पर्यावरण संरक्षण


पर्यावरण संरक्षण

सड़के हो रही हैं चौड़ी

पेड़ काटे जा रहे!

बांध बनाकर नदियों के

अविरल प्रवाह हैं रोके जा रहे!

ध्रुवों से बर्फ है पिघल रहा

समुद्रों का जल भी है बढ़ रहा ,

कहीं तपिश की मार से,

पूरा शहर उबल रहा!

कहीं पे बाढ़ आती है

कहीं सुखाड़ हो जाती है,

तो कहीं चक्रवात आने से

कई नगरें बर्बाद हो जाती है

कहीं ओलावृष्टि हो जाती है

तो कहीं चट्टानें खिसक जाती है

प्रकृति का यूं शोषण करने से,

नाज़ुक तारतम्य खो जाती है

है देर अब बहुत हो चुकी

कई प्रजातियां पृथ्वी ने खो चुकी

सबका दोषी मानव ही कहलायेगा,

पर्यावरण संरक्षण करने को जो

अब भी वो कोई ठोस कदम नहीं उठाएगा!

………….अभय ………….


Separation Causes Depression…  


Today, I will share a very interesting and an informative piece with you all. It is related to the origin of the “Moon” or rather how the moon came in to existence..

Though we are very much familiar with moon since our childhood, yet I think few of us know about its history of existence.  Though, it is very difficult to be ascertain the exact reason, yet through the indirect evidences, inferences and theories by astronomers and scientists, we can reach to widely accepted notion behind its origin.

To tell you the truth, to share these theories were not the sole purpose, as you can expect from me :-),  I will try to draw a parallel in life based on these theories and I think here lies my originality and imagination in this piece. I am uncertain about the reaction of yours, after reading it, some of you may laugh, some of you may take it very serious.

Anyways, one thing is sure you will get some info about our planet’s and its satellite’s history with some philosophical underpinnings.

Two propositions have been given by the scientists in this regard:

First Theory: According to this theory another planet, whose size was around 1 to 2 times of the earth, collided with the “Blue Planet”. This phenomenon happened around nearly 4 billion years ago. Earth is believed to be formed around 4.6 billion year ago. The collision was huge and it’s termed as “Big Splat”. After this giant impact some portion of the earth was escaped out from its surface and in due course of time it started to revolve around the earth and finally resulted in what we see today as moon. This is the most widely accepted theories these days.

Second Theory: According to to another theory moon and earth was previously one and the same. During the time of formation, earth was not a purely spherical body rather its shape was of dumb bell type. But since it rotated around the sun, the irregular shape of the earth did not result in smooth rotation. This can be understood by following pictorial representation, representation may look very ordinary in style 😀 but will surely give you an insight.

earth and Moon combined
Earth and Moon as a same entity in Primordial Time revolved around Sun
Both Separated in due course, causing depression in Earth


The irregular shaped body finally had a split and the earth and moon came as separate entity. The portion from where the moon got escaped out; caused a depression in it. This depression is believed to be same as the Pacific Depression. Pacific Depression is deepest on earth and Mariana Trench (the deepest point on earth) lies in it.

Now you came to know two theories, now it’s my turn to play with these theories and bring some sense in practical life 😉

Parallels in Life: Like the depression created in earth due to separation of the moon from its surface, in our life also when someone unfortunately leaves us behind, those who were initially deeply connected to us, be it your Mom, Dad, Grand Pa or Granny, or any other cherished relations for that matter, we also feel depressed. Isn’t it?

Earth was fortunate that the deep depression was inundated by oceanic water, but all the humans are not so lucky most of the time. The void created inside him/her can only filled by the same person whom he is bereft of and not by any other substitute. Agree?


P.S. When I narrated this write up to couple of friends before publishing it, reactions were poles apart. One was deeply moved and said “Aise soch kaise lete ho bhai” and other said “Matlab, Kuch Bhi” 😛

Do let me know about your views…. Have a Pleasant Weekend…




Game of Chess: Black & White

Recently a former Indian parliamentarian sparked a racial controversy during one of his interview to Al Jazeera. The interviewer asked about the recent attack on Nigerian national by the Indian citizens in Greater Noida. Interviewer’s question was that aren’t the Indians racist and discriminates the people on the basis of their color?

