Rise in income is not always good!!!

Hey Folks! Hope you all are enjoying Monsoon, except for those who are in parts of the nation which is facing deluge due to torrential rain. I am always intrigued that when some part of the country is under drought yet at the same time others are inundated with the heavy rains. Even after seventy... Continue Reading →


India is home of nearly all the religions of the world. Four major religions i.e. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism find its origin in this land of Bharat. Such diversity in religion tells you about the tolerance of the country. Tolerance in the sense that those who inhabited this part of the world, were able... Continue Reading →

मोरा मन..

घट-घट का पानी हमरे गले उतर आया सिर पर पड़ी कईयन पेड़ की छाया पर हमरे समझ ये नहीं आया काहे तोहरे पर ही आ के, मोरा मन भरमाया   🙂 @अभय

अनायास ही नहीं..3

मैं फिर से वापस आऊंगा... मैं कोई बरसाती झरना नहीं जो कुछ पल बहकर खो जाऊंगा हिमखंडो सा बना हुआ मैं अविरल प्यास बुझाऊंगा मैं कोई सतरंगी इंद्रधनुष नहीं जो पल भर में ग़ुम हो जाऊंगा मैं तो वो असीमित गगन हूँ जो हर पल तुम पर छाऊँगा मैं तुम्हारी छाया नहीं जो केवल दिन... Continue Reading →

Caption it

When I clicked this image, I was quite enthusiastic to share it on my blog, as I found it very interesting. However, when I tried to give a caption to it,  numerous parallel thoughts  came in my mind, but none of them did  justice to it. So I thought of sharing it and throw it... Continue Reading →

Nature as Teacher

Shubh Prabhatam!!! I am sharing a photograph with you, that I have taken few days back, and you all have to do is to guess what exactly it is? Is it a field? Which crop is grown by the farmers in this field? If not, what is it? Take your time, don't go bottom part,... Continue Reading →


Now, I am low and you are at height but that doesn't make you absolutely right.                                                                               ... Continue Reading →


Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing well. Monsoon is yet to arrive in my city with full intensity. However we have experienced some Pre-Monsoon shower. Today morning was also cloudy and cool gentle  breeze pervaded in  the atmosphere. I was up to my favourite task, which I always relish in these sort of weather... Continue Reading →

आम खरीद कर ही खाएँ :-P

आम का मौसम अपने चरम पर है. तो आज जैसे ही मन्नू ने बताया कि गुप्ता जी अपनी बेटी को लाने 10 बजे स्टेशन जायेंगे, तो हम चार पांच मित्र काफी खुश हुए. पर मोहन ने संदेह भरी निगाह से मन्नू को देखा और पूछा "अबे मन्नू !!ये बता, गुप्ता जी 10 बजे अपनी बेटी... Continue Reading →

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