Ye Public Hai, Sab Janti hai?

Since past few months we were hearing high-pitched allegations that “Pradhanmantri Chor hai”. Whole election campaign for recently held elections were primarily made against BJP on this ground. Among other factors, these allegations resulted in the loss of BJP in three Hindi Heartlands.

Now Honorable Supreme Court came up a verdict that there were no case of corruption in this deal and there is no substantial evidence of favoritism, Which Rahul Gandhi and his congress party were labeling against the government.

I think this is a prime example of a popular cliché “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.” Now Congress government will rule for five years in these states. What about people those who believed in those allegations and voted for Congress (or against BJP)? What about those leaders who made false allegations and tarnished the image of Prime Minister and his party? Should they be go unpunished? If it would be the case, then labeling false allegations will rampant, as we already have since the arrival a political party in Delhi. You know what I mean? Don’t You?

I have heard a song, and probably you all would have listened it “Ye public hai sab janti hai” (This is Public, that knows everything). I vehemently disagree with this.

Ye Public hai aur ye kuch bhi nahi Janti hai, sirf murkh banti hai aur banayi jatti hai.


मुर्दों की बस्ती..

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मुर्दों की बस्ती

मोल लगा लो पैसे हों तो

यहाँ ईमान बहुत ही सस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


शुचिता के सब स्वांग रचे हैं

पर, बिकी हुई हर हस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


कलंक का डर अब किसे यहाँ पर

स्वाभिमान गर्त तक धसती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


पीड़ित जन हैं, वे सांत्वना भी देंगे

पर उनके ह्रदय में घोर मस्ती है

ये मुर्दों की बस्ती है


देखता मैं भी महल-अट्टालिका,

झोपड़पट्टी पर ही नज़र टिकती है

हाँ, ये मुर्दों की ही तो बस्ती है



शब्द सहयोग:

शुचिता: Chastity, Purity


सुलगती ज्वाला

सुलगती ज्वाला

सुलगती ज्वाला, जन जन के मन में
और तुम उसे ढकने चले
वो भी, सूखे घास और पत्तों से
नमी रहित कागज के टुकड़ों से
फेकीं गयी कपड़ों के चिथड़ों से
सूखे आम की डालों से
शुष्क सागवान की छालों से

उस दहकते अंगारों को ढक कर
निश्चिंत होकर तुम बैठ गए

अरे!!! ढकने से वो नहीं बुझेगा
हाँ! कुछ पल किंचित वो अवश्य छिपेगा
करना ही है तो, जड़ से खत्म करो उसको
अनवरत उसपर पर पानी डालो
वह तभी थमेगा, तभी बुझेगा

और कहीं रौद्र रूप जो धारण किया उसने
फिर दावानल में परिणत होगा
त्रिनेत्र खुलेंगे, तांडव होगा
फिर तेरे प्राणाहुति पर ही वो तुष्ट होगा
फिर कहीं जाकर बुझेगा


P.S. Our politicians and bureaucrats generally come up with the temporary patch up works, when it comes to addressing the problems faced by the general public. Be it annual flood in Assam, Bihar, Air Pollution in Delhi-NCR, drainage and sanitation concern in many cities around the country etc etc. Temporary work gives them incentive to again collect their share from the rework done by contractors through corrupt practices. This Poetry is dedicated to them and cautioning them that  the patience of general mass with temporary solutions is fading up quickly. They must come up with the more enduring solutions.