In response to the question , former lawmaker said that if we are racist  then how is it possible that North Indians live in harmony with the South Indians for  centuries? This remark, that North is white and South is black,  caused furor in the mainstream media and especially in Southern India.  Demonstrations were held, his effigies were burnt, and he was welcomed with the black flag at many places in Southern Peninsula. When things started to become worse, he apologized for his remarks and finally thing seems to be settled.

Black & White. Credit: Google Image

But what did not settle is my curiosity. The curiosity about the question, are Indians racist ? Do we really prefer white over black? Do we believe in superiority of white vis-a-vis black?

I reflected on these questions but rather than getting a solution, I grappled with more questions. I think answers to these questions will lead to conclusion. 

  1. Why are  there  many advertisements in media especially of beauty creams and soaps, claiming  that they will turn one fairer ? Why is there  a hurry to become white?
  2. Why in matrimonial or even in general proceedings we always mention about the complexion of bride or even of grooms? Why the fairer gets preference?
  3. Why all the news anchors in media, especially women, are of fair complexion? Can’t those who are less fair can read news more effectively?
  4. Why the actresses of Bollywood, or for that matter even from the South Indian film industry, are always fair? Those who are not so fair, can’t  they perform the drama with same or even better elegance?

When you ponder on these questions and reach to a conclusion, let me tell you a very funny and interesting incident which took place 10-15 days back. It was a dark night and I was returning from a temple which is a kilometer away  from my home. The time was approximately 9 PM. I was walking alone towards my home. Suddenly I saw Mannu, an old friend of mine. He was riding bike, and when he crossed me I shouted by his name. He was in good speed, yet on hearing his name he pulled the brake, and with the sound of friction between the tyre and road, the bike stopped. I rushed towards him. He saw me and became delighted as I was too, to meet with him after a long time.

After initial Hi! Hello!…. He said that “when you shouted and forced me to stop the bike, a thought came in  my mind that the guy, who stopped me, has to be  my relative or a very close friend”. I asked smilingly “why you felt in that way?”

His response was epic “He said, my friend, during the dark lunar phase when I almost become one with darkness it is very difficult to recognize me and that too when I was riding bike with some speed,  yet you separated me from gloomy surrounding with perfection” I can’t prevent myself laughing loudly. He was also smiling. Isn’t it the best jokes are the one which we crack on our self?

I was happy that he was not apologetic of his complexion, rather he was confident. To fight the world who tries to bring apartheid system back again, those who are at receiving end has to believe in them. Their believe is their strength…..

Game of Chess is only meaningful when both the sides, black and white, gets equal privileges. 

How insignificant we are?

Sometime reflection tells us more than real self/entity. Yesterday, my cousin sister requested me to teach Geography. She is in 6th Standard. I accepted the proposal as I had interest in geography. But since, I remained unconnected with this subject for a very long period, so I thought of revising it.

The first chapter of this book is, “The earth in the Solar System”. You all must have read it during your schooling. I read that and finished the chapter within half an hour. After reading that chapter, a strange thought came and that thought was related to my existence in this universe. Before going in detail, let me summarize few important observations which is elementary in nature, but worth knowing it.

  • We live on planet Earth, It’s radius is approx 6,371 Km.
  • Radius of Sun is 695,700 km.
  • The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 150 million square Km, and the distance between the Sun and the farthest planet from it, Neptune is 4496 million Km.
  • Our earth is a part of Solar System, with Sun at center, along with eight other planets, which revolves around the sun.
  • Our Solar System is part of a Galaxy, known as Milky Way Galaxy.
  • In our Galaxy, there are Billions and Billions of Stars (Sun is also a star) and each will have their own solar system. (One Billion – 100, 00, 00, 000).
  • Our Galaxy is a part of Universe and  it is believed that there are Millions and Millions of Galaxies exists.
Credit: Google Image


Yes, you may wonder that what’s the big deal about these pieces of information? We all have read these during our schooling.  Isn’t it?

But Friends, my objective of writing this piece was to highlight the fact about our position with respect to the Universe. If we contemplate on the above facts, then we will get to know that how infinitesimal and microscopic we are. We are not even the dot of a pen, when this dot is made on the Earth sized canvas.

Yet we posses so much of ego, hanker for self importance, try to cheat and deceit others, play dirty game to gain some favor, hurt others sentiments and so much and so forth. Somewhere I have read that “When we will know how Great and Infinite the nature is, then we will be able to see how miniature we are”. When we will consider, and it is a fact, that we are insignificant then we can strive for becoming humble and simple. In traditional Indian  philosophy, becoming humble is considered as great quality and a virtue that all should strive for. Humbleness brings happiness.

