला :-P. जैसा कि मैंने पहले भी शायद किसी लेख में लिखा है कि मुझे नदी किनारे... Continue Reading →

Pondicherry: A Short Trip

I had an opportunity to visit Pondicherry in mid January this year. One of my friend Abhishek, was staying there and studying at Pondicherry Central University. He had invited me to visit that place several times, but as this was his last year of academics in that varsity, so I finally decided to go. Pondicherry was... Continue Reading →

Founder’s Day: Jamshedpur

On 3rd of March, Jamshedpur celebrated its founder's day, birthday of Jamsetji Tata. When majority of the Indian cities are in chaos and disarray due to its unregulated and unplanned expansion, city of Jamshedpur (administered by JUSCO) can be a guiding lamp to them as where and how to go in the field of planning a... Continue Reading →

Holy Cow!!!

Last weekend I was fortunate to have a visit in a village of West Bengal, few hours away from my home.  As from some of my previous posts, you might have an inkling that I cherish the village life more than the cities, where they claim all the luxuries pervade. Reasons are quite simple: Fresh... Continue Reading →

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