A Conundrum!!!

Good Morning Guys!

Happy Funday!

Hope you all doing good! Today I came here not to share anything but rather ask a question, a conundrum which I am not able to solve and reach a logical conclusion.

Let me explain the background first. Every individual is independent (naturally and ideally). Hence their thought processes and ideologies can’t be the same.

Some time these differences create division. Out of division people starts hating each other. Their hate surfaces in numerous forms. It may be in the form of verbal spate, abuse or even physical assaults.

Imagine a situation when somebody hates you and he/she never leaves any stone unturned to denounce you from any platform. You know the behavior of the person. You know out of evil he/she is doing those thing.

And here comes my question…

What would be your response to such a negative person who has a prejudiced eye to see you and venomous mouth against you?

Out of two, which course will you take against him/her?

  1. Gandhi Ji mantra “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”


  1. As a famous saying goes “Tit for Tat”

Let me know your views and help me in reaching to some conclusion. I am not saying that majority will shape my mind but at least will give me understanding about how one feel on this issue.

Please comment from your inner belief, and not from your morally shaped ideas. Also share the logic behind your choice, if you can!


सशर्त प्रेम …


नेह अगर है मुझसे तो बोलो

तुम क्या क्या कर सकते हो

जान ले सकते किसी की

या अपनी जान दे सकते हो ?


निष्ठा को साबित करने को

मैंने भी मन में ठान लिया

निज प्राणाहुति हेतु

तलवार गले पर तान लिया


तभी कुटिल मुस्कान लिए

उसने मुझसे बोला

अपने अप्रत्यासित अनुरोध का

राज़ था उसने खोला


“मुझे तो बस ये देखना था

तुम किस हद तक जा सकते हो

मेरे लिए क्या तुम अपना

सर्वस्व त्याग कर सकते हो”


तलवार गले पर था मेरे

तब भी न कोई टीस थी

निष्ठा को सत्यापित करना पड़ा

ये यातना बड़ी गंभीर थी


P.S. Tried writing something new in different genre, please let me know does it make sense to you! Thank You.