Thank you for reading the post. 🙂

Holy Cow!!!

Last weekend I was fortunate to have a visit in a village of West Bengal, few hours away from my home.  As from some of my previous posts, you might have an inkling that I cherish the village life more than the cities, where they claim all the luxuries pervade. Reasons are quite simple: Fresh air, water, pristine environment, lush green fields and more importantly very simple people (in general:)).

Apart from many memorable experiences gathered in this short trip, the one which I would like to share is my time spent in a Byre or Goshala. Many of you must be aware that a Goshala is place where many cows are kept and served. In return, we get milk and other byproducts.

So when I stayed for some time there, I found myself closer to the nature. There were more than 100 Cows and each has got unique name such as Surabhi, Mala, Vasundhara etc. It was very confusing. Yet, the one who takes care of those cows knew each one of them by their name. And I saw when he called their name, they responded too 🙂 It was very thrilling to me.

Cows are companion of humans since ancient time and one species which have served humans more than any other animal. Especially in India, it’s not treated as animal but as mother, and rightly so. The cows are very simple, innocent, gentle, affectionate, emotional and intelligent. When you will see a calf close to her mother, the affection between them will give you peace in the heart, just by seeing how the speechless species responds to each other. In our ancient scripture, which we don’t have the time to read, is full of the glories of the cows.

Her name is Shambhavi, she loves tickling around her neck. 🙂

Yet, when I come to city and hear that slaughtering of the cows are at full swing all over the world and even in India, just to earn money, it disturbs me. It disturbed Mahatma Gandhi too.

I am quoting Gandhi ji from the tabloid Young India, which he used to edit himself.

…The cow is the purest type of sub-human life. She pleads before us on behalf of the whole of the sub-human species for justice to it at the hands of man, the first among all that lives. She seems to speak to us through her eyes: ‘you are not appointed over us to kill us and eat our flesh or otherwise ill-treat us, but to be our friend and guardian’. (YI, 26-6-1924, p. 214)

…I worship it and I shall defend its worship against the whole world. (YI, 1-1-1925, p. 8)

… My ambition is no less than to see the principle of cow protection established throughout the world. But that requires that I should set my own house thoroughly in order first. (YI, 29-1-1925, p. 38)

Gandhi ji was an avid promoter of cow protection. Even though it got endorsement of Gandhi Ji, there is a common sense so as not to kill cows, just for the sake of eating it and making money .

Cow protection why?

  1. No one would like to kill his/her mother: This is an emotional appeal. Mother gives us milk for only two to three years after child is born. We are served, nourished by the milk of cow for much longer duration. Isn’t she is even better than mom in this aspect?
  2. Economic significance: Even if you will say that, no I am not an emotional Man/Woman I purely believe in the economics, still there are reasons that one should not thrive for killing cows. Cow’s dairy product is an important ingredients in our food chain. From milk to cheese, from Ghee to Lassi and many more dairy products are just due to cow, which are rich in nutrients.
  3. Cow helps in agricultural activity. And especially in India, where people are still deprived of many advances machinery and the size of fields are very small.
  4. Even the waste of cow, such as cow dungs and cow urine is used. Cow dungs are used to produce organic manure. Unlike modern artificial manure, which helps to grow productivity initially and after frequent use it makes the land barren, the organic cow manure is having no ill-impact on the soil.
  5. Cow’s urine is used for medical purposes in Ayurveda, which is gaining acceptance all over the world.
  6. Religious aspect: Yes, since India is a home of world’s ancient religion and they are in a huge number, their religious sentiments matters too. In Hinduism, Lord Krishna is also known as Gopal, means protector of the cow.  In many scripture, killing a cow is considered very sinful and ominous. Hence it’s the responsibility of the state to make such arrangement that cows can be preserved and not slaughtered.

Even though there are so many substitutes to gratify one’s tongue, I don’t find any reason why the people kills such an innocent species. During my visit, I was inquiring about various aspects and functioning of Goshala, then one of them responded to the question of cow slaughtering in a very interesting way. He said Lion or for that matter, any carnivorous animals prey not to gratify their taste, but to satisfy their hunger as, Lord has made them in such a way that they can’t be Vegans. But why humans kill animal is beyond comprehension.